Yay or Nay: YC The Cynic

YC the Cynic is a name I’ve been seeing pop up a fair amount recently. For some reason, I just kinda ignored looking into him until very recently.
Well, turns out he’s pretty fucking nice. I don’t know where he’s from (though I’m assuming it’s somewhere on the east coast) or through what avenues he’s come up but it’s always a nice surprise when someone you heve never heard of pops up to positive results. An interesting angle with him, just judging off the little I’ve heard of him, is that he’s more versatile than I would have expected. The first song is some straight forward shit while the third video is straight up weird. I appreciate the unpredictability. Anyway peep this:

Now, tell me what you think:

8 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: YC The Cynic

  1. YC is one of the dopest while simultaneously one of the humblest MC’s on the planet.
    Mad love and respect.
    el pinche simon

  2. What’s up with the lookalikes you’ve been discovering recently? Bishop Nehru looks like a young ass Phife Dawg, and this guy looks like the kid from Everybody Hates Chris without money for braces. Lyricism in full effect with this kid, that seems to be becoming more prevalent with the new jacks, thank God. The first two songs were fire, and I just listened to Midnight Marauders at work today, so I was definitely in the mood for the “Sucka Nigga” flip. The last one wasn’t really my flavor, but he basically out Kanye’d Kanye with it, so that’s kinda fucking rad.

  3. thank you again for always shinning some light on new artists. i read your blog pretty much everyday and am always trying to spread the word. im really diggin that god complex song, especially the beat

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