Song of the day/Yay or nay hybrid!

Okay, so two new songs by two artists I greatly enjoy dropped this week. I don’t have download links to them but you can stream them/watch them here.
What i wanna know is which joint do you like more??!?!?
Open Mike Eagle: Qualifiers


Danny Brown: ODB

There can only be one!
Just kidding. But i think both these songs are very dope but also very different. What do you think?

32 thoughts on “Song of the day/Yay or nay hybrid!

  1. I like Danny Brown, but he’s not really a rapper that can carry a whole album. Open Mike Eagle has been on some other-level shit for awhile now. And he killed it when I saw him in Queens a couple weeks back.

  2. i think overall i like open mike eagle more, but i cant say i like qualifiers more than odb. paul white really hit it out of the park on that one

  3. You left out nay on both. I like some work both of them have done, but one of these is boring to me and the other is annoying. I’m probably not going to gain any admirers by saying that but neither are for me. However, I do like the ODB beat.

    • Maybe boring wasn’t the right word…. I’ll go with…. I’m not a big fan of 90-95% of singing on rap tracks.

  4. People, even claim who like DB, actually hate DB bcuz of his appearance. He did his thing without giving up his style. People don’t realize that he made himself someone to be wanted on the featurings. People have some expectations now when they saw the name of DB on the track. And also how absurd to think he can’t carry an album, although he can even polish the shittiest productions.

    • That’s exactly my point. He’s a good feature, a change-of-pace rapper. But XXX was tough to listen to in full. I’d love for him to prove me wrong because that’d mean one more great album to listen to. Open Mike has already made a couple of solid albums.

      • I enjoyed XXX personally. Not every song, but it’s rare of any artist (for me) I find that can make a 100% solid album with nothing but the best songs. Even my favorites can’t completely hold attention like that.

        That said, these are both so dope and so far in their own lanes that I’m really happy these things just exist. I think Danny is a better technical rapper, but Open Mike is a lot better with consistency in his lyrics. Even though they can both switch back and forth and combine those things in songs easy, that’s just a big base generalization.

        I liked ODB a little more with all that said.

      • Actually it’s into production part. Once rappers had something to say all the time about production, but now they working with “just gave me ‘N I spit” mentality. I have huge expectations about ODB. And lyrically he can handle every album but production part is gonna be surprise.

  5. I was gonna go with a tie but that Paul White beat was the breaker for me. I feel like what both of them are doing is pretty fresh for the current state of shit, and both of them have raised the bar on so many different levels, but Danny’s ability to take a flow and do whatever the fuck he wants with it is amazing.

  6. I’m looking for that neither option as well. I like both artists (Danny more so than Mike) but only in small doses. Danny can get old quick and Mike just doesn’t make the type of music I normally listen to. In the end, neither of these tracks do a whole lot for me. Ehh.

  7. That qaulifiers track has been my jam since it dropped, though both are killing it right now. I get that we all can’t enjoy where shits going in the hip hop and ya ain’t all gonna like it, But we don’t all listen to Gucci mane either so?

  8. These are both fantastic, and I had heard both several times before. I’ll say this: the OME track is both ridiculously clever and immediately catchy. I didn’t immediately take to the ODB song on the first listen but after three goes, I realized that shit is my theme song because I’m that dirty old man with a pill in my mouth and my dick in my hand. Therefore, Danny Brown for the win.

  9. These songs are both great, but I have to vote for OME this time. Maybe the Danny Brown song will win after a few more listens, though.

    On a side note, I wish Danny Brown would make more rap songs about eating pussy. I feel like he has mentioned it a few times, but not enough yet.

  10. The delivery from both MCs is so different it’s hard to compare them.
    But the production is world’s apart… Paul Smith’s beat wins by the widest margin possible.
    For the life of me I cannot fathom the popularity of these keyboard-preset, metronome sounding beats. Where is the talent in this?

    • Yeah, I’m gonna go with Block and say where do you hear a keyboard beat? It’s pretty minimal, but if you can’t hear the layers and variation you gotta get some better speakers son.

      • OK so I admit I was overly harsh, there are some nice subtleties in amongst the track… but why-oh-why would you smother it with that cheesy hat and crook snare? Each to their own, but that kills it for me

  11. I’ve only ever liked Danny on features. He’s not someone I would probably ever listen to own his own. That said, the shit going on in that track is giving me a headache, dear god. Mike Eagle has this one by default for being a listenable song.

  12. Outside of these songs, I LIKE the pairing of these two because of the common thread of intellectualism I see being shared b/w these rappers. Am I CRAZY/reaching too far in thinking this? OME is way more outwardly smart, obviously, we can all see that. But I always thought DB was really smart too. I don’t mean, “he’s so smart in how he’s played the game,” but smart as in his brain processes travel much faster than the average bear, even w/ all that drug damage. I dunno know why I even think that about him, but I’m being serious.

    Speaking of drugs, I’m sooo excited that Danny Brown (w AB) will be stopping by Montreal on his tour this fall. He’s been booked & denied at the border maybe 3x before, but I think that’s taken care of this time and he’s finally coming through, yay! So fucking funny that guy.

  13. The Danny Brown beat and video are awesome but I voted for Open Mike. Concept of the song is genius. Rap has been about ridiculous bragging since Day1 and his bragging with the subtle qualifiers of “sometimes” etc are hilarious.

    Actually similar to what Powerbar Ernie did at times. If PBE wasn’t over-the-top creepy, I would put more people on to the subtle genius the Copywrite alter-ego.

  14. The live versions on YouTube of Qualifiers might win, but this studio version is just not that good. Mike Eagle is not hitting those notes and the energy isn’t as good as his live versions (this still goes when just listening to those videos). It was the exact same with The Processional, where I’ll take the Knocksteady version over the studio version any day of the year.

    To me the production on ODB is more memorable than that on Qualifiers. And Danny Brown never has any trouble channeling his energy for a studio performance. I just don’t think Mike comes convincing on this one: he’s capable of a great performance, but not so much when in the booth I’m afraid…

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