Answers for question vol.149

Hi everyone.
Back again for the 149th time, bringing you the truths the lamestream media is scared to tell you. Just kidding. I’m just talking bullshit up in here in general. I played at the Rootwire festival this weekend. It went off. Now THAT was a hippie ass festival if I’ve ever played one but those people got down. Shout out to the girl I glanced at while on stage who was dancing completely nude. Also shout out to whatever drugs she was on cause not a fuck was given by her in the slightest.
Anyway, you got questions that need answering? about anything? Send them my way! Email them to me at: or leave them in the comments below. They’re both anonymous so, have no fear. Also, if you need love advice, send those questions over too. My “Dr. tony” question pile is pretty thin right now and I need ammo for future entries.
Okay? Great…on with the questions.

Are there any movies you’ve seen that you believe to be in need of a sequel/sequels, or are you an anti-sequel type of dude?

I’m not an anti-sequels type of guy but, in general, sequels do tend to be thrown together and pushed out before they’re ready. Every now and then , though, they nail one. I though Blade 2 was awesome. Gremlins 2 was better than the first, in my opinion. The second X-men movie was better than the first. And did you see the last Rambo installment? Holy shit.
As for movies I’d like to see give it a second go? Obviously, Macgruber.

That needs to be made into a 15 part mega series. Still, one of the most slept on and hilarious movies I’ve ever seen. What else? hmm…I’d love to see another Team America. Mostly comedies work for me as sequels. Action or drama movies tend to spill their load in the first go round.

I have an opinion type question. What do you think is the perfect friend dynamic? Like, for example, when I was young (primary school) I would just be friends with everyone and have a new best friend every couple of months, but I guess that was just growing up. Later, through high school and start of college I had a clear best friend and it was great but it was a little difficult sometimes. It was a real bromance, we would talk on the phone everyday, hang out almost every day, even go on vacation just the two of us a couple of times (no homo, we would get together with girls while there) and it was great to have that kind of friend but it became like a relationship. I had to call him and talk, it was an obligation.. So we grew apart and now I have a couple of good friends but no one to call my best friend, while my former bf has a new one (lol, no homo). I like this arrangement more, because I already have a girlfriend and I only have 24 hours in my day, but sometimes I miss having a friend who would be down for anything, anytime. So what would be your perfect friend dynamic?

I like to look at friendship levels like strata. Let’s say, you are the core of your “earth”. and every layer around you are your friends. You have the the first layer which is mostly made up of family , girl/boyfriend, husband/wife and your very closest friends. While I do have a “best friend” , I also have a small handful of other friends who I’m just as close with. They would all be on the first strata.
The second strata would be people I’m very cool with and enjoy hanging around with but they aren’t exactly my go-to friends. They’d be at my wedding. They’d be at my birthday parties but they wouldn’t exactly be expected to visit me in the hospital. I’d see a movie with them and go out to dinner with them but they probably don’t know my moms first name.
The third strata are people who you don’t really keep close contact with but you see frequently and like them enough. They’re casual buddies. But, beyond that, they are people whose company you enjoy , just not on a regular basis. That’s a very light relationship. If one of these people pops off at you about some bullshit, they’re the type you can be like “eh, go fuck yourself” and life will go on like it never happened with or without them.
The fourth layer is acquaintances. People you don’t really know well. Perhaps internet friends or co-workers. You greet them and small talk but that’s about it.
The fifth layer and beyond is for strangers and people you’ve met once.
That’s how I see it.
All that said, whenever I hear a grown man harping about his “Best friend”, I do find it kinda weird. That’s a very “care bear” ass thing to think about as an adult in general. By the time you’re grown, all these things should be established to the point of it no longer being a conversation piece.

Any thoughts on “fixed gear hipster cyclists”. I laugh uncontrollably every time I see one of these poor lost souls…You?

I honestly didn’t even know what “Fixed gear” meant until this year. Hell, let those people ride what they wanna ride. If they hate brakes so much, give them what they want. I’m not a bike rider so I truly am completely indifferent about the whole thing.
But, speaking of bikes, in NYC right now we got these Citibikes popping off like crazy. For those who don’t know, they’re rental bikes that allow people to basically travel from point A to Point B and that’s it. That’s cool and all as it cuts down on car usage but , from the looks of it, those bikes must weigh 400 pounds each cause I am yet to see someone riding one that doesn’t look like they’re going up a hill on a 30 degree angle. Shit looks brutal.

What’s with rappers, underground usually but it can go anyway, often not putting their lyrics out? I understand that printing a booklet for a CD would cost more money, but why not put them out on the internet? Sometimes it’s hard for fans to decipher every word a musician says, so we can’t always write them out ourselves. I myself like having a printout of the lyrics in front of me when I’m trying to figure out the meaning of a complicated rap song. I know fans aren’t obligated to having written lyrics given to us, but I just don’t understand why the musician won’t put them out in the first place, because (in my opinion) it’s really not too much effort.

So, what do you think? Just laziness or some other reason?

Transcribing a whole album is a tedious project for any rapper. Especially for the more verbose mc’s out there who are the ones people might want to get the lyrics from in the first place. It’s not like the streets are begging Rick Ross for his lyric book. I actually think transcribing lyrics is something so few people in rap do that many rappers don’t even think about it. So, it’s not so much laziness as it is just not a standard practice of rap music in general. It should also be added that, with the way cd sales are doing, there isn’t much incentive to do extra work on a physical cd fold out that like only a few hundred people are gonna read anyway. I would say, as a fan, you should expect to not get those lyrics but be extra appreciative when you do cause that artist really wanted you to see his words. You ever see HBO’s Talking Funny? (Louis CK/Chris Rock/Jerry Seinfeld/Ricky Gervais). I’m interested in seeing more groups of 4 talking like this… kind of “the view” but with men. But do you think that many dudes talking at once can work? Either audio podcast style or filmed live? Or do guys tend to talk over each other too much these days for it to be effective?

I have seen it and I loved it. I’m fascinated by comedians just shooting the shit though so I was definitely the target audience for that kind of show.
I’m pretty sure shows with men like this exist already. Sports shows, comedy shows and podcasts. If women can have shows where four of them squawk at each other for an hour (I mean, have you seen the fucking View?!?!) surely four dudes can pull it together and not have a show that turns into an hour long argument and chest beating contest. I would hope the people would be professionals.
This was a weird question in general though as, you know, that thing exists and has existed for quite some time now.

After reading your blog for a while, I’ve occasionally seen you mention things about your girlfriend. I’m curious, how exactly did you meet her?

I ordered her from a serbian dating site. It only cost me one horse and the rights to name my first born son.
Just kidding.
I’m not gonna go into personal details but here’s an abridged version:
I met my girl when I was out Djing. I used to do this bi-weekly party in the east village. She had a friend who was a fan of mine and they would sometimes come after work and get shit faced on a wednesday. One night, it was particularly slow. I was djing and my friend “Jackie gold” was there with me. There were only a few people left in the bar and it was fairly late but these two girls were just dancing to everything I was playing. My boy Jackie went up and spoke to them, just kinda shootinng the shit for a little bit. At some point, he told them about a halloween party I was going to be djing. Turns out, one of the girls (my future GF) had a birthday around that time and decided to have her b-day party there. My time line is a little shaky (this was over 6 years ago) but I think she hit me up on myspace (like i said, it was a long time ago) just to thank me for letting her party join with mine. That opened a dialogue that would eventually lead to use writing back and forth on Myspace on a regular basis. Tons of detailed and long winded interactions over a pretty long period of time. I still had only met her in passing at this point. So, she came to the halloween party and at the end we chatted. After that, the myspace interaction picked up speed. I definitely was into her but there was also some looming boyfriend/ex-boyfirend situation going on so things went pretty slowly. She finally broke up with whoever she was seeing and we went on some dates. Like, real old fashioned nerd style. I don’t think we even made out much on them. We’d see movies together and act awkward. To be honest, cause I liked her, I wasn’t really trying to rush things cause I had a feeling that, once things did get serious, she would probably be my girlfriend and that would be the end game of it all. I had been single for like 5 years at that point so it as certainly an idea I had to ease into. Not to mention , she was pretty freshly out of a relationship so I wasn’t trying to rush her into anything. So, to skip a head a few month, time passed, we got our AIDS tests and now we’ve been living together for 3 years (dating for over 6 years though). But, it is crazy to think that Myspace definitely facilitated the beginnings of my entire relationship. Dreams do come true guys!

29 thoughts on “Answers for question vol.149

  1. lol @ the whole myspace thing, thinking back to how many instances like that lead to incredibly awkward real life interactions.

    to comment on the whole lyrics thing, I think part of that is just wanting the song to just be the song as you hear it. I write songs and I kind of hate how the lyrics read on paper if that makes sense, I don’t exactly write how I talk or talk how I write. I figure if I’ve done the job right you can hear what I say, if you don’t get it whatever. i’d also say if someone took the time to write out my lyrics and put em online that would be dope whether they were correct or not.

  2. Block on point per youge…maybe I have high standards but…are these questions kinda basic? Come on question askers lets make this shit fun. Also Tone. You have GOT to hop on the @dadboner train. Funniest twitter acct in existence…scroll down a few months(June particulary ripe) and begin reading. It will not fail. I laugh aloud almost never to anything I read online but this guy fucking kills it then cuts off the head and holds it up.

  3. I still buy CDs. In fact I don’t pay money for music, unless I get a physical CD out of it. I used to like reading lyrics in the covers 10 or 15 years ago, but I have really stopped fucking with them, even if they are there. I will still check out all the pictures, and other fine print like features/production credits, though.

    At some point, I just realized it’s more fun to listen to a song 10 times, then try to figure out all the words and what they mean, on my own. If I can’t figure something out after 10 times, then maybe I will look it up online, or just keep guessing. It keeps the songs interesting that way.

  4. Not buying the “transcripts of rap lyrics is a bonus” angle….They should be available direct from the artist. How hard can it be to type lyrics, they are obviously recording from some printed format of them. If your album is digital only, post them on your website and/or make it a part of the digital download. Maybe I have 1990’s hiphop standards (back when booklets came with lyrics). It definitely draws you in to the “album as an experience” mindset. Any other genre of music this wouldn’t be questioned, lyric sheets are standard. Also, re: the lyrics not reading how they are spoken: you can make the same argument for any lyric sung, ever. The lyric sheets are for reference and for us to learn/appreciate the song. You cannot gauge intonation, speech pattern or intent of the artist based on the lyric sheet alone. Maybe I need to sign myself up for that college course based on the musings of Tupac Shakur.
    There is also (the original hip-hop lyrics archive).

    • You can not buy it all you want but the fact of the matter is that MOST rap albums don’t have a lyric booklet. How easy it is has nothing to so with it. It’s simply not an industry standard that I’d imagine most rappers just kind of don’t even think about. Just cause you personally desire it doesn’t add anything to the debate.

      Also, i recall when aesop put out that album (was it an album? it was something…I forget) that had all his lyrics from every album he ever did. he said transcribing all that shit was a nightmare. I believe him. It’s way more tedious and grueling than you might expect. especially for the type of mc’s you’d probably wanna read the lyrics from.

      • For the record, this comment wasn’t from me (the originator question asker).

        To be clear, I guess I just assumed that most rappers write their lyrics out on paper so typing them up wouldn’t be too hard of a task. I suppose if they write mostly from memory in the first place it would be a different story. In this modern age, I’d think most people type up lyrics on the computer (at least that’s what I do), but clearly that isn’t the case. If they did type them up, then I really wouldn’t see the problem with just putting them out for the fans.

      • Oh, if it was that easy, I’d get it but lots of rappers I know write rhymes on paper still or even just type them as “notes” on their phones.

      • It was the first pressing of Fast Cars, Danger, Fire And Knives. The lyric book is called ‘The Living Human Curiosity Sideshow’.

      • Good point Block, I see you were just giving your opinion based on the original question…. Mine was more of a rant on rapper laziness. I personally am past the age of investing that much thought/care into how the album is packaged. Still buy cd’s here and there….but if my bread and butter were music and I had the opportunity to put a professional product out I would consider the lyrics an automatic include.

  5. Ok, fine, yes I asked the Talking Funny question and it sucked. I think I posted that on that post linking the Intuition podcast you did. I didn’t even mean for it to be a question to be answered here (but how could you read my mind) and I think I was trying to indirectly get at something by asking that (again, how could you read my mind)….

    So, it came from listening to that podcast, and I was thinking it would be interesting for someone like me to have someone like you be the facilitator for a live podcast in someone’s living room in NYC. And I think it’d be better w video than just audio. One time you could invite three rappers that make sense together, another time you could invite three guys you used to play basketball with, three producers, comedians…whatever…different “experts” to shoot the shit on that topic.

    I don’t think the view works (but obv it does to some demographic out there)…four women together, it’s just impossible for that talking over each other and interrupting to translate well to an audience. I thought four guys would work out better, but I feel like guys talk wayyy more than they used to, almost as much as women now, so wasn’t sure if that could work on the regular.

    So, haha…guess that’s not a new idea in any way at all, but I know like two podcasts in the world and have never watched men talk about sports ever on air in my entire life, fuck that.

  6. You know I always love any type of canadian acknowledgement that you can give me

    Did you ever watch KIDS IN THE HALL growing up? People loved it here, but I’m not sure if it was one of the rare canadian things that made it to new york back then, maybe it did. (this is not a question I wanna ask per se, just a yes or no answer will suffice, if you don’t mind)

  7. I have some questions for you Blockhead. Maybe it was covered during a previous post but I’ve just discovered your blog so… help me out? Cut and paste if you have to. Where did you learn to create such intelligent compositions? I have tried to make music over the years but I have trouble making my thoughts and lyrics conform to the structure of a song. Probably because I don’t know the basic structure of a song. Are there any books or websites you can recommend where a hopeless scribbler can have a shot at evolving into something greater?

    • Yeah. I decided to skip that one. I just didn’t feel like getting that deep into it. Not to mention it’s been a decade since I watched it and don’t remember many skits. It was great though.
      In general , I’m not a fan of “what do you think of_______ (a movie, tv show or musicians name)” type questions.

  8. props on showing Kids in the Hall some love, I thought only Canadians got that type of humor (don’t ask me why) Women don’t seem to either get it or like it though in my experience. The monkeys sketch is probably among my favorites. That or the one about the pen.

    • Nah bro, it was a multi-part question asking about skits and top fives. I remember it clearly. regardless, it was one of those opinion questions I don’t really ever feel like answering. Not a slight at you , bro. Don’t be salty about it.
      For the record, david is funnier as a stand up (obviously) but bob is funnier in skits.

  9. Kids in the Hall has at least 5 years on Mr. Show. And it was top 3 not top 5, 5 would be a bit much (3 was even too much apparently) Anyways not a big deal, i’m all good, don’t mean to be snappy or whathaveyou. Don’t run into to many Mr. Show fans out there so was just curious.

    I say no more! And a good evening to you.

    • Mr show fans are not that rare here.
      But , like i said, I just have not much interest in answering opinion questions. Especially about stuff that both old and highly acclaimed. It just seems kinda pointless.

  10. For those looking for a show with a few dudes talking shit, check out “Four Courses With JB Smoove” on MSG. Smoove, aka Leon Black from Curb your Enthusiasm, joins up with comedians and athletes to talk shit about sports, music, etc, from an NYC centric viewpoint. Definitely one of my favorite new shows…

  11. I think this might have been either asked or brought up before, but I’ll ask anyway in case it wasn’t: what equipment did you use back when you first started making beats, and how much has your production setup changed over the years?

    • This has been asked many times , so, I just put this here.
      I’ve used the same ASR 10 since I started. Over the last five years or so, I’ve added Abelton to the mix as well as a Moog slim phatty. Other than that, it’s the same process and equipment as day one.

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