Yay or Nay: Googie

So, here’s something that rarely happens. I was in Queens last week to see a show. Open Mike Eagle ,Billy Woods (with Elucid) and Premrock all were playing. Typically, when i go to see shows nowadays, I pretty much tend to block out all opening acts. It’s nothing personal, I just have been at and performed at so many shows in my life history has taught me to trust the odds. Odds are, the opening act is forgettable. So, I’m at the venue in queens, chilling at the bar while the opening acts play, chatting with some friends and this voice from the stage cuts through everything else. I look over and one of the opening acts (Shout outs to Sarcasmo, who bought a punk rock intensity to the rap show) had a friend rapping with him. Where i was sitting wasn’t the best spot to be deciphering lyrics but one thing was clear, this dude could flow his ass off and his voice was commanding.
After the show, we spoke briefly. His Name is Googie and he’s from New jersey. He recently did a mixtape using all beats by Pretty Lights (pretty slick idea cause his beats sound great with rapping on them). I gave it a listen and it’s pretty solid. Definitely tons of potential in this dude.

So, I ask you: What do you think?

If you want his whole mixtape:

21 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Googie

  1. I would swear that this dude was from the west coast if you wouldn’t have told me Jersey. He definitely talented and got a fresh yet old-school style. Some of his fast rapping stuff is a little meh but I really hope this guy goes a different direction when it comes to beats. No offense to the gawd but I think he would do much better on some more refined (better) beats. He sounds like Andre Nickatina and Melle Mel had a love child and it’s a good thing. it could be a great thing. Dude’s energy is dope.

      • I understand that. Just hope he makes some better choices. Not that the music sucks..Just I think they don’t work that well..Mixtapes tend to always be a little disjointed like that. Hope he sticks at it and chisels his style down to be a bit more sharp. He really has an good flow. It could turn into an amazing flow with work. Do you know how old this guy is roughly? I

    • Word. I hear that. I suppose that kinda thing comes with experience. But still, seeing him live, his fast flow was pretty impressive. More so than when it’s recorded.

  2. This is somehting I’ll appreciate. His style also fits pretty lights beats, it isn’t hard to see how skillful he is. I’d like to hear more of this dude. I didn’t know his career plans but I wouldn’t like to see this talent wasted.

  3. I’d say a definitive “Yay” although I’m more impressed with the beats than I am with the flow. (I overheard someone talking about Pretty Lights the other day. Weird.) Anyway, he’s got something smooth going on. Clean. Crisp. “The Feeling” is especially fresh.

    • I saw pretty lights last weekend at a festival…weird…and it was random bc im too old for those young delightful druggie crowds but i loved it

  4. I dunno, dude is alright, just kinda… meh. His voice his dope, and his flow is nice as hell. I could definitely see enjoying it live, seems like it has that type of energy (especially after a few drinks). The lyricism just didn’t do it for me though. Mediocre punchlines, just kinda forgettable. Unfortunately that’s probably not gonna improve. Flow, delivery, subject matter – all that can be worked on and improved, but wit is just something you either have or you don’t, really. To be fair to dude, I wasn’t listening super close and analyzing every bar, so maybe my opinion will change with a few more listens. Although until he changes his fucking name to something other than “Googie”, he probably ain’t gettin’ no more listens from me. I mean, Googie, really? That may be worse than Yukmouth. Hey Block, what about a Yay or Nay column on Clear Soul Forces?

  5. I was going to vote “That name is too close to Google for me to take him seriously”, and not even listen at first… but I gave it a chance, and dude is surprisingly good. I’m going to upgrade it to “Good but with very high potential to become great”.

    I totally agree with whoever said it ain’t going to happen for dude until he changes the name. Look at 2Chainz’s career. He had been around for 10+ years calling himself Tity Boi, and no one gave a shit until he chose a slightly less retarded moniker.

  6. Dude’s “commanding vocal” tone reminds me a lot of your boy Aesop Rock, if he were from the West Coast. He definitely has flair and style. This post made me realize just how much I dislike Pretty Lights’ beats.

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