Demo Reviews Vol. 32

What’s good everyone?
Time for another installment of Demo reviews. These are all demos that were willfully sent in by readers of this blog for the sole purpose of being reviewed by me. I didn’t put a gun to anyone’s head, I promise.
32 volumes deep and I’m still not sure why people would want to hear my worthless opinion on any of this shit but, hey, we all have our “things, I suppose. To those of you who are curious about sending me a demo, I’m afraid the submissions are closed. When it comes time to hear more stuff, i’ll most definitely announce it. So, keep an eye out if that’s something you’d be in to.
Anyway, last week was one of the more solid weeks of submissions in the history of this column. How does this week match up? Well…you know how sequels are never as good as the original? yeah…this week is like that.
It’s like the Police academy 2 of demo reviews.
If you’ve never read this column before, it’s pretty simple. I listen to each song. Do a brief write up then give it arbitrary number rating from 1-10 in these categories:

Sound good? Great. Let’s go…

Song:Me, my Drums and you

The first thing that jumps out to me is that the pitched down vocals are little too pitched down. The beat is okay. It’s not really interesting but the sum of it’s parts work in a smoked out kinda california way. At first i thought the rapper was a little kid then I was like “Oh, it’s a girl”. She’s decent but, overall, not a particularly compelling listen. Kinda monotone but it sort of works in the context of the song. A whole album of that would be pretty tedious though.
Production:4.5 out of 10
Vocals:4.5 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist:J-a-R feat. Fuzzy and Biscuit
Song:Putting Pen to paper

This is some heroin music. For better or for worse. The beat is fairly simple on the surface but has some nice nuances to it.
The rapper kinda sounds like a calmed down, less nasal B-real who listened to lots of underground rap. He’s pretty good but sometimes his flow seems a little forced. I don’t know if that’s on purpose or just more of a limitation though.
Production:5 out of 10
Vocals:5 out of 10
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:5 out of 10

Artist: DJ Jadestone
Song: Moon Crater

I’m impatient so that intro dragged a little for me but once it gets going it’s pretty cool. The layering is awesome. I’m actually not clear what’s going on here in terms of whether this is live instruments, samples, or all parts from the same song. Still, it sounds good. That said, I don’t know if this is a solid , stand on it’s own, song. It’s pretty limited in the directions it goes so what we’re left with is a pretty cool loop (I think???) and some little flourishes.
Production:5.5 out of 10
Vocals: N/A
Listenability:5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: Curta
Song: Photoshopped mummies

This dude actually has an interesting voice and good presence on the mike but he just doesn’t seem as polished as his concepts or lyrics are.
Lots of potential though. Voice and presence is that shit you either you have or don’t.
The beat seemed wildly amateurish at first but I think the lo-fi was a conscious choice. Still, not anything too great either way.
Production: 4 out of 10
Vocals:5.5 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:4.5 out of 10

Artist:Quorum Consensus

Is this the british Jurassic five? I mean..this could literally be them if you changed the accents. They even got the low voices guy.
I gotta say, some of the voices on this song are straight up silly and when you add the accents it almost feels like parody rap. Not that any of them sound amateur but there is a goofiness to it that I’m not 100% sure is supposed to be there. It’s light hearted for sure…but also just kinda dumb. The beat is super average second rate Jurassic Five. I was never a big J5 fan but one thing they always had was crazy beats. So, you know, this is a step down from that.
Production:3.5 out of 10
Vocals:4 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:3 out of 10

Song: Little Boxes

The beat shows promise as it evolves nicely but the sounds aren’t there yet. Sounds very bedroom producer-ish, which is okay, but this definitely needs some refinement to kick it up to the next level. The rapper is solid. He’s definitely focuses on his lyrics but it’s just not that interesting to listen to. Still, that might have to do with the beat not carrying him. Over a better track i could see his style being much more engaging.
Production:4 out of 10
Vocals:5 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: Rustlah
Song: Android Julian

Oh, hey there white voiced, underground rapper! It’s been a while. how you been?
Yeah, this is that good old middle of the road, “deep”, white voiced rapper. As much as this is not my bag, I do understand that there are plenty of people out there who love this kinda shit so, you know, fuck my opinion on this. Removing my prejudice about white voice ad focusing on this from a more technical perspective, the rapper has a little trouble riding the beat at times. Also,the beat is pretty boring , albeit efficiently made.
Production:4.5 out of 10
Vocals:4 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:3 out of 10

Artist: Robo-Lantern
Song: Fringe

Every week I get one or two demos that are simply genre’s that aren’t in my wheelhouse. This is that. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. All I know is I don’t really fuck with this kinda thing in general. I can say, it’s got some nice changes and might make a good 80’s song.In fact, i kept waiting for the lead singer from Tears for Fears to start dropping jewels but it never happened.

So, you know, it’s well made and arranged. Good job, I think.
Production:5 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist:P.Jay Fry

Is this that trap music the kids are all talking about? No seriously, I’m asking for real. I don’t know. I hear those southern rap hi-hat progressions and assume that’s what it is.
Anywhooo, this is some wall of noise shit with a slight bridge. The main part sounds like birds in a blender, so that’s not very good. The bridge is , by comparison, nice but that’s mostly cause it’s a break from the high pitched squeals of the main part of the song. The best part about this song is the drums…which are standard yet efficient.
Production:3 out of 10
Listenability:3 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist:Shaggy Rogers

Some old mid 90’s sounding beat…with rapping that kinda follows suit. He has a very mid 90’s style. I like his voice but I don’t love his inflection. Simply cause I feel like no one sounds like that anymore and sometimes it drops out and reveals a person who speaks like a normal person. Still, he’s pretty good. This is extremely well worn territory but , overall, a decent listen.
The beat is completely passable but also generic in the sense that it sounds like it could be an album track of any number of jazzy early/mid 90’s rappers. Like a Hard2Obtain b-side or something.

Production:4.5 out of 10
Vocals:5 out of 10
Listenability:5.5 out of 10
Originality:3 out of 10

So, what do you think?

5 thoughts on “Demo Reviews Vol. 32

  1. Um, that Jadestone dude hardly changed the original track he sampled. maybe added some percussion? Either way, seems questionable as a demo submission. The layering you refer to is all the original!

    check out the original (great instrumental song) –

    pretty sure this original track showed up on the Dusty Finger series.

    • Well…there you go. You never really know what people do when they “Create”. it sounded to clean to me but I didn’t wanna accuse the dude of something I wasn’t sure about.

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