Tell me what you like?

census workers
This is kinda like a Phat Friend Census report. I can’t do it without you.
I do this blog for a few reasons. It’s fun. It gives me something other than music to focus on. It’s promotional without being annoying (at least, I hope that’s true). But , most of all, I do it for 100% free and for the people. Meaning you. With this in mind, I feel as if you should have some say in what I post. Granted, I am one man and there’s only so much i can do to fulfill your needs but sometimes a dude needs a little direction.
While feedback in the comments is always nice , it’s hard to get a grasp on what people are really enjoying. Like what columns have found a following and which ones are just kinda there to take up space. August is a fairly dead month in general so I’d be lying if I said content was easy to come by lately. So, as a way to both have content for this very day AND get a glimpse into what you, the readers, are partial to, I just wanted to throw this poll up. Please vote and lemme know what columns are doing it for you the most. AKA doing the most. If you’re not a regular reader and none of these names look familiar, feel free to skip over this one. I’ve made it so you can vote up to 3 times. Meaning, if you really like three of the columns, you can pick them all. If you only like 1, then you only need to vote for that one. The results could be a higher frequency of those features and maybe even less of the ones that don’t receive many votes.

In case you’re confused about some of the subjects, here are examples:
Answers for questions

Tim and I discuss music and stuff

Ask Dr. Tony


Yay or Nay?

Random rants about stuff written in a humorous manner

Promotional Blockhead related info

Movie Preview reviews

Demo Reviews

Things that are wrong with the world

Behind the scenes music related posts

Funny/personal stories about my life


25 thoughts on “Tell me what you like?

    • I like
      Fuck/Marry/Kill- cause it is hilarious

      Stories about your life-
      the self-deprecating humor is endearing

      When you interview interesting folks-
      more please

      The rants about what is wrong with the world.

      I feel like we have the same philosophy on life for the most part. I don’t agree with some and that’s cool cause you’ve voiced my simple swirling thoughts and that shit is magical. Keep on keeping on man.

  1. block– you should bring back ‘song of the day’. i dont think ‘yay or nay’ should exist “instead” of ‘sotd’ (as you once mentioned)– they’re both great and different from one another. maybe if ‘song of the day’ was purely focused on older shit and ‘yay or nay’ just on new shit

    • To be honest, the reason I stopped doing Song of the day was cause my hard drive crashed and I lost a ton of music. Kinda limited me as far as choice go. Maybe I’ll throw one up now and then though for good measure.

      • I always thought it was funny how song of the day came about once a week. But I agree. I miss SOTD cause you actually posted some great music I didn’t already know. I also miss the mixes you used to post. I guess that stopped for the same reason. Sorry about the hard drive. You could always post youtube vids.

        I also think in addition to demo reviews, it would be cool if people could send tracks from unknown artists other than themselves for you to review. I’m thinking the quality of music would be better that way but I could also see it becoming kind of overwhelming for you with all the emails.

  2. Just three? Dam haha make a poll where you choose favourite to least favourite. I love all of them bar fuck/marry/kill and yay or nay. And please keep going with movie preview reviews they’re brilliant πŸ™‚

  3. Especially behind the music part. I really want to know what equipments you are using or what equipments you experienced, your observations about them, how do you create a track and such. For instance, Rob The Viking shares what he does from time to time and I don’t know but it makes me happy to see that. You have also a blog and you can share whatever you wish about your musical experience because besides you’re cool guy, you are also a badass producure and people would be glad to hear something about your musical process.

    Peace out

  4. All the Ask Dr.Tony questions seem like variations of “How do I get a girl to touch my wiener?”. Any maybe because I am old and wifey’d up, but that kind of bores me.

  5. It was hard to choose.. My favorites are your rants, stories about you, and personal anecdotes about music but I understannd those are probably a lot more time consuming and difficult to do all the time. As far as regular features go; answers for questions & FMK are my favorites. I also miss song of the day. Yay or Nay is good as you’ve put me on to amazing shit like Shirt. I think more interviews with people could be cool. The little one-off random stuff you come with is often entertaining. I’d say keep doing Phatfriend as is and keep it fresh with new ideas from time-to-time.Either way …..THANKS MAN!!!!

  6. Hi Block,

    Just wanted to let you know that I like a lot more to the blog that just the three I chose.

    Mainly, the rants, your personal life, behind the music scene, answers for questions, the movie previews, ask Dr. Tony.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Having to choose only 3 favorites does not mean I don’t like the other content! Truthfully I love everything I read on your blog and FB page, but I don’t really read the “Tim and I discuss music and stuff.” I love the promotional info too. Come to my town! blah blah πŸ™‚

  8. I’m surprised Dr. Tony get voted on more. That is one the funniest parts of the blog in my opinion. or maybe because it makes me feel like my love life aint that fucked.

    • I think the premise behind Dr. Tony is good, but I think it’s a hard one to pull off. It’s hard for people to come up with questions about their most complicated relationship and boil it down to one concrete situation that’s easily readable, in my opinion. I’d prefer if it was advice bout the difficulties of an interpersonal relationships in general. Have you heard of the book, “How to deal with Difficult People?” I’ve never read it, but I think Blockhead would be perfect for answering those types of questions. How to deal with a ridiculous co-worker situation…how to deal with the “Carolines” of the world (no offense to anyone actually named that)….how to deal with annoying ladygaga neighbors, etc.

      • I’m actually gonna open the gates a little on Dr. Tony to more than just relationship advice. Advice in general will be the goal.

      • I definitely see what your saying, You would think that text would just roll through like star wars credits.

  9. Like most people were saying, it’s hard to pick just three. I like most of the stuff posted here, so I don’t really wanna see anything axed. Especially not Yay or Nay. I’ve been put on to some good music through that, I’d really hate to see it go.

    • Oh, I’m not axing anything. Stuff like “yay or nay” is a weekly thing cause it’s easy content. I amy have to bring back the song of the day though and maybe go between that and “Yay or nay” every other week.

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