Answers for questions vol. 155

Hi there.
Welcome to another stirring edition of “answers for questions”. You ask, I answer. It can be about anything really and this week is a great example of that. If you have questions you’d like answered, holler at your boy. Also, if you need advice of any sort, I do that as well. Lord knows people should all be getting life advice from a niche electronic music producer.
Anyway, send me all questions to or leave them in the comments below.
Got it? good. Let’s get into this weeks batch.

Adult women who refer to their father as “daddy,” in everyday online/real life interactions: How CREEPY do you find that word within that context on a scale of 1-10? And what do you immediately associate with when you hear/read a female say that…is it the princess syndrome?literal daddy issues? stunted adolescence?porn connotations? etc.? I have no idea.

Hmm…it really depends on how it’s said, the context and by whom. So, I’d give it a 5 out of 10, on the creepiness scale.
I’ve heard some girls say it and didn’t blink but, other times, it has set off all sorts of alarms in my brain.
I think some girls just like to call their men that and can do so without it relating to their actual father. That said, I had a situation once where I was sleeping with a girl who used it only during sex and it did creep me out. Like, she said it so much I kept waiting for her to flip it up and just call me “dad” or “father”. THAT would have been a game changer/ruiner.
It basically all comes down to the sexual lingo people use. People all have their own thing. The way hearing someone say “daddy” makes you feel might be the same as me hearing a couple who calls each other “babe” all day (btw, that shit is the worst). Some people just need to step up their pet name game. “daddy” is some uncreative shit.


Certainly I can’t be the first to notice that the sample sounds the same as Which One of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer.

And screw you for making me type that obnoxiously long track title.

You have a history of not talking about where you get your samples and that is fine with me. Any comments about using the same sample used in GTA other than ‘yeah I guess that is cool’?

I’m not into GTA and would rather piss away my time with NBA2K but do game developers ever reach out to you for their game soundtracks?

Is there a producer out there who does NOT have a long history of not talking about his sample origins? That’s kinda how this whole thing works. Mums the word, bro.
As for the GTA thing, it was just a coincidence. I sampled that song. They used it on their video game. Shit happens. It’s a good song.
I’ve had a few songs in a few video games over the years but not that many. The fact I sample limits that kinda thing greatly cause it’s just too much of a risk most of the time. I did have a song on one of the older 2k games , which was awesome for me cause it’s literally the only video game I play.

What do you care less about – the royal baby or celine dion taking on dubstep (whatever that means)?

This question is like multiplying things by zero. At some point, if I don’t care at all about something, that’s as little as I can care. In both these cases, I could not care less. If I cared any less, it becomes something I loath, which actually means I do, on some level, care , albeit in a negative light. So, with these two things, it’s as if they don’t exist to me.

im really intrested in your creative process when you make music and how you go about sampling shit and knowing where to place them, etc, have you ever considered making one of those videos of you making a beat? i know ur style of production is alot more intricate than those other amature producers on youtube, but i think it would be cool as fuck to see you in the lab cookin up a masterpiece cus theres no one out there that does exactly what you do man. You’re like the salvador dali of beats. Also, have you seen the rythm roulette series on youtube when a producer (el-p was on it) randomly picks out 3 vinyls and makes a beat out of it? I feel like you’d kill that shit!

A lot of the answers you may want are here:

As for that beat roulette thing, I actually got asked to do it and was down but my record player has been broken for a while so it kinda limited what I could do with records. Grabbing three records randomly is kinda what I do anyway. That shit would be fun but , truth be told, my “home studio” has been on some extremely minimal shit the last year or so , and that would be an issue for making a beat for those videos.

if you had 2 ninjas who had dedicated their lives to your service, would you use them to make home made french fries? If not, what would you use them for?

Homemade french fries would be pretty low on the list of activities for my two ninja slaves. The thing is, I’m not really a “rule with an iron fist” kinda person. I’d probably just chill with them and occasionally have them run errands for me. Also, they’d make great bodyguards. The idea of being able to freely walk down the street and pop shit with whoever I want cause i know, when the shit hits the fans, my ninjas would start slicing and dicing, is kinda awesome. I can’t count the times I’ve walked down the street, overheard some asshole say some dumb shit and just ignored it cause, why bother? But, with my ninja slaves? All bets would be off.

How are you doing? Speaking about the hot girl in the robin thicke video in the last answers for questions, I would like to ask you, what do you think of the unrated version of the video? Sexist or not sexist? Are you sensitive to the issue of sexism in general?
I think it’s the greatest video ever made. I’ve spoken at length about it on this blog. Basically, Emily Ratajakowski is the hottest girl I’ve ever seen so…yeah. As for the sexist thing and ,even worse, the assumption that the song is about forcing sex on women, I’d like to say a few things.
1)The video was directed and conceived by a woman. It wasn’t a boardroom of fat old white men chomping cigars talking about “Let’s get some naked tits on the picture screen!”. If all the people complaining about this video would simply just listen to the directors explanation, i think they’d shut the fuck up real quick. It’s meant to be playful. It’s sad that in 2013 nudity still fucks people up , regardless of the context. If this came out in europe, no one would bat an eyelash. This shit isn’t porn. They’re not being treated like shit. Have you seen other videos where women are getting champagne poured on their heads? People barely said shit about that when it was happening. So, shut the fuck up about how offensive this video is. It’s not. It’s just hot naked girls and if you’re seeing that and only seeing it as a negative , that has more to do with your views on sexuality than the video itself.
2)The song is about Thicke’s wife. it’s not about “You know you want it” is a creepy rape way. It’s about balancing sexual and respect dynamics within a relationship. That’s some real shit.
I can’t believe I just defended this harmless pop song for two paragraphs but people are fucking ridiculous with what offends them nowadays. Pick your battles , you thin skinned pussies.

Seeing as how you love basketball and also seem to have an enormous grasp on higher level intellectual thinking and diplomacy. What’s your take on this whole Dennis rodman going to Korea. Can the worm really bring peace to the east?

I don’t think it will make a difference at all but it’s fucking strange. Rodman is a drunk who can barely speak without sounding like he’s chewing on an entire pack of big league chew. I dunno if he’s diplomat material. But, hey, whatever works. If He and Kim Jong Un can whyle out bang whores together, perhaps it will somehow lead to peace between our countries. But, I’m guessing, it’s more just Rodman being a bored rich person who doesn’t give a fuck about anything either way. Pretty sure he probably thinks North Korea is part of China.

8 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 155

  1. a couple of parts to this reply….

    1st and foremost…”blurred lines”….song is overrated…video is overrated…could care less about the true meaning…seeing titties bounce is always a plus….but not worthy of the “greatest video ever made”…my favorite video of all time is “Windowlicker”…Aphex Twin/ Chris Cunningham….the 10 minute version with “my dicks all hard I’m ready to fuck”…”don’t be talking ’bout my hair bitch”….that video is fucking classic….and that is based on personal opinion…”rubber johnny” is awesome, too….there are others that I could list that could stack some chips but I digress…

    which leads to a couple of questions….you can choose to answer or not….

    1. why do you think the music video is a dying art form?…because it is….
    2. why don’t you make more music videos?
    3. new Deltron???…what do you think?…review please…

    • I haven’t heard the deltron album so I’m not gonna review it. In general, I’m not really trying to do many reviews. Especially of artists I have some connection to.
      As for your feelings about blurred lines, I was being hyperbolic when i said it was the best video ever. Still, as cool as some other videos are, I’d rather watch emily ratajakowski bounce around than anything artsy and deep. but, hey, that’s just me. Also, i addressed the true meaning cause it was part of my answer to that question. I too don’t give a shit about it but if people are gonna get sand in their vagina over it for bullshit reasons, I should be spoken upon.

  2. the way you describe things…your analogies..fucking crack me up all the on….. like he’s chewing on an entire pack of big league chew. ..priceless

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