Answers for questions vol. 147

Good day everyone,
It’s a new week. August is here. It’s possibly hot where you are. I don’t fucking know. I’m not your weatherman. This weeks batch is a curious one. Lots of hard hitting questions. Which is fine. It’s way better than asking me what my favorite color is or what biggie song most resonates with my inner child.
If you have questions, send them my way. Email me them at or leave them in the comments below. I use about 95% of the ones submitted so, you know, don’t be shy. Speaking of which, to the dude who asked about what my favorite Mr. Show moments were, I skipped that question. I love Mr. Show but the whole “what is your favorite” line of questioning concerning movies, tv and music isn’t much fun. But thanks for submitting regardless. Okay, now on to the questions…

Do women know that guys jerk off to their Facebook pictures? I think this is the dirty little secret of Facebook or Instagram, whatever… Like do girls realize that if they put up a picture of something besides themselves like, I don’t know, a sunset… that 90% of their “friends” would never respond to the boring ass shit they say. Posting “just got some ice cream” and all you see is a picture of the sun…and they will go from 100 replies to basically nothing unless they have actual friends…cause most guys really only care about is their pictures…especially bikini based ones…not what there opinions are or what they think…add “in a relationship” and it’s lights out.

Let’em down easy Block…

Do men really jerk off to facebook pictures? i mean, sure, I’ll go and look at a good one every now and then but who jerks off to still photo of a clothed person in 2013? There’s this crazy thing called porn that exists that is readily available for free all over the internet. Why would I ever look at a photo of some girl giving me the duck face on beach when I can just go over to and cut directly to the heart of the matter. Basically, If you’re jerking off to facebook pics, your thirst is deep. I’m not saying it’s crazy or out of line, I’m just saying my imagination simply isn’t that great anymore and you are WAY more into whatever girl it is you’re looking at than I am.
As for the other point about when hot girls on facebook/instagram post shit like their food and sunsets. I agree. It’s the worst. Well, ANYONE who posts those type of things on instagram are the worst. I’ve unfollowed people I genuinely like on Instagram for posting that kinda shit too often. However, I disagree that , when these girls do it, their feeds go blank. Dudes out there are so thirsty I’ve seen strippers instagram feeds get thousands of likes for a picture of a fruit bowl. There are no limits to the depths men will go to get the attention of a girl online. The deepest depth? Liking a trite ass instagram pic and telling the girl how great she is for posting it. Every time I see that I shake my head like a disappointed father.

Rapid fire Ninja tune fan quesitons:
what is your relationship with Ninja Tune (and other labels you’re associated with) like?

I don’t have much direct contact with them. First and foremost, cause I have a manager who handles all the business side of things. Secondly, cause they’re in europe. I’ve met a good deal of people who work there over the years though and it’s always been very pleasant. Everyone is typically helpful and friendly.
have they ever requested any changes with albums?
They have but in both cases, it was things I agreed to do. They never forced any of these changes. They more just made suggestions that I agreed with.
The changed the order of the european version of “Music by Cavelight” and took off “Hello popartz”.

They felt it didn’t fit the vibe of the rest of the album which I couldn’t really argue even though my intention was it was the album intro. Still, it got on the US version so it was all good.
When I initially did “Downtown science” they weren’t happy with some of the drums on the album so they asked if i could redo them. At first I was a little offended by it but, looking back, it was definitely the right move. The original drums were to basic and hip hop sounding. Meaning, just simple padded out kicks and snares. I went back in the lab and upgraded them which I think paid off in the end.
do you perform alongside labelmates often? or is it simply a firm that puts out your music?
I have but it’s not something I’ve done a lot. It would be awesome to do but Ninja tune doesn’t book my tours so that kind of thing is very separate from the label.
do they pursue licensing deals for you, or does your manager?
also: with licensing deals, are you ever worried someone you’ve sampled could recognise an element from a beat and come and cause trouble?

They seek them out for sure. The samples are a huge issue and have resulted in things being replayed a few times and, more often than not, me simply not getting the song license. They wouldn’t license a song that wasn’t clean, sample wise, so we’ve never got in any trouble on that front.

do you ever worry about being creative or about your ability to produce an album or song or whatever? do days ever go by where you’re making music, and you don’t come up with anything that you really like, or anything that tops your previous albums, and you think you might not be able to put together a cohesive album or whatever? I mean from the standpoint of someone that’s never created an album, making an album, especially one that sells and people enjoy and want to listen to, seems like it could be a difficult task….or do you feel at this point in your career pretty confident in your ability to create? and that you are pretty prolific most days and it is very rare for a day to go by when you question your creative abilities, whether or not your album will sell, etc.?

I don’t think about sales. Ever. In this day and age, that’s pointless unless you’re Kanye or Jay-z. Dudes like me don’t sell. We get downloaded. So, while the sales for my last few albums may be modest (I’m assuming they are, I’ve never checked) I know tons of people have listened to it.
As for worrying about creativity, I just try not to force things. If I don’t feel like making music, I don’t. I’ll go weeks without touching my equipment then makes 10 tracks in a week after that. It all just depends on if I’m feeling it or not. The ebb and flow of making music is real. Sometimes you can’t just force yourself to create cause you feel obligated to do so. That said, when I get an assignment (a remix or a particular type of beat for something special) , regardless of my head space creatively, I’ve found I tend to get focused real quickly. Sometimes all I need is a direction and I’ll be inspired.
As for creating an album, that’s always a daunting process. It’s one I never really wanna start cause I know, once I’m in it, there is so much work to be done. I feel the same way about creating my live set. The pre-production for both those things is unbelievably tedious and my least favorite part about making music. It’s like math homework. But, once I start, I’m pretty much locked in and typically have an idea of what I’m gonna do. All that’s left is to execute it.

would you be embarrassed to wear diapers as a middle aged man? (there are no specifics or boundaries, just that question)

It’s hard to imagine I wouldn’t be. Especially with clothing styles leaning towards a more tight fit. It would be pretty noticeable. Maybe I’d start rocking some baggy overalls or something to hide them. Man…getting old is the worst. Everyone is always talking about how great it is but I’m not even halfway there yet and can honestly say my best years are behind me for sure. Wisdom is cool and all but throwing your back out sneezing and hobbling places is not the jump off.
But back to the topic, as embarrassed as I’d be wearing that diaper, I’d imagine shit trickling down my pant leg would be a little worse.

Do you consider your music a very good option to listen while you are high? I mean, I have had the best trips in my life listening to the music scene or uncle tony´s coloring book.. Is this music for stoners? What videos would you recommend me to watch while listening to your albums?

I’ve been told it is. I suppose that’s why people are so shocked when I tell them I don’t smoke weed and no music I make has ever been made while stoned. I get why it works like that though. A lot of my songs are kinda trips in that they go many different directions. So, I’d suppose, you add drugs to that and they would play nicely off one another.
So, while I certainly don’t make my music for stoners specifically, I’d be lying if I said they weren’t a huge portion of my fan base.

Okay, I’m trying out a “psychology couch” type question on you:

You have claimed to LOATHE all things cat-related on many an occasion. And, yet… your seemingly deepest (or at the very least, most notorious) friendship is with a Man who, to use examples… performs in public wearing kitty art t-shirts [1], a Man who executes superhero moves with a cat in his arms while shouting “LEISUREFORCE!!!” [2], a Man who grants the time and dedication to knitting a scarf appropriate for a cat’s neck and then teaching said cat the PROPER way to unbox Skelethon [3]. What do you think this deeply stark, yet very unique contrast tells you about yourself as a person, Tony?


Well, it turns out that two people who are friends can still be friends and not agree on every thing. Aesop also likes fantasy movies. I like sports. We don’t agree on a lot of things but that doesn’t cause a rift in our friendship. We’re adults.
I hate cats. Straight up. I’m allergic to them AND I think they are selfish assholes. What does that say about me? I’m pretty sure it just says I hate cats. I got my opinions on cat people. Many of which are some of my closest friends. I’m sure they probably think I’m a little bit of a serial killer cause of my complete lack of connection to the animal world in general (though much of this is due to my allergies that go beyond just cats). I simply prefer to deal with the human race. I’m a fan of clear communication. Speak to me. Understand me. A baby can communicate just as well as a dog but the difference is a baby learns. The dogs ceiling is pretty low. So, while they may be sweet and loving animals that can do some things, I simply can’t invest that much time is something that is basically a cute, slobbery moron that shits on the floor.
Kittens are cute. Puppies are adorable. Sloths are the best. But I don’t need to be rolling on the ground with them like a savage. Show me a pic of one and I’m good.

17 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 147

  1. This isn’t necessarily related to the post, but have you heard Chance The Rapper and what do you think of his overall style and skill set?

    • I have. He’s good. I can’t say I can listen to a bunch of his songs in a row but he’s got some joints I like a lot and he’s very talented. Beyond anything, he’s very likable in general.

  2. Have you ever thought about producing a track for the Cunninlynguists ? It would be awesome, like the previous BSBD’s track !

    • Not really. I don’t know those guys personally so it never really popped in my head…and they already have a good producer doing their beats. They don’t really need me.

      • It’s not a question of “need” (IMHO). For example they have a collaboration with RJD2 on their next album, I don’t think they really need him 🙂 I understand that it’s hard to make an instrumental if you don’t know personally them and if you don’t want to (especially!).
        Anyway, I really hope to see you once in my life but I think it will be hard considering that I live in France…
        Thanks for all your sounds Blockhead and if one day Kno ask you for a featuring, know that at least one person will find it awesome.

  3. I’ve got a question for the mailbag:

    Obviously you’re a single man in this scenario. Say a girl comes along who is your absolute dream girl in every way, hot as that bitch from the Thicke video, smart, funny, loves all the same shit you do but not in annoying way, and is just generally the perfect woman for you. You hit it off with her and you guys start dating casually. Things go great, and after a week or so the time finally comes to do the deed. Right before shit is about to go down, she stops and tells you there’s something you need to know before you go any further, she used to do porn. Not like soft ass, girl on girl or solo shit, but full on double penetration cum on face and in ass raw type shit. She’s been out of it for years, and says she loves you and wants to spend her life with you. Can you get over the fact that dudes are gonna constantly be recognizing her as the broad from the internet who takes two cocks at a time like a champ? Can you deal with this girl’s past enough that it isn’t gonna be a dealbreaker, or is it just too much to handle and you dip?

  4. haha do you think aesop rock has started doing “clean sweeps” of his place right before you visit to remove all the cat-related paraphernalia? Like, he doesn’t want you to know how bad it’s become and he’s trying to avoid the “I think you are becoming a cat lady” conversation?

  5. I just have a random question to add to the question pile

    So, I love skimming random news. I just kinda wanna know what’s going on a little bit around the world and at home because I’m curious… but it’s become ridiculous! I just came across this! This is not a fake headline, it’s from a well “respected” media outlet. While I know I should just lighten up…I guess my question is: The type of logic represented within these headlines seems to be everywhere, so what the fuck is going on with media today? Why does it seem like real headlines outdo anything the onion could ever come up with more and more these days?

    • Please scratch my question here. It’s boring and I hate it. The question posted below this though…now THAT is a good one

  6. I made the decision to become a pot head 8 years ago when I was 19. I had smoked pot before and never really enjoyed it, but this particular occasion was special. My friend and I had already been fans of Aesop’s music for a couple of years but I hadn’t heard anything like ‘Music by Cavelight’. It was my introduction to an album made of beats, as well as my introduction to the combination of Chiba and music. From the opening guitar riff and children chanting “we lost the game cause of blockhead” to the haunting voice of ‘Insomniac Olympics’. I knew the music was special. But I felt the combination was perfect. By the way is there anyone that can tell me who he sampled for the vocal part of ‘Insomniac Olympics’?

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