Answers for Questions vol. 152

Goddamn I love september in NYC. The weather is perfect. The streets are still filled with scantly clad women. Even the overall mood seems to be palpably nicer in the streets. It’s the best. Makes a man wanna just wonder around the streets like a nomad for 5 hours. But, alas, I got shit to do. I’m heading to the studio alter to work on my new album. It’s almost done. No clue when it’ll be out but, rest assured, it’s getting there.
Anyway, you know the drill here…ask me questions. Go nuts. I’m running low on questions so please don’t hesitate of be shy. Send them my way by either leaving them in the comment section below or emailing them to me at The weirder the question the better.
Let’s see what’s popping this week…

The hot Emily chick from the Robin Thicke video is supposedly dating this guy: Let that sink in. Does this guy have a big dick or is he rich as fuck? Or is this chick actually blind? What are your thoughts on hot ass women with ugly dudes?

I’m afraid that, in some cases, women simply aren’t as shallow as us guys are. While many guys would never wife a girl because of her shining personality, there are plenty of ladies out there who find inner beauty just as attractive. I’m sure this dude is a great guy. I bet he’s also good at pottery and sews his own burning man vests.
Then again, he could also be rich/powerful/famous and that would explain it just as well.
Honestly, it could be any number of things.
1)He could be a super talented at whatever art he does (I’m assuming he’s either into fashion or he’s a photographer)
Young girls, in particular , seem to be attracted to power and talent. It’s easy to see why but heartbreaking when you’re a normal dude and you see a dime with a dude who looks like a a danish trance DJ.
2)He could be the guy she dated before she got famous and she hasn’t figured out that he’ll be a distant memory in a year just yet.
That “first love” card holds a lot of weight.
3)He could look like her dad.
Girls are crazy. This happens all the time and few things are creepier.
4)He could be the cunnilingus champ of northern finland.

There really is no telling.
The thing about astoundingly beautiful women is that they can have whatever they want. A girl like Em rata could date pretty much any straight single famous man on earth. Perhaps she’s low key and doesn’t wanna deal with dating a celebrity. Maybe,this guy was the one who had the balls to kick it to her the right way and it panned out. We’ll never know. All i do know is that this guy should give hope to any of you second rate Eric Stoltz looking dudes out there who dress like female hobbits.

yo how do you think musical knowledge (in terms of scales and keys and shit) plays a role in being a producer, or your productions in particular.
obviously, you have to have a handle on keys to do anything, but how much did you know when you first started sampling and what about now?

For me, it’s meant nothing as I don’t possess that knowledge. just the other day my girlfriend was explaining the difference between major and minor chords to me. Suffice to say, it didn’t sink in. my ears get it, but my brain does not. My music is 100% based on my ear. I know what I think sounds good. I know when something sounds off. I can’t read or write music but I can generally figure out a riff on a keyboard if it pops in my head.
That said, I don’t think I’m the norm in that respect and I would think that knowing musical theory can only help someone. But for dudes like me , who mostly sample and fiddle around on keyboards, it’s just going of what I hear and how it hits me. Any “musical theory” I know is self taught and based entirely off of how I’ve perceived the music I’ve been listening to my entire life.

Just saw this on the “news” – there’s a trend amongst developed nations to now have a “banned” list of baby names, making it illegal for parents to name their children certain words (bc actual human beings have tried to get away with the following)…

Sweden’s List:

New Zealand’s List: (select examples only)
-Mafia No Fear
– . (full stop)
-using brackets around middle names (has happened 4x fyi)
-using back slash between names (has happened 8x fyi)

Your instructions…For Sweden – what do you think the rationale was within the brains of each parents’ name choice and if you agree that it should be banned or not. For New Zealand – please rate the appropriateness of each “name” (from least offensive to most offensive)

For the full list:

I’m not gonna list those in any order cause that’s pointless but this is an interesting topic…
Banning names seems like a waste of time. If a parent is such an unbelievable asshole and decides to name their kid something like “Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116”, I’d say they should sooner be investigated as unfit parents than anything else. I mean…come on man. It’s bad enough stupid fucking celebrities give their shitty kids the worst names possible but when that mind set of entitlement leaks down to your average joe ass family, it’s bad news. Although, on the other hand, I understand not wanting to give your kid a regular name. Certainly, the world has enough John’s and Sara’s in it. I’d just say, perhaps, at least find a name that exists on this planet. Strange names are usually hell for a kid when they’re young but later become cool cause , once you’re older, being an individual is where it’s at. SO, while being named some shit like “Barnaby” might suck for a while, trust me that once that dude turns 19 and moves to portland, he’s the coolest fucking guy in town.
Also, there is something to be said for all those crazy names some football players have. They’re awesome because they’re both made up but also , typically, made up of parts of other names. That’s just being creative.

What do you think of vocal percussion?
Like beat boxing? It’s fine. I can’t say I’d ever wanna listen to it on it’s own but the shit some people can do is really impressive. I kinda look at beat boxing the same way I do most winter olympic athletes. It’s impressive and I sure as hell can’t do it but, at it’s pinnacle, I still don’t really give a shit either way and the idea of anyone making a career out it baffles me.

I know that people from pretty much every city everywhere hype up where they live as some other-worldly shit. However I’ve noticed people from Chicago talk up their city more than anyone else I’ve encountered, to the point that they’re almost defensive about it without provocation. I’ve honestly never been to Chicago, but from my stand point it seems like a pretty unspectacular place to visit. I’m wondering if I’m missing something big that actually makes it cool from your experiences, and have you noticed this kind of defensive pride from Chicago people yourself? How does it stand up against other big cities?

That sounds way more like a New York quality than anywhere else. We’re the worst about that (as you will soon see after you read this very paragraph) Fact of the matter is, most people think the city they’re from is the best. Even people from shitholes will ride or die for their city…and that’s how it’s supposed to be. I’ve been to chicago a bunch of times. It’s pretty cool. Definitely a real city through and through. Is it the best? Of course not (NYC wins that hands down and this is not up for discussion) but it’s certainly in the top 5 for US cities.
In my experience there, it’s huge and spread out. You can walk around certain parts. It’s got great food and pretty much every thing else most great cities have. The people are slightly less attractive than people from coastal states but that cause It’s where people from the midwest move when they want to live in a city. Not your fault, guys. You were raised on fast food . worshipping cheese and beer.
There’s a lot of talk about the crazy murder rate but, from what I understand, it’s pretty much only in the bad neighborhoods so it’s not like you’re walking around in constant fear of your life. Philly or Baltimore feel way less safe to me.

Wouldn’t the internet be 10X cooler if the goal was for everyone to play a character? Sort of a version of themselves? I see no way that this could fail in bringing people up to speed with the H word. Ya know…if ya got a sense.

H word? What are you talking about?
I think people already do play characters on the internet. The amount of people I’ve met from the internet who seemed like outgoing social dynamos online but turned out to be nerd shut ins are countless. Social retardation is kinda the norm nowadays.
What you’re describing sounds like “The sims”. Maybe “World of Warcraft”. That exists so, you know, if this is really something you’d like to look into further, it’s only a purchase away. I hope you like hypothetical sword play!

as a kid who was watching and listening for as much info as I possibly could about the underground scene during the Def Jux era; as I connected so much with groups like Can Ox, but was still regretfully about 8 years old when all the fun and shows were goin down, and stuck in the boonies of FL. it would make me so happy to get some insight into what it was like to be in that scene on a personal level in those days. Do you have any cool/interesting/wild/weird/waddafukevastories about your days of working with all the faces of the underground that so many heads have come to idolize and consider as classics since then to share? Literally any random anecdote will satisfying my curiosity, I guess I’m just pushing you to write a lil bit of a memoir of those times with REAL, behind the scenes details. And like I said in my previous email I totally understand if there’s some shit you can’t share, and I’d hope your readership feels the same. But I want story time with Uncle Tony!!! Cuz I missed out on that era, but it affected my life and mentality very deeply and so Id get hyped over any previously unknown trivia you could drop, any at all. In the words of the late Dirt McGirt, you gotta educate the young youth. Ad we demand storytime, Uncle Blockhead! Storytime! Storytime!

Shit…this is a lot of pressure. This is gonna let you down but I don’t really have tons of specific stories that pop up. It’s more the type of thing that if you asked about something in particular, I’d be able to shed light on it. But, in general, it’s hard to look back on that era and just pluck a few random anecdotes out. To be honest, although I was obviously very involved in it, I was also kind of an outsider cause I never really fully submitted to it from a social perspective. I was cool with everyone and we hung now and then but , other than Aesop, I wasn’t close friends with any of those dudes. At least on a level where I’d chill one on one with them. It wasn’t anything personal cause many of those guys are awesome people , I just always had my own group of friends and , during that time, I chilled with them more than anyone else.
All that’s coming to mind is how I met Vordul.
I used to work in a bakery. When I was there, I’d have control over the music. I’d often just throw in my beat tapes and just let them run. Right next door to the bakery was this juice spot. The people who worked there would always come into the bakery and get free shit in exchange for free juices. The barter system in effect. Anyway, one day I’m playing my beat tape and this dude from the juice spot rolls in. He’s bopping his head and asks “What’s this?”. I tell him it’s my beats and he’s like “oh shit? word…I rap..” we get to talking and it turns out we knew mad people in common. Aesop was already out at that point so he had actually heard of me and I knew about him via the Atom’s family. It was super random but he was the first guy in that crew I ever met. Even before I met El-p.
I wish I could tell you more. But, you know what? This podcast interview I did might help a little. I did it a month or so back and it’s pretty thorough about that era…Peep it:

11 thoughts on “Answers for Questions vol. 152

  1. I live in Chicago and Chicagoans do love their city, but there is no people and city that beats NYC in the talking it up department.

  2. You have mentioned several times that you are pretty laid back person that doesn’t harbor a lot of regrets. While I’m sure you are pretty relaxed, you are also human( I think ) and done things or not done things that you look back on with at least some regret or remorse. My question is what is your biggest regretin your personal life and what is your biggest regret when it comes to your career? If you could one re-do for each area (personally and professionaly) what would it be?

    • I didn’t write it, but it’s bothering me haha so I’ll take a shot in the dark and embarrass myself, maybe. “I see no way that this could fail in bringing people up to speed with the H word.” Does it mean “Haters”…like he/she’s referring to ppl still using that word within a certain social media context on the internet? I dunno

    • I can’t really get into the personal lives of other people like that but I can say that , yes, I know/knew vordul. He’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Haven’t seen him in a long time though but I’ll always wish him the best.

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