Answers for questions vol. 151

What’s up. Hope you enjoyed your 3 day weekend. Big shout out to all the teachers going back to work today. Also, my condolences to your social lives. Shout out to all the kids going back to school. LOL. Fuck your lives. hahahahahahaha. Don’t worry guys. It gets better. Sometimes.
So, I need your questions. My pot is running low and needs some rejuvenation. So, ask me questions! Anything! Get creative. Either leave them in the comments below or email them to me at As always, they are 100% anonymous and I generally will answer most questions within reason (Nothing TOO personal and I skip lame “What is your favorite movie?” type questions as well). But, whatever the case, give me shit to work with. Even if it’s simply just a topic you’d like to hear me rant about. I’m open to suggestions.

more often than not when you write a piece about a new person who always include the disclaimer, “someone you all will probably hate”. Do you get tired of fan bases trying to separate mainstream and independent? Do you puke in your mouth a little when you read a comment on an aesop video that says “this isn’t that Lil Wayne/Soulja boy bull shit!”?

It’s really just a young persons way of picking sides and voicing that they are an individual. I used to be that same way. Taking stands like my life depended on it over some bullshit. Eventually, you grow up and realize none of this is that important and you learn to appreciate things for different reasons. When you’re young, everything is way more black and white. The older you get, the grayer it all gets.
That said, it is really frustrating. A lot of times, I’ll post some music on here with hopes of helping open peoples minds in reverse. A lot of my readers fancy themselves to be music snobs who only listen to intelligent rap. That’s fine but, often, they’re overlooking the main parts of what makes certain rappers great. A rapper like Gunplay may not be your cup of tea but what I want people to come away with , when I post stuff like that, is that he can rap his ass off and is clever, regardless of what he raps about. People get way to caught up in the skin of the music but overlook what’s beyond that.
So, yeah, it’s annoying but it’s also part of growing up and refining your taste. I will say that when I come across a person closer to my age who’s like that, it baffles me ,both from a perspective of how little they’ve evolved and how much they care about something not worth really caring about.
It is funny to think that I’m talking about evolving as “being able to appreciate coke rap” but there’s something to it. Get over your hang ups and just enjoy it in all it’s ridiculousness. A good rapper can rap about any topic and make it interesting. Besides, Trust me when I say that you’d probably rather hang around those rappers than most sad underground rappers any day.

I know your dad was a artist and mom a social worker. So i’m sure they were more supportive than most around your career path. However, did you ever have a moment when you’re parents kinda gave you a “i’m proud of you” once you were able to live off this job? Kind of a corny question but I figure i’d mix it up or try.

My dad was too old and died to early into my career to really have an opinion on it. He died when I was 20 and , at that point, I was still focused on rapping as much as I was making beats. My mom has been pretty supportive though. Especially considering I dropped out of college, had no intention of ever going back and worked shit jobs for until I was in my mid-late 20’s. But she’s certainly proud of me at this point and she’s vocalized that in the past.

Obviously you’re a single man in this scenario. Say a girl comes along who is your absolute dream girl in every way, hot as that bitch from the Thicke video, smart, funny, loves all the same shit you do but not in annoying way, and is just generally the perfect woman for you. You hit it off with her and you guys start dating casually. Things go great, and after a week or so the time finally comes to do the deed. Right before shit is about to go down, she stops and tells you there’s something you need to know before you go any further, she used to do porn. Not like soft ass, girl on girl or solo shit, but full on double penetration cum on face and in ass raw type shit. She’s been out of it for years, and says she loves you and wants to spend her life with you. Can you get over the fact that dudes are gonna constantly be recognizing her as the broad from the internet who takes two cocks at a time like a champ? Can you deal with this girl’s past enough that it isn’t gonna be a dealbreaker, or is it just too much to handle and you dip?

I think I could get over that. I’ve never been one to really care about girls pasts. I think that’s some insecure, little dick guy shit to do. I mean, sure, I wouldn’t be psyched about it and creeps stopping us on the street all the time would be annoying but it wouldn’t stop me , if this girl was as perfect as you say. That said, if she was far less than great, i could see that kinda thing being a deal breaker. Not specifically so, just another reason amongst any I’d be like “eh, fuck this…”.
It’s funny cause friends will often end up sleeping with the same girls. When it comes to that life, there are two types of friends: Those who don’t care (excluding serious girlfriends) and those who freak out over everything. I’ve always been the first type and never really understood what the big deal is. Not only is it just kinda corny but it’s also fucked up towards the girl. Like she’s not allowed to like more than one friend? My girl always speaks of this “two in a crew” rule that stipulates a girl can only sleep with two people who know each other and anything beyond that is in bad taste. I think that’s silly. I think a girl can sleep with as many as she wants as long as she’s doing it for the right reasons (AKA cause she wants to) and not cause she’s being taken advantage of or doing it out of spite/insecurity.
The reality of this whole thing is that most girls are gonna have a past before they meet you. Whether it’s porn or just dating two nerds, it doesn’t really matter. They both got fucked. They both sucked dicks. They both did things that people do when they have sex. If anything, dating a girl with an experienced past can make you work harder. You got lots of competition, bro. Step up!

Do all your songs on an album are like a whole story? Or you just put the songs randomly in the tracklist?

I’m very particular about the order of my songs but I wouldn’t say they tell a whole story. I more like to split up certain tracks and , other times, couple some tracks together. For instance, the Triptych series does tell a story of sorts. Part 1 is “blinded by love”

part 2 is “Things begin to show cracks”

part 3 is “the devastating end to the relationship”.

It’s a 3 part break up song pretty much. But I’ve never done a whole album like that cause I simply don’t make songs to connect to each other like that. I’ve played around with the idea but, eventually, it hits a road block when certain moods just don’t fit into the story. Although, it’s certainly the type of thing I could bullshit and get away with if I wanted. That’s the beauty of instrumental music, it is what you make it. It’s make believe.

you have any good drunk/stoned stories of you and aes or anybody back in the day that us fans would enjoy?
Hmmm…Stoned memories tend to be forgotten by now. Aes and I certainly smoked our share of weed together but , in general, we’d be just sitting in my crib eating ,watching tv and freestyling with friends. There was a time when he went on a food run and it was taking forever. He finally came back and had blood on his knuckle. It turned out, he did some super man shit and knocked some rapey homeless dude out for trying to get on some woman in the street. I forget the whole story but the guy was harassing the girl, he saw it happening and told him to chill, the dude didn’t and (possibly) grabbed the girl. The Aes punched him in the face. Heroic shit.
As for drinking, he’s never been a drinker so there are no stories to be told on that front.

13 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 151

  1. This year Boards of Canada released a new album. I don’t know if you heard about all of their shenanigans in the lead up to the release, but google it if you haven’t. They released cryptic clues about the album and fans ate it up and went nuts. Obviously, the fact that they hadn’t released anything in about 7 years helped with the hype, but in the end, the promotion really got a lot of people excited for the album. My question is, would you ever consider doing some sort of elaborate promotion scheme to help get more people interested in an upcoming album? It wouldn’t have to be anything as complex as what BoC did, maybe it could even be something like Aesop did for his last record, just strange ass videos and music clips. Anything goes. If you were approached by a label to do something like that, would you? And what would it be like? And if you wouldn’t, try and come up with something insane that you would do if you had to, even if it’s out of the realm of possibility.

  2. Am I the only person who thinks Aesop is a fucking enigma? I would never look at him and be like “Yeah, that guy would (if necessary violently) defend someone he felt was in significant physical danger,” but hearing about it doesn’t surprise me at all. From kindergarten teaching to heroine addiction to laser vision, literally any claim made about him would fit into his non-narrative of an existence.

    How deliberate is that, on his part? I get the sense that he just doesn’t like publicity and the lack of a real understanding of him is a product of that.

  3. If the third questioner had replaced “full on double penetration” with “full on double ANAL,” would that have changed your tune a bit? We all know how uptight you are about those assholes….
    PS: Great pic this week!

  4. PS: ^I really wish I gave that username a once or twice over because…well I used it to illustrate a point yes, but having to use this again is just toooo much for me ugh, aha..anyways

    I am in no way slamming female pornstars, mad respect to some (maybe not necessarily all) of the names I’m familiar with…but put yourself in this scenario!You: “so would you say you were pretty into anal at one point in your life?” Her:”Eh…I mean, I really only did it maybe 10-15 times.” Your move.

  5. im really intrested in your creative process when you make music and how you go about sampling shit and knowing where to place them, etc, have you ever considered making one of those videos of you making a beat? i know ur style of production is alot more intricate than those other amature producers on youtube, but i think it would be cool as fuck to see you in the lab cookin up a masterpiece cus theres no one out there that does exactly what you do man. You’re like the salvador dali of beats. Also, have you seen the rythm roulette series on youtube when a producer (el-p was on it) randomly picks out 3 vinyls and makes a beat out of it? I feel like you’d kill that shit! 

  6. if you had 2 ninjas who had dedicated their lives to your service, would you use them to make home made french fries? If not, what would you use them for?

  7. Do you think growing up in New York expanding your taste women? Or that someone’s taste in just imprinted within them? Nature vs. nurture shit. Just curious because I grew up in a fairly diverse area and where I live now for work, a lot of people that I’ve met are blown away that I’m ever attracted to black guys being a white woman. Maybe this is just the people I’ve met, maybe it’s just a “southern” thing. I know you’ve said your girl is a mix of things and that you’ve expressed sexual interest in woman of many races in FMK. Or maybe you’ve just always had better luck with non-white girls? I know this is a weird question but nature vs. nurture topics interest me.

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