Answers for questions vol. 153

What’s up?
It’s looking like the seasons are changing as I am surrounded by snotty tissues and my nostrils are raw from blowing them non-stop for the last 24 hours. Oh, allergies, you can truly suck my dick.
Anyway, I need new questions! Exciting questions! Fun Questions! It’s your job to ask these questions. If there’s anything you’d like to know or any topic you’d like to hear me rant about…send me that query! Either leave it in the comments below or email it to me at
As long as you keep asking, I’ll keep answering…
Now, on with this weeks batch.

Is there any shame in takin down a whole frozen pizza? I mean…gosh. Once ya doctor those beautiful babies up ya can really get um tastin like the best processed, no hassle-scratch that- no work food that came outta that freezer. I mean…gosh. Once ya ate 6 pieces and ya know ya can take down the other 2, is there shame in takin those suckers down? Cuz ya know yer not heatin that shit up. Lets be honest. Re-heated frozen pizza is about as good as some shit that came out a cafeteria <—-and thats as bad as food gets.

Is me finishing the last 2 whats keepin me at 210 instead a 200?

Listen, where we’re left alone with our hunger and no one to judge us, humans will do weird things with food. Mainly, we will stuff it down our gullets with no regard for our own health. I’m no different. If I’m out eating and there is food in front of me, regardless of how full I am, I feel obligated to finish it. If someone else at the table is stuffed and asks me if I want the rest of their food, it’s nearly impossible for me to say no. I have a friend who learned to quell these urges by pouring his soda on whatever food he had left over once he was full. It was crazy of him but also kinda genius.
Food is the best. That said, if you’re like me , in order to not become a rolly polly piece of shit, you must have some self restraint. Simply don’t have those kind of foods in the house. Every now and then I’ll splurge and fill my freezer with frozen crap cause, you know, it’s cold out and I’m planning on being lazy. But, that just leads to me eating like 5 frozen meals in 2 days cause they’re there and, you know, It’s cold out and I’m lazy.
So, yeah, eating like that is why you will stay 210 and never hit 200. But it’s also not crazy. I literally had the same habits, stopped and dropped below 200 after being between 205-210 around the last decade. I started just buying bags of baby carrots instead of potato chips.
Man…getting old sucks.

Where did you learn to create such intelligent compositions? I have tried to make music over the years but I have trouble making my thoughts and lyrics conform to the structure of a song. Probably because I don’t know the basic structure of a song. Are there any books or websites you can recommend where a hopeless scribbler can have a shot at evolving into something greater?

I’m afraid everything I know has been from just being a fan of music and paying attention. I’ve never had any music lessons of any sort. Basic song structure is pretty easy to understand though…Intro, verse, chorus,verse, bridge, chorus, etc…
I’d say just listen to more music from different eras. The great thing about music is that, while there are some rules, structurally , it’s pretty open. How things flow is up to you. Just use good judgement and common sense.

Just a very random thought here… do you think highly-invested Porn”Heads” (not the casual viewers but the ones who have gone really far with it )….obsess about “the golden age of PORN” in the same way that some hip-hop heads do?

What is the “golden age of pornography” in your opinion?

I think anyone my age has a connection to the porn of our youths. It’s was so insanely impactful back then cause porn wasn’t as easy to come by.We didn’t have the internet and millions of free websites to peruse. We had video tapes , that we had to hide from our parents ,that we traded with friends. Even getting a new tape wasn’t easy. So, not only was there a feeling of triumph in procuring a new porn tape, you also ended up watching it much closer. If that was the only porno you had, by the time the week or so was over, you’d know it like a play book. To this day, if certain scenes come on, I’ll remember everything about them.
That said, porn of the late 80’s and early 90’s simply wasn’t that great when viewed with a critical eye. It was after the sexual freedom era of the 70’s/early 80’s which seemed to have girls who might actually be enjoying the sex (at least they faked it better) and it was the beginning of the fake tit/coked out of their mind trend that pretty much ruined how porn stars bodies looked.

I’m sure there are guys who can only watch that stuff cause, in a way, it was a much more innocent time. I get that as I’m not into any of this extreme shit that’s popping off nowadays. But , straight up, the girls are way hotter now and the variety is off the charts. As it seems that people have evolved into having their very specific fetishes (This could range from simply preferring latina girls to needing to see a pregnant woman get gangbanged), there is truly something for everyone. For better or for worse. So while that golden age may have shaped our young minds, the current porn is doing the same to this new generation…leading to a bunch of anal sex obsessed creeps who think choking a bitch out while getting head is good foreplay. Good luck, future!

Take yourself back to a simpler time….Let’s say 3rd to 7th grade. What words do you remember spelling on your calculator, instead of learning math? Do you think kids still do this in math class or has it gone the way of the dinosaur…?

I did that for sure. I don’t recall what words…I feel like “Ass” made it in there. To be honest though,I was never that impressed by the upside down calculator spelling game. I was way more into just having a sailors mouth and teaching the other kids the filthiest words I would think of.

I heard your music in the movie life cycles. I wonder if you did see the movie and what is your opinion about it. I also must say that the soundtrack of the movie fits great. (i always listen to you, little people, bonobo, dj shadow etc. While biking)

Never heard of it, which is strange as I have music in it apparently…hmm. I take it that it’s about biking though and that might explain why it slipped past my radar. Not a huge biking enthusiast.

This year Boards of Canada released a new album. I don’t know if you heard about all of their shenanigans in the lead up to the release, but google it if you haven’t. They released cryptic clues about the album and fans ate it up and went nuts. Obviously, the fact that they hadn’t released anything in about 7 years helped with the hype, but in the end, the promotion really got a lot of people excited for the album. My question is, would you ever consider doing some sort of elaborate promotion scheme to help get more people interested in an upcoming album? It wouldn’t have to be anything as complex as what BoC did, maybe it could even be something like Aesop did for his last record, just strange ass videos and music clips. Anything goes. If you were approached by a label to do something like that, would you? And what would it be like? And if you wouldn’t, try and come up with something insane that you would do if you had to, even if it’s out of the realm of possibility.

I’m not really one for bells and whistles. So i can’t really see myself doing anything like that. At least nothing that would be pushed by me personally where I would be the brain behind it. That said, if a label had a cool idea for album promotion and I was into it, i’d surely go along with it.When it comes to promoting music is a creative way, I’m more of a “tell me what you need to me to do” kinda guy. I’m not really that kind of idea man. I simply don’t think about that shit so, when it’s time to push an album or whatever, it’s never something on my mind. All I care about is the music itself and everything else is secondary. Not exactly the best way to be in 2013 when you’re a person trying to sell music but, hey, I am who I am. There are certain aspects of this business I couldn’t care about even if a i tried…and that’s one of them.

15 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 153

  1. Arright so I’ve got two unrelated questions..
    Did you ever hang out with eyedea? If so what was he like, do you have any memories etc?
    Also, d’you think canadians have accents? Im from Toronto area and whenever i visit the states people can tell right away like its stamped on my
    forehead but people from buffalo and new York sound the same as canadians, for the most part,

  2. Yo Block,
    I’m curious; as a white guy, what are your thoughts on the term “Wigger”? I feel like a lot of people throw that term around, placing the label on any white person who engages in anything culturally black (which is actually kind of offensive). I mean, I understand the disdain some people may feel for wack ass dudes trying to front (much as I feel disdain for wack ass rap nerds!), but everybody? Plus, if you think about it, the word Wigger kind of feels like a backhanded way of calling Black people niggers, doesn’t it? (even though I’ve heard other black people say it)

  3. BOOBS, BOOBIES and BOOBLESS are the only ones I remember. I really don’t think kids do that these days, how could they? That trick is lame as shit and they have several different screens to fuck with, but I dunno…girls today still do those exact same singing hand clap games that I did when I was their age, which I think is insane.

  4. “I was way more into …teaching the other kids the filthiest words I could think of.” Haha, you also sound like that kid who ran around telling every other kid where babies come from once you found out about sex…true?

  5. since the calculators nowadays are fricking computers i saw a guy, when i was back in school, who drew a picture of a chic giving a bj with like 200 pixels. it was hilarious. but i guess the good ol boobs are still going today.

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