Poll: Which Danny Brown do you prefer?

Danny Brown is a rapper I’ve been following for as long as I can remember. In an age where rappers get quick fame via the internet but disappear just as quickly, Brown has actually been around for a while. He’s been dropping quality mix tapes and albums since 2007, so were talking the Myspace era. That’s a veteran in 2013 , as far as I’m concerned.
One interesting thing about Brown is his two very specific and extremely different styles that he often uses. He’s got the hyped up, screeching Danny Brown and the more calm (though it’s impossible for him to be truly calm), straight talk Danny Brown. The two almost seem like Jekyll and Hyde. His new album “Old” is dropping soon and I figured why not get a taste of what you guys are thinking about him right now. So, I have a simple question for you today: Which Danny brown do you prefer?
Here are some examples of both:

“Calm” Danny

Hyped Danny

So, what do youthink?

18 thoughts on “Poll: Which Danny Brown do you prefer?

  1. thanks for putting me on to him a few years back homey! and thanks for putting me on to Radio Head today…I thought I had heard damn near everything he did, always nice to find a “new” old song.
    and yeah, I love all sides of danny (pause).

  2. I think Danny’s hyped voice is good on guess spots. But can get grating on a whole song

    And calm makes him sound like all other rappers.

    The best part about him is he does what he wants his way and makes the right moves

  3. Calm Danny Brown almost has an old less articulate Andre3000 feel to it ..not bad…hyped danny brown gives me ear fatigue after like 2 minutes….like a 14 year old kid who just smoked weed and had a red bull for the first time trying to freestyle..but then again people are into that sound these days I guess

  4. I love both sides too

    and also thx for putting me on his music with that “danny brown is dope” mixtape,

    are u gonna keep bringing some mixtapes again?

  5. Whatever he’s into. Seems like you kind of feel it on tracks he is about, other times like maybe he is more exploring shit than killing it. Dude is great and even though I’m not all about the image and shit, dude just looks like a cool mf’r.

  6. It’s funny you mention ‘PAC BLOOD’, the beat always strongly reminded me of the track ‘SCENESTER’ you produced for Cage.

    I always found Danny Brown hit and miss but I can’t pin which to either style. That said, I’ve liked all the tracks I’ve heard off the new album.

  7. Danny Brown has the same effect as wu-tang tracks. They get me ready for the world. They put me in that mind frame where there is no way out but muscling through whatever’s out there and not being a bitch.

    Love this freestyle too.

  8. A whole album of calm Danny Brown would be good.
    A whole album of hype Danny Brown might be tough to sit through.
    In order for him to make the best album possible, he needs to have both.

    30 is by far my favorite track by him. That beat with the sloppy drums and horns just makes me want to punch holes walls and kick over trash cans. His vocals are great on that because it builds with the beat. He starts out kind of calm, starts getting hyped but still has some restraint, then at the end he just merks it. You get both sides of the brain.

    • On second thought, after comparing some of those videos, he might just be hyped through that whole song. Maybe I should change my vote.

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