5 thoughts on “Tim and I discuss music and stuff Vol. 47

      • Yeah I just heard about her as I posted and I immediately regretted not putting Royals instead!..so much better, I’ve had it in my head all day. PS: I might be *that* guy but at least I’m not *that other guy*, phew

  1. Tim is kinda an douche IMO. Constantly writing off great artists and albums in his own annoying exaggerated way, pretending he knows something the rest of the world doesn’t by disliking them. Maybe there’s a reason you don’t have more success in the music world… sounding like a bitter old man

    • my opinions had nothing to do with my less than successful music career. My middling music did. As for great artists I am writing off, who exactly am i writing off? The column is based on being a dick about music. If I said shit like “Stevie Wonder just isnt my cup of tea, but I understand that people like him and I am happy for them” the column would be some shit your mom would read. Its about extreme opinions.

      Also what great artist did I write off? Please dont say big or pun, that was obviously a joke, which the inclusion of action bronson should have been a tip off.

      If it was pusha t, well the fact that you consider him great says more about you than me.


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