Answers for questions vol. 153

What’s up?
It’s looking like the seasons are changing as I am surrounded by snotty tissues and my nostrils are raw from blowing them non-stop for the last 24 hours. Oh, allergies, you can truly suck my dick.
Anyway, I need new questions! Exciting questions! Fun Questions! It’s your job to ask these questions. If there’s anything you’d like to know or any topic you’d like to hear me rant about…send me that query! Either leave it in the comments below or email it to me at
As long as you keep asking, I’ll keep answering…
Now, on with this weeks batch.

Is there any shame in takin down a whole frozen pizza? I mean…gosh. Once ya doctor those beautiful babies up ya can really get um tastin like the best processed, no hassle-scratch that- no work food that came outta that freezer. I mean…gosh. Once ya ate 6 pieces and ya know ya can take down the other 2, is there shame in takin those suckers down? Cuz ya know yer not heatin that shit up. Lets be honest. Re-heated frozen pizza is about as good as some shit that came out a cafeteria <—-and thats as bad as food gets.

Is me finishing the last 2 whats keepin me at 210 instead a 200?

Listen, where we’re left alone with our hunger and no one to judge us, humans will do weird things with food. Mainly, we will stuff it down our gullets with no regard for our own health. I’m no different. If I’m out eating and there is food in front of me, regardless of how full I am, I feel obligated to finish it. If someone else at the table is stuffed and asks me if I want the rest of their food, it’s nearly impossible for me to say no. I have a friend who learned to quell these urges by pouring his soda on whatever food he had left over once he was full. It was crazy of him but also kinda genius.
Food is the best. That said, if you’re like me , in order to not become a rolly polly piece of shit, you must have some self restraint. Simply don’t have those kind of foods in the house. Every now and then I’ll splurge and fill my freezer with frozen crap cause, you know, it’s cold out and I’m planning on being lazy. But, that just leads to me eating like 5 frozen meals in 2 days cause they’re there and, you know, It’s cold out and I’m lazy.
So, yeah, eating like that is why you will stay 210 and never hit 200. But it’s also not crazy. I literally had the same habits, stopped and dropped below 200 after being between 205-210 around the last decade. I started just buying bags of baby carrots instead of potato chips.
Man…getting old sucks.

Where did you learn to create such intelligent compositions? I have tried to make music over the years but I have trouble making my thoughts and lyrics conform to the structure of a song. Probably because I don’t know the basic structure of a song. Are there any books or websites you can recommend where a hopeless scribbler can have a shot at evolving into something greater?

I’m afraid everything I know has been from just being a fan of music and paying attention. I’ve never had any music lessons of any sort. Basic song structure is pretty easy to understand though…Intro, verse, chorus,verse, bridge, chorus, etc…
I’d say just listen to more music from different eras. The great thing about music is that, while there are some rules, structurally , it’s pretty open. How things flow is up to you. Just use good judgement and common sense.

Just a very random thought here… do you think highly-invested Porn”Heads” (not the casual viewers but the ones who have gone really far with it )….obsess about “the golden age of PORN” in the same way that some hip-hop heads do?

What is the “golden age of pornography” in your opinion?

I think anyone my age has a connection to the porn of our youths. It’s was so insanely impactful back then cause porn wasn’t as easy to come by.We didn’t have the internet and millions of free websites to peruse. We had video tapes , that we had to hide from our parents ,that we traded with friends. Even getting a new tape wasn’t easy. So, not only was there a feeling of triumph in procuring a new porn tape, you also ended up watching it much closer. If that was the only porno you had, by the time the week or so was over, you’d know it like a play book. To this day, if certain scenes come on, I’ll remember everything about them.
That said, porn of the late 80’s and early 90’s simply wasn’t that great when viewed with a critical eye. It was after the sexual freedom era of the 70’s/early 80’s which seemed to have girls who might actually be enjoying the sex (at least they faked it better) and it was the beginning of the fake tit/coked out of their mind trend that pretty much ruined how porn stars bodies looked.

I’m sure there are guys who can only watch that stuff cause, in a way, it was a much more innocent time. I get that as I’m not into any of this extreme shit that’s popping off nowadays. But , straight up, the girls are way hotter now and the variety is off the charts. As it seems that people have evolved into having their very specific fetishes (This could range from simply preferring latina girls to needing to see a pregnant woman get gangbanged), there is truly something for everyone. For better or for worse. So while that golden age may have shaped our young minds, the current porn is doing the same to this new generation…leading to a bunch of anal sex obsessed creeps who think choking a bitch out while getting head is good foreplay. Good luck, future!

Take yourself back to a simpler time….Let’s say 3rd to 7th grade. What words do you remember spelling on your calculator, instead of learning math? Do you think kids still do this in math class or has it gone the way of the dinosaur…?

I did that for sure. I don’t recall what words…I feel like “Ass” made it in there. To be honest though,I was never that impressed by the upside down calculator spelling game. I was way more into just having a sailors mouth and teaching the other kids the filthiest words I would think of.

I heard your music in the movie life cycles. I wonder if you did see the movie and what is your opinion about it. I also must say that the soundtrack of the movie fits great. (i always listen to you, little people, bonobo, dj shadow etc. While biking)

Never heard of it, which is strange as I have music in it apparently…hmm. I take it that it’s about biking though and that might explain why it slipped past my radar. Not a huge biking enthusiast.

This year Boards of Canada released a new album. I don’t know if you heard about all of their shenanigans in the lead up to the release, but google it if you haven’t. They released cryptic clues about the album and fans ate it up and went nuts. Obviously, the fact that they hadn’t released anything in about 7 years helped with the hype, but in the end, the promotion really got a lot of people excited for the album. My question is, would you ever consider doing some sort of elaborate promotion scheme to help get more people interested in an upcoming album? It wouldn’t have to be anything as complex as what BoC did, maybe it could even be something like Aesop did for his last record, just strange ass videos and music clips. Anything goes. If you were approached by a label to do something like that, would you? And what would it be like? And if you wouldn’t, try and come up with something insane that you would do if you had to, even if it’s out of the realm of possibility.

I’m not really one for bells and whistles. So i can’t really see myself doing anything like that. At least nothing that would be pushed by me personally where I would be the brain behind it. That said, if a label had a cool idea for album promotion and I was into it, i’d surely go along with it.When it comes to promoting music is a creative way, I’m more of a “tell me what you need to me to do” kinda guy. I’m not really that kind of idea man. I simply don’t think about that shit so, when it’s time to push an album or whatever, it’s never something on my mind. All I care about is the music itself and everything else is secondary. Not exactly the best way to be in 2013 when you’re a person trying to sell music but, hey, I am who I am. There are certain aspects of this business I couldn’t care about even if a i tried…and that’s one of them.

Demo Reviews vol. 31

Aww yeah…back again with these demo reviews. I gotta say, this batch may have some of the stronger submissions all year. There are 3 or 4 quality songs. That’s rare round these parts.
Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar, this is a thing where people send me their demos and I give my pointless opinion on them. I write a synopsis than throw some arbitrary number ratings for good measure in these four categories:

If you’re a budding musician and wanna send me a demo, I’m afraid that now is not the time. I’m not accepting submissions at the moment. But, when I am, I’ll announce it loudly on all my social networks.
Okay, let’s get into this weeks goods…

Artist:Low Top Lee
Song: Shuriken Speaking

This is really solid. The beat is strong and just when I thought it was getting annoying with the horn stabs, they threw a change in there.
The rapper is pretty good too. good voice, nice presence. I dunno if I’d wanna hear a whole album of him but that’s really just me nitpicking. Good job.
Production:6 out of 10
Vocals:6.5 out of 10
Listenability:6 out of 10
Originality:5 out of 10

Artist: WFM
Song:Funk School Part 1

This sounds like a a tv show theme from the 80’s. The only way I can see this working would be if someone was singing over it…like the dude from Depeche Mode or something. I think part of the issue is the sounds used. Cheesy synths and a lame drum kit don’t help.
I’d also like to address the song name as, let’s be honest, this is not funky. I don’t even mean that as a diss but it’s something very separate from “Funk”. Bootsy Collins would not approve.
Production:3 out of 10
Listenability:3 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist:Paul B and Deacon LF
Song:The Purple Light

Musically, this feels like some west coast shit. I really like this beat. It’s got that thing where there’s not one element sticks out but, as a whole, it just works really well. Though it sounds nothing like this song, another example of that kinda beat would be “Elevators” by Outkast.

As for the rappers, the first guy is okay. He’s certainly not bad. The second dude is kinda wack though. Not off beat or anything but his lyrics are corny and the flows don’t do anything for me. However, the production is so good that it makes the rapping secondary and , thus, this song is fairly enjoyable.
Production:7 out of 10
Vocals:4 out of 10
Listenability:5.5 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist: Vernon Bridges
Song:Over the Weather Feat. Scatterbrain

Damn…I gotta say, I don’t wanna jinx it, but this week has been pretty solid thus far. Dope beat. Nice layering, good changes and the mood is really cool too. The first rapper sounds like a less retarded Lil Dap (I mean that as a compliment).

He’s got one of those lisps that works.
The second dude is pretty good too.
It reminds me of a demo I’d hear on stretch and Bob’s radio show in the mid-90’s that I would lose my shit over. Except this will seemingly age better. Really good stuff here. I’d put this in my top five all time demos I’ve received.
Production:6.5 out of 10
Vocals:6.5 out of 10
Listenability:7 out of 10
Originality:4 out of 10

Artist:Jas Music
Song: We’re on our way

If I hear a song that sounds like signing should come in but then rapping starts, that’s an issue to me. The music on this sounds like a My chemical romance break down (or what I imagine a My chemical romance breakdown sounds like. I have no clue). The rapping is…fine. Can’t hide that white voice but he can flow well enough. My issues are more that this kinda rapping is such well worn territory that, if you’re gonna do it. you need to do more to stand apart from every other rapper doing the same thing.
Production:3 out of 10
Vocals:4.5 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:3.5 out of 10

Song:Round Trip

This is weird for me cause this uses the same sample that aesop did on “Troubled waters”.

I will say that this version freaks it much more but still, It’s hard for me to listen to it and not think of that song. Still, it’s highly likely this dude never heard that song so, what are you gonna do?
The rapping is kinda typical underground mystical kinda shit. It’s a little dated at this point and I’m over that style in general but , it’s not bad for what it is.
Production: 5 out of 10
Vocals: 4 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out of 10
Originality: 3.5 out of 10

Artist: Proper Aristol
song:Chalk Outlines

This is kinda weird but enjoyable. I don’t like the beat really but it works somehow. It’s one of those obviously amateur demos that is full of problems but, overall, it’s not bad. I tend to think songs like that are just a sign of potential. The rapper is pretty silly but he’s engaging and not typical so I’m into that. Overall, I’d like to hear what he does down the line over some more refined production.
Production: 3.5 out of 10
Vocals:5.5 out of 10
Listenability:4.5 out of 0
Originality:5 out of 10

Artist:Zar Fruuten
Song:Protozoan Culture

This is nice and atmospheric but I don’t have the patience for this kinda stuff. I find myself waiting for the drums to drop and end up with blue balls in my ears. This would work as background music for some safari exhibit in a museum or something but it simply doesn’t take me anywhere. Not to say it’s bad cause I’m aware the artists goal was not to rock the party with this track. It’s just not really up my alley.
Production:4 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:4 out 10

Artist: Vitamin T

Dude, did you seriously sample that Kool & the gang song that’s been sampled probably 50 times already? I mean…jesus christ man. Even if it is a reworking of it, let’s put that one in the “Off limits” pile for the rest of eternity.
Beyond all that, as a song , this is pretty empty. A few changes here and there but, overall, it’s just two or three parts of a song that was run into the round 20 years ago by Will smith.
Production:2.5 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:1 out of 10

Artist: Rodrigo Sena
Song: Pocket Summer

This is one of those “It’s not for me but it’s okay for what it is” kinda demos. It’s a little 80’s sounding and very european sounding. The Janet jackson bassline isn’t doing anyone any favors either. The change in the middle is cool though and it’s not bad. Just not for me
Production:4.5 out of 10
Listenability:4 out of 10
Originality:4.5 out of 10

What do you think?

Yay or nay? World’s fair

You don’t really see too many rap collectives nowadays. Everyone seems to be solo or in a duo. While loose crews certainly exist, collectives working as one and making whole album together has seemingly gone the way of the dodo bird or Wu-tang.
So, here we have Queens ensemble World’s Fair. 5 heads deep, all in one group. I just got put on to these guys very recently so I won’t claim to really know much about them. But these few videos I saw did raise my eye brows a little. Dunno if I’m ready to make grandiose claims in their favor but they’ve got something. So, lemme know what you think?

So what do you think?

Oreos and Cold cuts

At this point , saying you’ll never forget 9/11 is old hat.To anyone in the US, It’s a given. Especially to those of us who were in the city at the time it happened. To say it was surreal would be an understatement. Everyone has their own story to tell where 9/11 is concerned. From a guy who was on Duane street to see the first plane hit to a guy who was fast asleep somewhere in Utah, if the topic comes up, most Americans will have something to say about it. I figure, somber as it may be, this might be an appropriate time to tell my version. It’s not a particularly exciting/harrowing version but it is a unique perspective in the sense that I was in lower Manhattan when it happened. Even just sitting here trying to sort the thoughts out is slightly difficult. Not cause I’m still rattled by it in that way but because it was such a strange day (and week that followed) that even trying to pin down ones real emotions from it isn’t that clear.

So, let’s begin with a knock on the door. I was living in the building I grew up in on Bedford Street in the west village. I had an apartment there. Next door, lived my mom (who was not in the city at that time) and one of my Nieces who was living there while she went to college uptown. At that point in my life, I wasn’t exactly too focused. I worked 3 days a week at a bakery and pretty much spent most my days hanging with friends, getting fucked up and making music. I say that more to point out that I wasn’t an early riser. If I was awake by 11 am, that was an early day for me. So, around 8:45, I was awoken by someone knocking on my door. I was dead asleep and very confused. I stumbled over to get it and it was my niece. She alerted me that a plane had hit one of the twin towers. My initial thought was “Hmm..weird…” but I was also ready to go back to sleep. It just seemed like a fluke. She was pretty freaked out though so I stayed up and we turned on the news. So, we’re there watching and something just felt off. I mean, clearly, anytime a plane flies into a building , things will feel off but as news reports began to leak out it was starting to feel like it wasn’t some fluke. It was about then that we watched as the second plane approached and slammed into the other building. Suffice to say, we were both freaked out. We both just sat there with our mouths agape watching the instant replays. As it was clear that this was not just two accidents, I hopped up and decided to run to the supermarket around the corner to get supplies in case this shit got worse. It was beautiful outside. Seriously. Not a cloud in the sky. Breezy and sunny with low humidity. Perfect. Which made the two billowing stacks clearly visible from 7th avenue even stranger to witness.
I got to the supermarket and there was a door person. Apparently, i wasn’t the only one freaking out so they had to have a door man to let one person in every time another person went out. It as like the worst nightclub ever. I forget what I bought but I’d imagine it was a bunch of water some cold cuts and some fucking oreos (like I said, I wasn’t exactly bout that healthy life back then).
I got home and my niece was wrapped up in a blanket on my couch in full zombie mode. I had forgotten that I had put my ringer on mute and that my answering machine (This was before cell phones were a given) was silenced as well. I noticed a light blinking and I had like 15 messages from different people asking if everything was okay. I made a bunch of calls, a few of which were to some friends who lived down in Tribeca, right near the WTC. Everyone was fine for the time being. Then the first tower fell. It’s weird cause, for some reason, I wasn’t shocked. It makes no sense looking back cause, why the fuck would I expect that but when it happened, I clearly remember feeling like “Yup..and now this happens…”. I couldn’t hear the tower falling but I could feel it. I was about 25-30 blocks away but there was still a slight rumble. Like a tiny earthquake. It was then that I started getting more calls and all the Tribeca people were fleeing the area. A few friends just came to my place. Then a few more. Eventually, we were like 7 deep in my crib. All sitting there in disbelief, watching the news with wide eyes. We all sat there just watching these explosion clips, over and over again. It got to the point where it just didn’t even look real. Like it was a Michael Bay movie with REALLY good special effects. The news was relentless. As new footage would be found , you’d be subjected to yet another crazy angle of the horror. I can’t even lie. I was mesmerized. To this day, I can’t take my eyes off that footage if it’s on. I don’t know if it’s just related to the initial shock or the spectacle of it all…but it’s hard to not stare at. Also, I clearly remember the turn when the news just went from showing the crashes all day to suddenly just not showing them at all. As if to say ” You good? Good…we’re moving on from that part of this…”But I digress.

Because my mom was away, I had room to house a few people. So many of the downtown folk crashed at my place for a few days. It was definitely nice to be around people, as shell shocked as we all were , cause processing this kinda thing on your own is never a good idea. Especially when all you’re doing is sitting there watching the news like you were lobotomized.
Flash forward a few hours and both towers were down. It was clear we were being attacked by someone. We had no idea if we should expect more attacks. The sounds of jets and helicopters whizzing above didn’t exactly sooth those feelings as every time I heard a low flying plane I couldn’t help but think it was another attack about to happen. Hell, even that night at 2 am, the ground rumbled and , once again, I thought a bomb had been dropped in another part of town. Turns out it as a small earthquake caused by the two buildings collapsing. Still, that shit was terrifying.

At the time, I was dating a girl. It was a weird situation as , while we were a couple, I wasn’t exactly all in. Admittedly, I was the dick in this situation but, hey, I was young. She was great but she was also younger than me and I was just not as invested as she woulda liked. I’m saying all this to simply portray that I was a shitty boyfriend at the time. So, that night, she was freaking out. We all were. But she wanted me to come stay with her. She lived at home with her mom and sister in Soho and her dad was out of town. So, they were all freaked out and wanted a man around I suppose.As if my pussy ass could save anyone but I suppose that wasn’t the point. She lived on the other side of Houston street so I wasn’t even sure I could go there. Begrudgingly, I agreed to it. Partially cause I didn’t want to leave my house but also cause I had not met her mother yet and we had been together for a decent amount of time. This was not the best way to make an introduction. But, whatever, I went. I got to Houston Street and the armed guards weren’t letting anyone through. In order for me to get over there, I had to be picked up by a resident with a legit ID, show my ID and sign a sheet of paper telling who I am and giving all my info. It was nuts considering I just wanted to cross a street. They came and got me and I was in. I met her mom and she was understandably a mess. Not only was it 9/11 but her daughter was also dating an older guy who was wearing Girbauds. That’s like a 9/11 of it’s own for any mother of a young girl (she was 19 or 20 at the time).
Now, here’s a real low point…And, I’d advise my mom/brothers/sisters/nieces/nephews (if any of you happen to be reading this)to stop reading this paragraph…seriously…Just skip it. Especially you, mom…for real.
So, after a wildly awkward meet and greet with her mom and little sister. We all went to bed. I was supposed to sleep on the couch , while my girl was supposed to go to her bedroom. Well, I did sleep on the couch but first we hung out a little in her room. I have no recollection of how it happened but the night definitely ended with a blow job. I’d like to say it was cause I was fucked in the head from the events (which I’m sure I was) and I needed soothing in my own way but I can’t help but think my youthful hormones just put the breaks on everything that was going on and I was like “Hey, head!”. The messed up thing is that we only didn’t have sex cause we had to be quiet. Ughh…the whole thing makes me cringe when I think about it now…I busted a nut on 9/11. That seems like all the evidence you’d need to get checked off as a total sociopath. But, hey, who knows…maybe that was my way of dealing with it. Regardless, not my proudest moment.

The next day, I went back to my place where we were quarantined. All lower Manhattan neighborhoods were split up and the edges were lined with armed guards. From 14th street to Houston street was where I was stranded. Obviously, everything was closed so it was good that I bought those cold cuts. Walking outside was insane. There was no one in the streets except the people who lived in the neighborhood. That might not sound to strange to some of you but , in NYC, to see that makes it feel like this huge ghost town…or detroit. It should also be noted that it’s the nicest anyone has ever been. Everyone was saying “hi” to strangers. It was friendly in a way that NYC just isn’t. But, hey, I wasn’t complaining. That whole part of NYC needed a hug at that point and friendliness to strangers was as good as it would get on a large level.

By then, the smoke of the fallen towers had turned around and started to blow our way. It was awful. We had to keep all the windows shut and some even walked around with those surgical masks on. So, we were all there in the ghost town of the west village. still glued to the tv. We decided it might be best to peel ourselves away from the news and try and do something. I don’t know how but we found out a movie theater on 13th street was showing free movies all day for anyone trapped in our sector. So, we gathered up (and called some other friends) and went to see a movie. It was Rush hour 2 and I’ll never forget it cause, there we all were, sitting in a packed movie theater of visibly shook people and one of the first scenes that happens is a huge explosion in the side of a building. All you could do was laugh at the irony of this movie being a way to escape. still, it was nice to not be watching the news and flinching at every little sound outside.

The following few days, the neighborhood lock down continued. It was awesome in a way cause all the locals just had free reign of this entire area. I went to the park and played ball like I would on any normal sunny day in the fall…choking through the thick fumes of the debris that was still swirling around all of lower Manhattan. Eventually, everyone went back home or skipped town for a little bit. The shell shock-edness of it all slowly waned but never really went away. At least not for a few months. Looking back on it, I’m definitely one of the lucky ones. No one I know died in the attack. I was surrounded by friends. I was just another person who was there to see it happen. I always imagined some dude in the middle of America who’s life totally went back to normal a day after the attacks. Sure, airports were now more annoying but, other than that, his life went on like nothing happened. I’m not even trying to make a point with that but it was just a strange reality to imagine from where I was coming from.
12 years later and I’d be lying if I said I still think about it much. Outside of looking at the newly erected “Freedom tower”, and thinking “That thing is just another target…”. Admittedly, I’m not the most sentimental person and have never found solace in dwelling on things endlessly. But still, it will forever be etched in my mind like very few things I’ve ever been witness to. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that.

Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 43

Tim aka Alaska and I are back after a two week Hiatus. I don’t know what happened during those two weeks but it would appear both of use set out to pick videos that the other would dislike as much as possible. But, I suppose , that’s part of the fun we have. And ,trust me guy, WE HAVE FUN!

Answers for Questions vol. 152

Goddamn I love september in NYC. The weather is perfect. The streets are still filled with scantly clad women. Even the overall mood seems to be palpably nicer in the streets. It’s the best. Makes a man wanna just wonder around the streets like a nomad for 5 hours. But, alas, I got shit to do. I’m heading to the studio alter to work on my new album. It’s almost done. No clue when it’ll be out but, rest assured, it’s getting there.
Anyway, you know the drill here…ask me questions. Go nuts. I’m running low on questions so please don’t hesitate of be shy. Send them my way by either leaving them in the comment section below or emailing them to me at The weirder the question the better.
Let’s see what’s popping this week…

The hot Emily chick from the Robin Thicke video is supposedly dating this guy: Let that sink in. Does this guy have a big dick or is he rich as fuck? Or is this chick actually blind? What are your thoughts on hot ass women with ugly dudes?

I’m afraid that, in some cases, women simply aren’t as shallow as us guys are. While many guys would never wife a girl because of her shining personality, there are plenty of ladies out there who find inner beauty just as attractive. I’m sure this dude is a great guy. I bet he’s also good at pottery and sews his own burning man vests.
Then again, he could also be rich/powerful/famous and that would explain it just as well.
Honestly, it could be any number of things.
1)He could be a super talented at whatever art he does (I’m assuming he’s either into fashion or he’s a photographer)
Young girls, in particular , seem to be attracted to power and talent. It’s easy to see why but heartbreaking when you’re a normal dude and you see a dime with a dude who looks like a a danish trance DJ.
2)He could be the guy she dated before she got famous and she hasn’t figured out that he’ll be a distant memory in a year just yet.
That “first love” card holds a lot of weight.
3)He could look like her dad.
Girls are crazy. This happens all the time and few things are creepier.
4)He could be the cunnilingus champ of northern finland.

There really is no telling.
The thing about astoundingly beautiful women is that they can have whatever they want. A girl like Em rata could date pretty much any straight single famous man on earth. Perhaps she’s low key and doesn’t wanna deal with dating a celebrity. Maybe,this guy was the one who had the balls to kick it to her the right way and it panned out. We’ll never know. All i do know is that this guy should give hope to any of you second rate Eric Stoltz looking dudes out there who dress like female hobbits.

yo how do you think musical knowledge (in terms of scales and keys and shit) plays a role in being a producer, or your productions in particular.
obviously, you have to have a handle on keys to do anything, but how much did you know when you first started sampling and what about now?

For me, it’s meant nothing as I don’t possess that knowledge. just the other day my girlfriend was explaining the difference between major and minor chords to me. Suffice to say, it didn’t sink in. my ears get it, but my brain does not. My music is 100% based on my ear. I know what I think sounds good. I know when something sounds off. I can’t read or write music but I can generally figure out a riff on a keyboard if it pops in my head.
That said, I don’t think I’m the norm in that respect and I would think that knowing musical theory can only help someone. But for dudes like me , who mostly sample and fiddle around on keyboards, it’s just going of what I hear and how it hits me. Any “musical theory” I know is self taught and based entirely off of how I’ve perceived the music I’ve been listening to my entire life.

Just saw this on the “news” – there’s a trend amongst developed nations to now have a “banned” list of baby names, making it illegal for parents to name their children certain words (bc actual human beings have tried to get away with the following)…

Sweden’s List:

New Zealand’s List: (select examples only)
-Mafia No Fear
– . (full stop)
-using brackets around middle names (has happened 4x fyi)
-using back slash between names (has happened 8x fyi)

Your instructions…For Sweden – what do you think the rationale was within the brains of each parents’ name choice and if you agree that it should be banned or not. For New Zealand – please rate the appropriateness of each “name” (from least offensive to most offensive)

For the full list:

I’m not gonna list those in any order cause that’s pointless but this is an interesting topic…
Banning names seems like a waste of time. If a parent is such an unbelievable asshole and decides to name their kid something like “Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116”, I’d say they should sooner be investigated as unfit parents than anything else. I mean…come on man. It’s bad enough stupid fucking celebrities give their shitty kids the worst names possible but when that mind set of entitlement leaks down to your average joe ass family, it’s bad news. Although, on the other hand, I understand not wanting to give your kid a regular name. Certainly, the world has enough John’s and Sara’s in it. I’d just say, perhaps, at least find a name that exists on this planet. Strange names are usually hell for a kid when they’re young but later become cool cause , once you’re older, being an individual is where it’s at. SO, while being named some shit like “Barnaby” might suck for a while, trust me that once that dude turns 19 and moves to portland, he’s the coolest fucking guy in town.
Also, there is something to be said for all those crazy names some football players have. They’re awesome because they’re both made up but also , typically, made up of parts of other names. That’s just being creative.

What do you think of vocal percussion?
Like beat boxing? It’s fine. I can’t say I’d ever wanna listen to it on it’s own but the shit some people can do is really impressive. I kinda look at beat boxing the same way I do most winter olympic athletes. It’s impressive and I sure as hell can’t do it but, at it’s pinnacle, I still don’t really give a shit either way and the idea of anyone making a career out it baffles me.

I know that people from pretty much every city everywhere hype up where they live as some other-worldly shit. However I’ve noticed people from Chicago talk up their city more than anyone else I’ve encountered, to the point that they’re almost defensive about it without provocation. I’ve honestly never been to Chicago, but from my stand point it seems like a pretty unspectacular place to visit. I’m wondering if I’m missing something big that actually makes it cool from your experiences, and have you noticed this kind of defensive pride from Chicago people yourself? How does it stand up against other big cities?

That sounds way more like a New York quality than anywhere else. We’re the worst about that (as you will soon see after you read this very paragraph) Fact of the matter is, most people think the city they’re from is the best. Even people from shitholes will ride or die for their city…and that’s how it’s supposed to be. I’ve been to chicago a bunch of times. It’s pretty cool. Definitely a real city through and through. Is it the best? Of course not (NYC wins that hands down and this is not up for discussion) but it’s certainly in the top 5 for US cities.
In my experience there, it’s huge and spread out. You can walk around certain parts. It’s got great food and pretty much every thing else most great cities have. The people are slightly less attractive than people from coastal states but that cause It’s where people from the midwest move when they want to live in a city. Not your fault, guys. You were raised on fast food . worshipping cheese and beer.
There’s a lot of talk about the crazy murder rate but, from what I understand, it’s pretty much only in the bad neighborhoods so it’s not like you’re walking around in constant fear of your life. Philly or Baltimore feel way less safe to me.

Wouldn’t the internet be 10X cooler if the goal was for everyone to play a character? Sort of a version of themselves? I see no way that this could fail in bringing people up to speed with the H word. Ya know…if ya got a sense.

H word? What are you talking about?
I think people already do play characters on the internet. The amount of people I’ve met from the internet who seemed like outgoing social dynamos online but turned out to be nerd shut ins are countless. Social retardation is kinda the norm nowadays.
What you’re describing sounds like “The sims”. Maybe “World of Warcraft”. That exists so, you know, if this is really something you’d like to look into further, it’s only a purchase away. I hope you like hypothetical sword play!

as a kid who was watching and listening for as much info as I possibly could about the underground scene during the Def Jux era; as I connected so much with groups like Can Ox, but was still regretfully about 8 years old when all the fun and shows were goin down, and stuck in the boonies of FL. it would make me so happy to get some insight into what it was like to be in that scene on a personal level in those days. Do you have any cool/interesting/wild/weird/waddafukevastories about your days of working with all the faces of the underground that so many heads have come to idolize and consider as classics since then to share? Literally any random anecdote will satisfying my curiosity, I guess I’m just pushing you to write a lil bit of a memoir of those times with REAL, behind the scenes details. And like I said in my previous email I totally understand if there’s some shit you can’t share, and I’d hope your readership feels the same. But I want story time with Uncle Tony!!! Cuz I missed out on that era, but it affected my life and mentality very deeply and so Id get hyped over any previously unknown trivia you could drop, any at all. In the words of the late Dirt McGirt, you gotta educate the young youth. Ad we demand storytime, Uncle Blockhead! Storytime! Storytime!

Shit…this is a lot of pressure. This is gonna let you down but I don’t really have tons of specific stories that pop up. It’s more the type of thing that if you asked about something in particular, I’d be able to shed light on it. But, in general, it’s hard to look back on that era and just pluck a few random anecdotes out. To be honest, although I was obviously very involved in it, I was also kind of an outsider cause I never really fully submitted to it from a social perspective. I was cool with everyone and we hung now and then but , other than Aesop, I wasn’t close friends with any of those dudes. At least on a level where I’d chill one on one with them. It wasn’t anything personal cause many of those guys are awesome people , I just always had my own group of friends and , during that time, I chilled with them more than anyone else.
All that’s coming to mind is how I met Vordul.
I used to work in a bakery. When I was there, I’d have control over the music. I’d often just throw in my beat tapes and just let them run. Right next door to the bakery was this juice spot. The people who worked there would always come into the bakery and get free shit in exchange for free juices. The barter system in effect. Anyway, one day I’m playing my beat tape and this dude from the juice spot rolls in. He’s bopping his head and asks “What’s this?”. I tell him it’s my beats and he’s like “oh shit? word…I rap..” we get to talking and it turns out we knew mad people in common. Aesop was already out at that point so he had actually heard of me and I knew about him via the Atom’s family. It was super random but he was the first guy in that crew I ever met. Even before I met El-p.
I wish I could tell you more. But, you know what? This podcast interview I did might help a little. I did it a month or so back and it’s pretty thorough about that era…Peep it:

Fuck/Marry/Kill Vol 27

Good day everyone. Time for another installment of fuck/marry/kill. You know the game. You’ve hung with frat boys who played it. Well, as a person who loves giving deeper thoughts to really stupid topics, this is my spin on it. As always, please don’t take any of this seriously. It’s all just for fun. I’m fully aware I have no right to actually choose who I fuck , marry or kill in any of these scenarios. It’s for fun, guys. Relax.
If you have nay funny ideas for fuck/marry/kill options, lemme hear them Please be creative. Avoid people like madonna, lady gaga, katy Perry ect…they’ve all be done endlessly. Either leave ideas in the comment section or mail them to me at

Anyway, let’s get into it…

F/M/K: danielle fishel, kimmy gibler, Harriet from small wonder

Marry:Danielle Fishel
Little know fact for all you youngsters out there, any straight male who grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s has had some sort of crush on Topanga. It’s a truth that it not designated to any race, class or culture. It defies personal tastes. It just is. It’s funny cause I never even watched “Boy meets world” but I’m no different than the rest. I’d flip by it on TV and stop for a second like “hmm…I’d like to have sex with that slightly chubby, big lipped jewess”. So clearly, based on the strength of those formidable years, Fishel would be wifed. Not to mention, she looks better now than she ever has.
(Side note: If you’re planning on being that guy who writes in the comment section “Nah dude, she was always gross to me” please don’t. It’s not that I don’t believe you feel that way, I simply don’t give a fuck about your opinion)

Kill: Kimmy Gibler
Pretty easy choice here as she was seemingly created with murder in mind. She was too old to be precocious and too young to sexualized in any way that wasn’t totally gross. What she was, was a weird little freckled face annoyance. She reminded all of us of that one girl in class who we loathed deeply. The Kimmy Gibler I went to grade school with was named Maggie. She suuuuuuuuucked. I recently came across her facebook page and , surprisingly, she turned out to be a very attractive woman who married some soccer player dude. She has fake tits though so I feel like she probably still sucks on some level.

Fuck:Harriet from small wonder
(The picture above is all I could find. It certainly doesn’t help my case for this pick and it also makes me look like a total creep…just know I’m not)
This one is a personal choice but it’s cause there is a story behind it. For those who don’t recall, Harriet was the annoying next door neighbor girl/ginger on the show “Small Wonder”. She was Kimmy Gibler before Kimmy Gibler existed. However, one of my good friends lost his virginity to her when he was 13. He used to tell us stories about it and, I gotta say, as a teen, they resonated pretty deeply. Especially the parts about her huge tits. So, because of that, she’s always be a little sexier to me, even though she’s pretty unattractive in reality. Oh, and did I mention my friend who had sex with her was also a ginger? Thus disproving the theory that two gingers cannot have sex with one another without spontaneously combusting.

F/M/K:Coachella Girl, Burning man girl, SXSW Girl

Fuck: Coachella Girl
They’re a little hippie dippy for me and they wear those fucking rose garlands everywhere but I’m not blind. Girls at Coachella are hot. This is not debatable. I’ve never been but the pictures I’ve seen speak truths. It’s somewhere between Woodstock and Williamsburg. So, as much as that’s not really my type, I’d be full of shit if I were to say it’s not my penis’ type. Then again, my penis has never been that picky when it came to the fashion choices of whom it was inside. Truth be told, I’d probably bone a hot juggalo if she had a clean bill of health that could be proven emphatically to me on the spot.

Marry: SXSW girl
I think this pick is more due to the variety of girls at SXSW. There’s a little of everything there. So, really, by choosing a SXSW girl, I’m just leaving the door wide open for who I walk down the aisle with. It could be some hipster chick in cowboy boots, it could be some asian break dancer nerd, it could be some tatted up rock girl. You never know what you’re gonna get there. One thing is certain though, she’s probably gonna be fucking hammered on a regular basis.

Kill: Burning man girl
burning man hula girl curious josh
A few reasons for this one:
1)WAY too hippie-d out for me,
2)I don’t trust the hygiene practices of a girl who washing her body with hot sand for a week.
3)While they do have a nice “Free love” vibe, I’m not into the idea of getting caught up in some orgy with a girl covered in henna and a guy with earlobe gauges so big, I could fuck them (does that count as gay?).
4)I’m not into the whole road warrior meets a pixie clothing style they got popping off over there. Some of these girls are obscenely hot but it’s almost too much. It’s like raving in the apocalypse and I just don’t know if there’d be time for that if the shit actually hit the fan.
5) I’m simply not enough of a drug guy to even be in the same room with most of those people for any extended amount of time.

F/M/K:Fiona Apple, Lianne La Havas, Norah Jones

Fuck: Lianna La Havas
I was fully ready to kill her cause, truth be told, I’ve never heard of her…then I googled her and …well, goddamn. She’s beautiful. I figure, if I’m gonna be shallow and uninformed, this is that time. No clue what her music is like…for all I know it could sound like Macy Gray being beaten to death with a Ukelele. Not an issue. sometimes you just got to judge a book by it’s cover and this cover gives me a boner.

Marry: Norah Jones
She’s just so fucking marry-able. She’s super cute, seems cool and even has a good sense of humor. Also, I’m trying to get some of that Shankar money, son!
But for real, there’s really not much to dislike about her. Even her music , while not at all my shit, is respectable at worst. You go gurllll…

Kill: Fiona Apple
This was a tough choice and one I wish I didn’t have to make. I’m a huge fan of hers. I even knew her (from a far) in high school as she went to the night school that was in my high school and would work in the office during the day. I can’t stress enough how insanely hot she was back then (she’s still pretty currently but back then…goddamn). Like, “walk by the office 4 times for no reason to steal a peak” hot. So, know that between my love of her music, my respect for her as a musician and the fact I have some connection to her (Truth be told, I maybe said one word to her ever…she was too hot to talk to) That I do this with a heavy heart.
So, why? Why would I kill her? Well, partially by default. The other options simply are more appealing. But, more than that, I’d do it cause I get the feeling she’s kinda crazy. In fact, I think she’d admit to that herself. And while there is the idea that crazy people have better sex, I could see things getting really dark with her. I don’t do well with volatile people in general and she seems like the type who would scratch a motherfuckers eyeballs out over nothing but then go write an amazing song about it. So, while I’d be doing music in general a disservice with this choice, it’s the only way I could go. Thank god this game isn’t real though…cause I’d be a murderer and that’s a really bad look.

F/M/K Jazz, Classical, Blues
Kill: Classical music
I’m sorry…I’m a fucking heathen I know…but I simply cannot pretend to give a fuck about classical music. I’m aware of it’s importance and the genius behind it but I simply have no connection to it. When I listen it takes me to a special place…a place where i immediately pass out from boredom. So, sorry Bach! You getting chopped, brah.

Truth be told, I don’t listen to much jazz anymore. Mainly cause I don’t like much music without vocals. I love jazz with vocals though so that’s part of the reason I picked to marry it. But, beyond that, I do have fond memories of listening to all sorts of jazz back in the day (I was raised on the stuff) as well digging through records and pulling out samples from it. So, while I’m not as enamored with it as I once was, it’s still okay in my book. It certainly never annoys me. unless we’re talking free jazz…in which case, I’d kill that motherfucker quick. Cool track of you banging on a pot while tuning your upright bass , guy.

Fuck: Blues

The thing about the blues is that is can be powerful but, at the same time, it all kinda sounds the same after a while. For that reason, a one off works for me. One blues song can be life altering, 15 blues songs and you’re ready to actually sing the blues about how bored you are with the blues. It should also be noted that blues is one of the main influences on all popular music nowadays so there’s that too. But that’s kinda like saying “That girl is kind of attractive but her mom had a magical vagina so…I think I’ll hit it”. Well, yeah, I’m basically saying that.

50 shades of shame

Just a heads up, this is gonna sound like a bitter old man rant. Just go in to reading this expecting that so when the moment hits that you feel like saying “You sound like an angry old man, bro!” just know that I’m already aware of this and you can keep that jewel of wisdom to yourself.
Okay…now that that is out of the way.

The other day a friend and I were watching the MTV VMA’s. Something I feel everyone should do as it tends to work as a “state of the union” address for everything that is wrong with our youth culture. Performance after performance went by and my friend looked over to me and said “Do people not feel shame anymore? Like, how are these people not on stage just totally embarrassed for themselves?”. It’s a thought I’ve definitely had before but never really vocalized so succinctly. There we were, sitting back , watching Miley Cyrus stick her tongue out like she learned her sexuality from a new-born baby , throwing her gangly limbs around without a care

and all I’m thinking is “how is she not mortified with herself right now?”. She obviously wasn’t. She is an entertainer. I suppose some people love any and all attention and how they get it doesn’t matter to them. It’s like the old saying “There’s no such thing as bad press”. Pretty much everyone who watched the VMA’s gasped and turned red during Miley’s performance. Not cause it was so scandalous but because it was so insanely awkward. Yet, the next day, it’s all anyone was talking about. So, in the eyes of MTV , it was a success. Kinda like how I’d imagine people who become Youtube sensations by being partially retarded might view themselves as a “Success”.
So, on one hand, you have entertainers. They’re here to entertain us. In many ways, they’re still just jesters who flop about for our amusement. So, I get it. I suppose when you decide that your life is on display, you must forfeit all your rights to feel shame like a normal person might. But , still, I gotta think there is a part in the heart of every man/woman who does this that dies a little every time they get off stage. I make music and reluctantly perform. Meaning, it’s not a natural act for me. If you’ve seen me live you know that I’m pretty low-key. I’m more focused on executing the task at hand than the bells and whistles that could go along with it. This could be to my detriment but I simply am not that other type of person. I’m a person who doesn’t really like blowing smoke up people’s asses so , if I were to act a certain way on stage, I’d feel like I’d be lying to myself. Sometimes I’ll go on the road and I’ll play with an act where the person is turning knobs and pressing buttons just like me but he’s on stage losing his mind , while endlessly being on the mic yelling shit. I know the energy is contagious and , in defense of those type of electronic performers, I suppose it does translate. After all, it’s a show. But, for me, I could never be that dude. I see that and feel embarrassed for the guy. Perhaps cause I know that pressing a button isn’t some huge deal. It’s not a guitar solo. It’s not belting out a powerful note. All i know is that, if that were me, I’d be crazy uncomfortable in my own skin. Granted, that’s probably a good part insecurity on my part of really “letting go” but I’m also not a kid. I think we can all agree that seeing a dude in his mid/late 30’s “Cutting lose” is a bad look. Just to be clear, I’m not knocking the people who do that, I simply can’t turn off the switch in my brain that filters out corny activity. I like to think I’m acutely aware of my actions and how they make me feel. And if I were to start thrashing about on stage while playing one of my many downtempo songs, I’d feel like a fool. Clearly, I’m in the minority with that so perhaps it’s more my problem than others. I just feel , expressing real natural emotion is one thing (Fiona apple is an example of someone who looks insanely awkward on stage but you get the feeling it’s just her natural reaction to performing her songs, so it works), it’s just when that emotion seems orchestrated that I take issue with it.

Entertainers are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shamelessness. Think about lying politicians who have to pretend to feel bad for things they’ve done. Or move way down the totem pole to normal people like you and me just living our lives. Sometimes , I’ll walk around the city and just see people having public moments that I can’t fathom. Like that thing where someone will be on the street screaming into their cell phone and when people look at them they’re like “What the fuck are you looking at?” You. I’m looking at the crazy person who’s screaming in public. Or how about when someone is in a restaurant and they just flip out on a waiter over some bullshit. In front of everyone they will go on a tear , cutting down their server over something they most likely didn’t even have anything to do with. It really blows my mind and I always feel bad for anyone who’s with people like that. I also wonder how that person justifies their actions but, the reality of it most likely is they’re just fucking assholes dealing with issues way deeper than a poorly cooked hamburger.

It’s funny. I feel as if the majority of these types of issues come down to three things:Self awareness, insecurity,and ego.Too much ego, Too little self-awareness and a cyclone of insecurity. Maybe it’s me that’s being insecure cause I’ll get physically uncomfortable simply by seeing this type of thing unfold after all, “Douche chills” exist for a reason. But, then again, them not being embarrassed might be a blessing for them. Clearly, it does pay off at times. But still, I can’t help but see these type of things on all the different levels and just wanna yell “Dude! You know people are watching you right now, right? YOu do not exist in a vacuum!”. But I wouldn’t do that cause, you know, that would be making scene.

Maybe we’re all just so entitled nowadays that these things don’t even compute to most people. We’re all so used to “speaking our minds” with no consequences that the idea of taking responsibility for those words/actions doesn’t even register. After all, this is the #yolo era. I do remember a time when things weren’t like this as much. Where people policed each other a little more and , if you got out of line, someone was there to let you know, with either a stern scolding or a punch in your fucking face. I guess , with the focus on self-importance and the desire for notoriety, those days are long gone. It’s too bad though cause I feel like the world would be a better place every person was assigned an old lady with a ruler to smack you on the hand every time you did something you shouldn’t be doing.


Answers for questions vol. 151

What’s up. Hope you enjoyed your 3 day weekend. Big shout out to all the teachers going back to work today. Also, my condolences to your social lives. Shout out to all the kids going back to school. LOL. Fuck your lives. hahahahahahaha. Don’t worry guys. It gets better. Sometimes.
So, I need your questions. My pot is running low and needs some rejuvenation. So, ask me questions! Anything! Get creative. Either leave them in the comments below or email them to me at As always, they are 100% anonymous and I generally will answer most questions within reason (Nothing TOO personal and I skip lame “What is your favorite movie?” type questions as well). But, whatever the case, give me shit to work with. Even if it’s simply just a topic you’d like to hear me rant about. I’m open to suggestions.

more often than not when you write a piece about a new person who always include the disclaimer, “someone you all will probably hate”. Do you get tired of fan bases trying to separate mainstream and independent? Do you puke in your mouth a little when you read a comment on an aesop video that says “this isn’t that Lil Wayne/Soulja boy bull shit!”?

It’s really just a young persons way of picking sides and voicing that they are an individual. I used to be that same way. Taking stands like my life depended on it over some bullshit. Eventually, you grow up and realize none of this is that important and you learn to appreciate things for different reasons. When you’re young, everything is way more black and white. The older you get, the grayer it all gets.
That said, it is really frustrating. A lot of times, I’ll post some music on here with hopes of helping open peoples minds in reverse. A lot of my readers fancy themselves to be music snobs who only listen to intelligent rap. That’s fine but, often, they’re overlooking the main parts of what makes certain rappers great. A rapper like Gunplay may not be your cup of tea but what I want people to come away with , when I post stuff like that, is that he can rap his ass off and is clever, regardless of what he raps about. People get way to caught up in the skin of the music but overlook what’s beyond that.
So, yeah, it’s annoying but it’s also part of growing up and refining your taste. I will say that when I come across a person closer to my age who’s like that, it baffles me ,both from a perspective of how little they’ve evolved and how much they care about something not worth really caring about.
It is funny to think that I’m talking about evolving as “being able to appreciate coke rap” but there’s something to it. Get over your hang ups and just enjoy it in all it’s ridiculousness. A good rapper can rap about any topic and make it interesting. Besides, Trust me when I say that you’d probably rather hang around those rappers than most sad underground rappers any day.

I know your dad was a artist and mom a social worker. So i’m sure they were more supportive than most around your career path. However, did you ever have a moment when you’re parents kinda gave you a “i’m proud of you” once you were able to live off this job? Kind of a corny question but I figure i’d mix it up or try.

My dad was too old and died to early into my career to really have an opinion on it. He died when I was 20 and , at that point, I was still focused on rapping as much as I was making beats. My mom has been pretty supportive though. Especially considering I dropped out of college, had no intention of ever going back and worked shit jobs for until I was in my mid-late 20’s. But she’s certainly proud of me at this point and she’s vocalized that in the past.

Obviously you’re a single man in this scenario. Say a girl comes along who is your absolute dream girl in every way, hot as that bitch from the Thicke video, smart, funny, loves all the same shit you do but not in annoying way, and is just generally the perfect woman for you. You hit it off with her and you guys start dating casually. Things go great, and after a week or so the time finally comes to do the deed. Right before shit is about to go down, she stops and tells you there’s something you need to know before you go any further, she used to do porn. Not like soft ass, girl on girl or solo shit, but full on double penetration cum on face and in ass raw type shit. She’s been out of it for years, and says she loves you and wants to spend her life with you. Can you get over the fact that dudes are gonna constantly be recognizing her as the broad from the internet who takes two cocks at a time like a champ? Can you deal with this girl’s past enough that it isn’t gonna be a dealbreaker, or is it just too much to handle and you dip?

I think I could get over that. I’ve never been one to really care about girls pasts. I think that’s some insecure, little dick guy shit to do. I mean, sure, I wouldn’t be psyched about it and creeps stopping us on the street all the time would be annoying but it wouldn’t stop me , if this girl was as perfect as you say. That said, if she was far less than great, i could see that kinda thing being a deal breaker. Not specifically so, just another reason amongst any I’d be like “eh, fuck this…”.
It’s funny cause friends will often end up sleeping with the same girls. When it comes to that life, there are two types of friends: Those who don’t care (excluding serious girlfriends) and those who freak out over everything. I’ve always been the first type and never really understood what the big deal is. Not only is it just kinda corny but it’s also fucked up towards the girl. Like she’s not allowed to like more than one friend? My girl always speaks of this “two in a crew” rule that stipulates a girl can only sleep with two people who know each other and anything beyond that is in bad taste. I think that’s silly. I think a girl can sleep with as many as she wants as long as she’s doing it for the right reasons (AKA cause she wants to) and not cause she’s being taken advantage of or doing it out of spite/insecurity.
The reality of this whole thing is that most girls are gonna have a past before they meet you. Whether it’s porn or just dating two nerds, it doesn’t really matter. They both got fucked. They both sucked dicks. They both did things that people do when they have sex. If anything, dating a girl with an experienced past can make you work harder. You got lots of competition, bro. Step up!

Do all your songs on an album are like a whole story? Or you just put the songs randomly in the tracklist?

I’m very particular about the order of my songs but I wouldn’t say they tell a whole story. I more like to split up certain tracks and , other times, couple some tracks together. For instance, the Triptych series does tell a story of sorts. Part 1 is “blinded by love”

part 2 is “Things begin to show cracks”

part 3 is “the devastating end to the relationship”.

It’s a 3 part break up song pretty much. But I’ve never done a whole album like that cause I simply don’t make songs to connect to each other like that. I’ve played around with the idea but, eventually, it hits a road block when certain moods just don’t fit into the story. Although, it’s certainly the type of thing I could bullshit and get away with if I wanted. That’s the beauty of instrumental music, it is what you make it. It’s make believe.

you have any good drunk/stoned stories of you and aes or anybody back in the day that us fans would enjoy?
Hmmm…Stoned memories tend to be forgotten by now. Aes and I certainly smoked our share of weed together but , in general, we’d be just sitting in my crib eating ,watching tv and freestyling with friends. There was a time when he went on a food run and it was taking forever. He finally came back and had blood on his knuckle. It turned out, he did some super man shit and knocked some rapey homeless dude out for trying to get on some woman in the street. I forget the whole story but the guy was harassing the girl, he saw it happening and told him to chill, the dude didn’t and (possibly) grabbed the girl. The Aes punched him in the face. Heroic shit.
As for drinking, he’s never been a drinker so there are no stories to be told on that front.