Upcoming Blockhead shows! Tis the season!

It’s that time again! the touring season is almost upon us and I got shows starting to line up. Pretty happy to be hitting some places I haven’t hit in a long time. There’s a chance more dates will be added (I’m hoping for some european dates in december but not promises) so , if you’re town isn’t here, don’t abandon all hope. Regardless, I hope tos ee you all on the road this fall/winter. Let’s gooooooo!
So, here’s what’s popping at the moment.

Shows with Yppah
4/03/14 Vancouver, BC Venue Night club
4/4/14 Seattle , WA Nectar Lounge
4/5/14 Portland ,OR Rotture

4/11/14 Denver , Co Filmore (Opening for Beats antique)

4/24/14 Munich, Germany
Make Or Break Festival
VENUE: Feierwerk – Kranhalle
Oh and it’s free!

54 thoughts on “Upcoming Blockhead shows! Tis the season!

  1. The Note on October 12th. Yes. Not terribly far from my house. I toured for a long time and remember the struggle haha. You’re welcome to use my house to get a shower, crash at if you don’t have a hotel, get a hot meal, take a shit, whatever you want. Offer is on the table.

  2. I’ll be catching you in Boulder but now that I know you’re going to be in Denver and Fort Collins I may have to catch all three. I’ve been listening to your ‘Live from NYC’ cut for the past few weeks. Its gold. Question, are you focusing on Interludes After Midnight or are you gonna be throwing out old material too? I wanna hear some oldies B!

  3. The one off with Rj in Salt Lake should be great. The Depot has amazing sound. I saw the likes of Wu-Tang, & Sigur Ros when I lived there. Plus Utah people get really excited at shows. Have you ever played the Depot before?

      • Chalk it up to Cold weather and boredom maybe but those Salt Lake kids get excited for shows and music in general. SLC has some really good promoters & venues, again surprisingly .They get waaay more awesome acts there than we do here in San Diego. Will Sartain is a great promoterto work with if you ever get the chance. Several acts have made live recordings from there performance at the Depot. They have the sound shit down. Or at least they did like 6 years ago. Hope you have a good time. I miss that weird little town sometimes.

      • I think you played at In the Venue last time. I’ve played the Depot before as well as been to plenty of shows there. Everyone is always awesome, and, as Subcrazy said, they have their sound down – even on stage. I know a lot of people are excited to go to this show, so I think we’ll be able to bring it again for you.

  4. Man, wish you were coming back to NC sometime soon. When you play with Wax Tailor, say hello to my man Mattic for me! That’s my husband’s good friend. We just saw him & Wax last week and I was saying how Wax’s new stuff reminds me of you but I still like you better.

  5. Blockhead is touring with Little People and you are not stopping in LA!? FML. If you have the chance to play here in SoCal again please take it! Your show was awesome last time.

  6. Saw Little People jam in Flagstaff just last weekend. Haven’t seen you in AZ yet! Time to stir some common Blockhead interest in this too-conservative state.

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