Peep the Tinsletown Remix Feat. Lodeck and Marq Spekt

By now, I hope you’ve peeped the album I did with Billy Woods called “Dour Candy”. If not, get on that shit. I’m Biased but, fuck that, it’s really good.
Anyway, I did a remix of the song “Tinsletown” which features Woods, Lo Deck and Marq Spekt. As a tip of the hat to the good old days when people would put out remixes that were, in fact, totally new songs, the beat has been re-imagined and all the verses are original. Peep it!
Also, peep the “Crocodile Tears” remix after it. Another banger.

7 thoughts on “Peep the Tinsletown Remix Feat. Lodeck and Marq Spekt

  1. I like the original and this one too. Very different atmospherics. The original has more spaced out beats which gives Woods room to move and the remix has a more driving edge to it better for a posse cut. I give the edge to the original, Woods kills it on that one.

  2. It’s been driving me crazy trying to figure this out… During the “Just can’t trust it” vocal sample, what is the other sample that sounds like “ding!”?

  3. I guess it’s just part of the Public Enemy sample. I thought I recognized it from somewhere else.

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