Yay or Nay: The Outfit, TX

This one is kinda just me putting out feelers on where my readerships head is at. I have a sneaking suspicion this one won’t go over too well but it’s worth asking about.
The Outfit, TX if a group from texas who makes classic Houston type rap but with an added element of weirdness. I’d say that element comes largely from the production. While it may sound a lot like some typical 808 kit/synth type shit if you actually give it a deeper listen there’s much more too it. The rapping is one of those things that you’re either gonna like or you’re not. I don’t think these guys are exactly killing the game but it does compliment the music nicely. So, what do you think about them? Peep these vids:

So, Yay or Nay?

Also, shout out to Drizzle AKA Alex from the Steady Bloggin’ website. I pretty much just lifted this all from him. Peep that site for up to date hip hop of all sorts. Tons of great stuff and a lot of variety.

4 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: The Outfit, TX

  1. These guys are never out of the rotation. But I suspect I might be in the minority on that, judging from the poll results.

    • I haven’t heard these guys before but I am glad I did. I used to be a huge Geto Boys & 5th Ward Boyz fan back in the day. It makes me feel somewhat nostagic for that while also introducing some cool layered beats. I think most kids who voted wack on the poll need to unstrap the back pack and move on or maybe give it it another listen. There is all kinds of rap in the world. Some of it good some of it lame. There is definitely more to these guys than it seems at first. Personally I’m glad to see Houston making waves in rap again.

  2. I hate people who keep sayin’ “south killed hiphop” bcuz south side was different taste all the time (till the genre corrupted). I’ve never got used to chopped& screwed movement but what south side got was really enjoyable once. When clown producers like zaytoven showed up like plague, everything changed in couple of years. Once beats were different but after the corruption it was impossible to find different kick/ snare model and also people are amazed altough they are just changing couple of keys. And about these guys; they couldn’t even create excitement under the title of TX. This is what I’m talkin’ about:

  3. There is definitely something about them. Sure, it’s probably not going to win any awards, but there is something to be said about artists that do their style well. Even if it isn’t the kind of rap I normally get into, I think it’s pretty dope.

    And, the second verse on that “Hittin’ The Curbs” song, hits

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