Poll: Is Tyler Done?

Odd Future came out guns blazing a few years ago. It started with Earl, then shifted to Tyler the creator and a few months later they were doing sold out shows in Dusseldorf. Regardless of how you may feel about them, at the least, it’s been an impressive rise.
Now, at this point, I feel like the Odd future backlash is upon us. Earls album was simply okay, a lot of people (myself included) are feeling like some of the less central members (domo and vince staples) are actually sounding like the most solid of the bunch. I’m in no way signing this crew off as , for one, they are very young and talented and , secondly, they have made their share of good music. It just feels like the edge has faded. But this isn’t about the crew as a whole…
This is about one man. The head of the whole operation. Tyler.
To be honest, I’ve never loved him as a rapper or as a producer. He’s certainly made some good joints but the growly voice, second rate eminem raps thing just doesn’t have much sticking power to me. But, hey, that’s me and that’s why I have this poll. I’m curious where you stand on Tyler the Creator as the year 2013 is coming to an end (kind of).He recently dropped a new video

Song aside, he does make pretty good videos. That’s been the most consistent thing about him.
So, taking what you already know and this new song, what do you think of Tyler the Creator right now?

27 thoughts on “Poll: Is Tyler Done?

  1. Tamale is from his last full-length, WOLF.
    Tyler isn’t the greatest rapper or producer, but I don’t think he’s trying to be. He’s just a kid with a vision. He’s not my favourite rapper, but I do relate to him more then any other hip hop artists. We’re the same age and have similar styles because of what was happening around us in the 90’s. The end of punk, the beginning of grunge. And hip hop artists like yourself, Aes, Deltron were just grabbing your stripes. Also see: Inline Skating, Goosebumps, SNES and Frosted tips.

    • I fixed the Tamale being from a new album. Just goes to show how little i cared about Wolf.
      As for his age, 22 is not young in hip hop years. I think people need to stop pointing to that as a crutch for Tyler. A lot of the greatest rappers ever were almost past their prime by 22 (ll cool j, nas, rakim). He’s not a kid anymore and should be judged as an adult.

      • While I’m sure many people have used his age as a crutch, for some his age just makes him more relate-able I’m far from his biggest fan, but I will say he seems sincere. He seems to be genuinely having fun in his lyrics and life in general, unlike lot of guys in his position. Coupled with the fact that he became successful without the backing of a major rapper or label, he is easy to cheer for. Plus he avoids that hashtag rap shit that young money does and that’s always a plus.

  2. The video is actually two songs off the most recent Wolf album, not an upcoming one.

    Tyler as a rapper and beat maker can hold my attention enough for me to buy the album and listen to it pretty heavy for about a month and then come back to it for nostalgia later.

    I love the new video from an art standpoint. Dude’s got mad color pallets yo. I want to see him direct some movies or short films or something. I can see him becoming the David Lynch of hip hop of sorts.

  3. I find this weird, because the song isn’t new. It’s from Wolf, and seems a little late to be dropping a video, especially with the release of 2 major OF albums since his album.

    I thought he had a ton of potential back when I first heard him, but I feel like he’s done. I think the kid is a genius. not lyrically or musically, but in general and in a business aspect. He has created a little empire and molded each person in OF and has made a stupid amount of money in the process. But to be honest I don’t think he even likes making music, or at least the type he is making.

  4. I feel like Tyler has shown a lot of growth from Bastard to Wolf and when using some of Hip Hop’s finest producers he makes jems

  5. I quite enjoy “Yonkers”. The lyrics definitely grew on me but I’ve always enjoyed that beat. I like how dark it is. Also, the swing feel on that noise in the chorus is simply fantastic.
    Recently, I found NY (Ned Flander) by him and someone else, if I remember correctly. That song wasn’t bad and I do always love a Simpsons reference when I see one.
    Besides that, Hodgy Beats has “Turnt Down” which is really catchy. But beyond those three, nothing else by any of the Odd Future guys have really stuck with me. The only part of that “Tamale” song, I didn’t mind was the change in beat at the end.
    I feel Tyler is at his best when he’s trying to funny. I’m usually entertained by any album covers that he comes up with. Also, he is absolutely hilarious on Twitter.

  6. I think he saw rapping as a way to gain the leverage he needed to do what he really wants to do, i.e. direct videos,movies, make hundreds of thousands of dollars selling socks, making commercials for mountain dew, etc. say what you will about his raps, but the fact is the kid is eating right now. and i enjoy his beats very much. wolf was a solid album. he’s a better rapper when he’s not half-ass ripping off earl or em’s flow.

  7. I think he knows what he wants to do

    he does make entertaining videos

    good visual artist

    he even said he doesn’t know what to write about

    he knows hes just a kid but he makes the right moves

    I think its possible his career will turn into something else but hes not done

  8. Goblin was terrible, Wolf pretty good. He’s incredibly inconsistent and prone to padding his albums with a ton of filler. Wolf could have been an excellent 35-40 minute album. I know he’s not that young, but I really feel like he’s still growing and his best material is still ahead of him. I’m also interested in his aforementioned directing skills. I’m sure he’ll move beyond music videos in the future.

  9. I started out as a Tyler fanatic but like most now I cant even stand the sound of his voice. With that being said though I have to say that the kid is immensely talented and I would arguably say hes a genius in some form or fashion. Not production-wise or lyrically, but in terms of building a name for himself and his crew and especially with making videos.

    I have to agree with what someone else said, he used rapping as a jumping off point for what he really wants to do: making videos/film.

  10. I like his voice and think he’s got talent, but I don’t go for rap with an overabundance of the word fag or misogyny. That said, I think the best thing about him is that he’s doing whatever he wants and people eat it up. He’s not stuck on trends or flashing money (in fact I think some raps he comments on the stupidity of all that). I also appreciate that he shows respect to past artists, but after hearing this song, I feel like he could brush up on some music from good lyricists.

  11. I actually dig the way Tyler or “left brain” makes his grungy cheesy rap beats, but I can’t stand his rap. He’s got an ear for making tracks but he needs to shut up

  12. It’s amazing how much more traffic and comments you get on these polls when it’s with a bigger named artist like Tyler..Having over 700 people voting for something on a Phatfriend poll has got to be a record for this blog. Hope some of the motherfuckers that Googled their way here come back and check out the rest of the shit you do here. Quit sleepin people.

      • No ass kissing intended. Just giving credit where credit is due. I know it’s not “cool” to like shit and everything but i see nothing wrong with “upping” a website that we all enjoy and maybe getting more people here. The more hits this page gets the better it is for all of us who read this shit as well as for Blockhead. ……..

        Is that OK with you Panda Man!?

  13. I don’t get the obsession with trying to knock this guy down a peg or two. Out of all of the most recent artists to emerge, hip hop or not, Tyler has proven to be the most versatile and creative. HE DOES EVERYTHING HIMSELF. He producers his music, he writes, he directs videos, and he designs clothes. With that said, if everything that he makes isn’t amazing, go fucking figure. He is doing a ton of shit. The sheer ambition of it all is applause worthy. I wish everyone would get off his dick and let him do his damn thing but I digress. My real problem is our obsession with criticism. Too easy to highlight the flaws. How about giving a little praise to his achievements?

    P.S. He isn’t going anywhere. The dude is just getting started.

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