Yay or nay? World’s fair

You don’t really see too many rap collectives nowadays. Everyone seems to be solo or in a duo. While loose crews certainly exist, collectives working as one and making whole album together has seemingly gone the way of the dodo bird or Wu-tang.
So, here we have Queens ensemble World’s Fair. 5 heads deep, all in one group. I just got put on to these guys very recently so I won’t claim to really know much about them. But these few videos I saw did raise my eye brows a little. Dunno if I’m ready to make grandiose claims in their favor but they’ve got something. So, lemme know what you think?

So what do you think?

8 thoughts on “Yay or nay? World’s fair

  1. the one who wants to be Pusha T and the dude with the last verse will break off and form solo careers, the other 3 will form a new version of LMFAO

  2. Eh, I probably would have been all over this back in, like, ’98.. But, that style is mad played out and none of them are very charismatic (that sounded kinda mean). They remind me of a less interesting version of this group in Seattle called SOTA…and SOTA ain’t that great

    Btw, they went all Puff Daddy & Mase on 8 Steps to Perfection. You can’t just rap over a classic, add a horn, or something!

  3. I think they have potential but they’re inconsistent. Have a late ’90s/early ’00s flavor for sure.

    The rapping on Suspect is pretty solid other than the chorus hook. ’96 Knicks has its moments, but also gets dragged down by a cold hook. Company Fair lacks flavor all around; I’m guessing it’s the oldest track here. ’96 Knicks is the only one with a beat that’s listenable more than once, which I’d assume has to do with the guest producer.

    If they want to do this rap thing, they need to hook up with some better producers and work on mixing up their rap rhythm.

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