Song of the day 8/23/12

Juggaknots: In control

Well, I had no idea that any gave a shit about “song of the day” until I asked. So, good news! I’ll be doing these again every now and then.

So, this song popped on my radar kinda late last night. If you’re familiar with Breeze Bruin and the Juggaknots, then I’d imagine you’re as hyped as I am that this leaked. Breeze is most likely your favorite underground rappers favorite rapper. There’s a reason for that. He’s also a dude that, much like Despot and Jay Electronica, people have been begging for a release from (Pause) for as long as I can remember.
This is a response to Kendrick Lamar’s verse that everyone shit their pants over. That verse was cool but also, who gives a shit? No one verse should ever get that much attention. This verse, however, is the level headed words from a dude who’s been ripping better verses than that KL verse since the mid 90’s. Just saying.
Because this is only streaming, I added a download extra of an older joint.

Generally: Juggaknots

12 thoughts on “Song of the day 8/23/12

  1. You are kind of an asshole with a big ego. We are all equal, you ain’t better than anyone else. Who gives a shit about MTV mainstream rap? U posting about these soft rappers when u used to have a lot of respect from the underground realm for being just the opposite…just sayin

  2. Beat and rapper more than decent but I wanna say this: whoever make a Kendrick respond is nothing but lame. I always argue with the people who praise Kendrick’s so called lyrical ability. But his control verse was something I took my hat off. This will be a part of HipHop history. This is so weird that normally if you respond a diss, that’d affect your credibility positively but this time people don’t wanna hear any response, especially from the rappers who weren’t mentioned. Where have yall been so far? Answer: They were busy hugging each other and finish them šŸ™‚ About Juggaknots; I also listened to another track you sent and you can see the pure talent. Thanks and please keep sharing šŸ™‚

    • Breeze is a veteran. I suggest you look into his earlier catalogue to get a full idea of how good he really is. Kendrick is no doubt a great rapper but Breeze is another level, in my opinion.

  3. jesus fucking christ, what’s in the air these days? People hinting that you think your shit smells like roses (don’t think this is true in any way AT ALL)…people outright saying that you have no right to offer an opinion about what you interpret between your ears bc you’re in the game yourself and have learned as you went along through the process. What’s more, you’ve never ever even remotely implied anything along the lines of – “ppl like me are the ones entitled to have an opinion about this and the rest of you should shut up.” I don’t get it at allllllll….this is a common (and appreciated) practice amongst many disciplines. Has anyone ever heard of peer-reviewed journals,…anyone?

  4. Just to switch it up… so all this KL talk…k I don’t know anything really about rap and could never analyze it, but what I can say is I saw KL at that huge osheaga fest in mtl…so so fun actually….huge turnout and all the kids knew all the words (was next to these HILARIOUS 19 yo queens girls, they were screaming the whole time haa). Anyways, what I can say is that he has that trusted STAR power. Don’t know how good of a rapper he is but I like his songs and he can so be counted on by the big wigs to deliver w/in those massive budgets, jay-z styles.

  5. i feel like breezly got some typecast shit goin on after prince pauls album (?). cuz theres no reason the dude shouldnt of dropped at least a few dope albums by now. voice & flow together on some endless hypnotic shit, in a good way

    • Honestly , as far as I know, the main reason Brewin hasn’t made a bunch of albums is not cause he’s lazy or unfocused but cause he has a real life with kids and bills to pay, therefor he has to work jobs that make money to support his family. This rap shit doesn’t pay much for the underground dudes.

  6. One of the most overlooked and underrated indeed. As for all the fuss about the Kendrick verse, I don’t get it. Don’t understand why people are even interpreting it as a diss. He’s simply saying “I think I’m the best rapper out at the moment”. The most interesting thing about the verse was that he actually proved he could rap without sounding like a smurf. g.k.m.c. to me is probably the most overrated album in hip hop history. I mean, it was alright, and dude is a decent lyricist, but that’s about it.

    • ^ yup, agree.

      I tried listening to his album/mixtapes…but just couldn’t vibe with it at all. What’s more troubling is his fans…any form of opposing view is met with the “hater/you don’t get it” argument. Shucks.

      I think it’s just people are soo used to hearing sub-par rap shit over the past few years, that someone decently lyrical, pressed on and hyped by major label backing, can be seen as something “new” to most folks.

      Block, I dunno if you met some of kendrick’s fans, but they’re nearly or just as annoying as juggalos. He can rap, but I just don’t get all the hype around him.

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