4 thoughts on “New Billy Woods video: Gilgamesh

  1. My favorite track on the record.. Lwren has that haunting vocal thing down. I wish she made another appearance on this album. Although I think I heard she is Woods’ Ex so maybe given some of the content on Dour Candy shit has got a little messy..Fuckin Relationshit. Just speculation of course. The production is perfect. Can’t remember that cat’s name though.

  2. The album is amazing. Album of the year candidate for sure. Now how about a vinyl release of Capture the Sun? Make it happen bro.

  3. hell yeah! video feels like the song. an album so nice i bought it twice, solid gold production and dope as fuck rhymes. oh and a vinyl release of capture the sun would be glorious. how’d you make 2 of my top 5 of the year?

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