Answers for questions vol. 157

Whattup yallllll,
Back for a day from my tour with Little People. So far,so good. We’re hitting a bunch of cities this week so if you live in Pittsburgh, DC, Boston, Chicago or Minneapolis…Check out this link for more info about the shows. I’d love to see you’re shiny ass faces.
Anyway, this is that thing where you ask me shit and I answer it. You got shit you wanna ask me? Need advice about anything? Well, today is your lucky day. Send me any and all question to or leave them in the comment section below. It’s all anonymous and safe. Like a sex chat line that bills discretely.
Now, let’s get into this weeks stuff.

Yo Block,
I’m curious; as a white guy, what are your thoughts on the term “Wigger”? I feel like a lot of people throw that term around, placing the label on any white person who engages in anything culturally black (which is actually kind of offensive). I mean, I understand the disdain some people may feel for wack ass dudes trying to front (much as I feel disdain for wack ass rap nerds!), but everybody? Plus, if you think about it, the word Wigger kind of feels like a backhanded way of calling Black people niggers, doesn’t it? (even though I’ve heard other black people say it)

I use the word wigger but I prefer calling them “Whigz”. I understand why some people may draw offense from it when they play connect the dots to words origin but , I dunno, it doesn’t bother me. I’m also a white male so, really, my opinion of what is or isn’t offensive is pretty useless. That said, I feel as if it’s a word ALL races use to describe a certain kinda white dude. The way I see it, calling someone that is more of a reflection on how they (the whigz) view black culture. They’re the ones aping it and making it seem like this thing you can just do if you act a certain way. To me, that’s far more offensive than any word could ever be. By calling them a wigger, you’re pretty much giving them the worst of both worlds. They’re getting the racial end of it , but also are being reminded “Hey dude, you’re kind of full of shit”.
But, like I said, I fully get why some people are not into that word. But, in general, I’m a person who believes intent and context with language is way more important than then words themselves. So, in my eyes, words are words. It’s how you use them than gives them power. Negative or positive. Also, I’m too old to be giving a fuck about being offended by shit like this. It’s a word that’s become part of our language. If I call someone a whig, it’s not cause of some deep seeded animosity towards black culture. It’s cause the dude I’m looking at is a fucking clown who thinks he can be down with black culture cause he has gold fronts in and pretends to speak with some deep hood accent that most definitely is not how he talks. I’m open to suggestions for a replacement word but, sometimes, “Dickhead” and “dipshit” aren’t enough.

d’you think canadians have accents? Im from Toronto area and whenever i visit the states people can tell right away like its stamped on my
forehead but people from buffalo and new York sound the same as canadians, for the most part,

Oh yeah. You guys have definite accents. So do natives of Buffalo. That’s why everyone can tell your canadian when you speak. That’s kinda how accents work.

Did you ever hang out with eyedea? If so what was he like, do you have any memories etc?

I did get the chance hang with him. I actually wrote about it right after he passed:
Also, here’s a link to the original “Bent life” version with Eyedea and Slug:

Your household growing up seems like it would have been fascinating! Take your parents’ friends who used to frequent your home – which friend did you think was the coolest? most intimidating? admirable? weird? hilarious? (any adjectives along these lines)

Parents friends? hmm…Well, on my moms side, it was mostly old waspy types with an occasional crazy old jew thrown in. Honestly, I always felt most of my Moms friends, growing up, were uptight and insane at the same time. MY dads friends, however, were all artists. Drunk artists to be exact. I used to bartend their parties when I was in my teens and those people would get fuuuuuuuuucked up. And these were people in their 50’s and 60’s. I’m talking “hey, lemme get a whisky with no ice” and filling a a pint cup with whiskey as 6 pm. Dudes went hard. Little known fact: Old, drunk artists are not very different than the really old drunks you might see at a bar on any given night. The only difference is that the artists have a “job”. The belligerence is the same though.
As for specifics…
The coolest friend they had was this bizarre art curator woman who I’m pretty sure much have sucked Basqiat’s dick at some point. She wore horn rimmed glasses and spent half her time in Berlin.In a room full of old artists (mostly male) she stood out as waaaaay cooler than the rest of them. As the night would go on, and she would get drunker, she’s also get a little handsy. One time she tipped me while I was bartending and insisted on putting the cash in my pocket herself. It was creepy but I respected her hustle.
Intimidating? There was this one EXTREMELY old artist who was one of my dads closest friends. He was the one who’s get the pint glass of whisky. He even lived in our building for a little bit. He was not so much intimidating as he simply didn’t give a fuck about anything. He literally NEVER remembered who I was. Keep in mind, I was his best friends son and the only child at every party ever AND I lived in the same building with him. I was a feat of ignorance so great that it was actually impressive.
I could go on but I get the feeling no one really cares hearing that much about my parents friends , seeing as m you know, they’ve never met my parents.

From growing up around, or at least opening and playing more hip hop based shows, how was it to go and play at a place like Rootwire? The two crowds probably differ greatly, at least through personality. Rootwire providing some of the most friendly people, more psychedelic culture, visionary art, workshops, and spirituality (I know before you’ve said before you’re not really for “spirituality”, so I’m curious). Did you walk and look around and socialize any, or did you just show up and leave because you were invited and paid? Was there any impact?

For those who don’t know, Rootwire is a musical festival I played this summer in Ohio. It’s very electro hippie, just as a basic reference point for what we’re talking about here.
Anyway, people there were insanely nice. They always are at those festivals. In fact, I can’t really discern rootwire from countless other similar festivals I’ve played. The way I see it is I’m simply not of that generation or from the same background. That doesn’t mean I can’t get along with those people (despite how I may come across on here, I’m actually quite friendly in real life, I swear). The thing is, I have nothing in common with people who attend these festivals, in general. I’m old. I’m not a spiritual in any way. I don’t do drugs. I don’t really even listen to electronic music. Still, I can function fine in these situations. I might not leave with everlasting memories and new friendships but that’s okay with me. If I was looking for that, I’d attend these things and not perform.
When I’m at these events, I do walk around and just people watch. I socialize with whoever is around me but it’s not like I walk up to strangers and shoot the shit. I will say this though, I do tend to make my stays in these festivals fairly brief. I never sleep on the premises and , after my set, I’m usually trying to get out as quickly as possible. This has more to do with fear of me not finding my ride (some of the organization of these festivals can be iffy) and me not having any actual real life friends with me to chill with than anything else though. If i came with a group of people I knew, I’d certainly hang out a little more.
as for impact…nah. It’s just another show to me. A fun show with a good crowd but I’m not easily impacted by anything , in general, so a show at festival doesn’t even have a chance. Doesn’t mean i didn’t have a good time though.

Do you have any little habits that annoy the shit out of your girlfriend/drive her crazy?

The easier question would be “What do you do that doesn’t annoy your girlfriend?”. We live together. Our existence is annoying each other with pointless little things. That’s kinda how living together works.
But, to be exact, my girlfriend loathes:
1)farts (which are plentiful)
2)I always forget to shut doors to cupboards/dressers
3)Instead of folding my pants up after taking them off for bed, I just throw them on the ground. My reasoning is “hey, I’mma wear them tomorrow, so who cares?”. She doesn’t agree with that sound logic.
4)Not making the bed. This logic follows the pants logic. The way i see it is , what’s the point of making the bed if it’s just getting messed up again? Is pulling a sheet up as you get into bed that hard?
5) Leaving my sneakers everywhere. especially my smelly basketball sneakers.
6)crumbs. Everywhere. I eat lunch at this table every day and never notice crumbs and/or little spills. However, she does. Often.
7)Beard trimmings on the sink. This is a a huge one cause I honestly don’t even notice they’re there but she’s got a fucking eagle eye for them.

There’s more but that’s all that pops into my head right now. But, yeah, basic absent minded slobbery is what pisses her off.

16 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 157

  1. Does she use your horrid farts as an excuse to let hers go and not say anything about them? (I totally do that to my man and I just laugh)

      • Is there a trackname? Maybe possibly something that slipped through the cracks of reality and found itself on the internet?

      • It’s definitely not on the internet. It’s only recording was owned by me on a cassette that I apparently lost. There was an 8 track recording as well but that’s long gone too.

  2. In the hypothetical scenario that you’re single, would you date a woman if you knew she had a past of some kind of psychiatric issues? She’s got in under control now. Also, rate these issues from easiest to deal with to deal breaker: Depression, Bi-polar disorder, OCD, Binge eater, Anorexic, drug addict, used to be a man.

  3. You said you use Ableton right? Do you have an opinion of one DAW over another? Does ableton allow you to do certain things that any of the other DAWs wouldn’t?

    Maybe you have answered something like this before…….

      • I think it is a digital audio workstation….abbreviation…daw…i think so…like software recording program…

      • I still don’t understand what that is? Is abelton it’s own DAW?
        Regardless, I only have ever used abelton and an ASR-10. I record on pro-tools but I don’t know how to use it (I have engineers do that stuff). So I have nothing to compare.

  4. I think Ableton is a DAW and Pro Tools is a DAW too I think. I thought a DAW or Digital Audio Workstation was just a software recording program, like Pro-Tools, Ableton, Digital Performer, or Logic–a software program that allows you to record audio or MIDI.

    What do you use Ableton for if you don’t record on it? Is it solely for like sequencing and live performances? I thought you would be able to record on Ableton just as you are recording now on Pro Tools, unless there is some advantage to using Pro Tools over Ableton.

    • I use it to perform with and make beats, along with the ASR 10. I could record on it and I have but , when it comes to actual albums, I take it to a real studio to work on.

      • Do you do some songwriting in Ableton and go to the studio just for final touches? or you do the whole album in the studio?

        Do you mix or do any filtering or effects or EQing on your own either in Ableton or with the ASR? Or you do all mixing/effects in the studio? You do them yourself or is that what engineers do? Do you bring both the ASR-10 and the laptop to the studio? or just 1 or the other?


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