A mix for the youth

I’ve been working on a few projects lately and the bulk of the recording has been happening at Wreckroom studios. This is a studio in brooklyn owned by Adrian Grenier that serves as sort of a community for a bunch of different local artists. One of those artists is a group I’ve mentioned on here before called the Skins. they’re 5 kids from NYC. Three siblings and two non-family members all between the ages of 14 and 21 who make some awesome balls to the wall rock music.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of them cause they’re always hanging around the studio (also , the lead singer Bay-li has been assisting with some vocals for the Mighty Jones album I’ve been working on).They are awesome, wildly talented and well on their way to becoming so famous that they probably won’t remember my name in two years. Actually, that last part is not true at all cause they are really good kids. Like amazingly good kids. So good, in fact, it makes the idea of ever having kids seem okay, after the years of being in airports had seemingly sucked that urge out of me.

I say all that to this: The youngest member of this group is the drummer, Reef. He’s 14 and the dude is on some next shit. He can play any instrument, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of music of all sorts and he can beat anyone in NBA 2k13 on the highest level. Being around him kinda reminded me of what it was like to be that age and obsessed with music. I was similar except my scope was much thinner. I only fucked with rap where as Reef seems to find interest in all genres. But he reminds me that the way music made me feel back then was unlike anything else. Every song seemed like a new experience. It got me thinking about people who fed that hunger I had back then and how much that shaped my taste well into adulthood. Reef likes rap. Hell, he even raps. But to see a kid with so much knowledge of music who was mostly listening to radio shit made me feel like I wanted to give him a taste of what else is out there. So, I made him a mix. It’s not of the best music on earth. It’s simply a compilation of rap I like that I think he might also be into. It’s all sorts of different stuff, cause really, a mix like this is just trying to put out feelers.And expansion of horizons is a good thing when you’re that age. I had a friend do that for me when I was younger and it opened all sorts of doors. Cause, really, even though Jay-z , Kendrick lamar and Kanye are all great artists, there’s so much more to rap than them. So, I figured I give you guys the same mix. Chances are, you have a lot of this stuff. After all, it’s shit I’ve been pushing on this blog for a while. But, if not, enjoy…Besides, it’s been a while since I gave a mix away. I was due.
1)Devotion: Tree
2)5ree thinkers: Open Mike Eagle
3)Half of Nepal: Spark master Tape
4)For the record: T-shirt
5)Hands on the wheel: Schoolboy Q & ASAP rocky
6)Hit me:Mystikal
7)Untitled: Killer Mike
8)Chuch:Shabazz palaces
9)Juice: Chance the rapper
10)All Smiles: Marq Spekt and Kno
11)Contra: Danny Brown
12)Jumanji flow: Asaad
14)Look out: Homeboy sandman
15)Molotovs at Poseidon: YC the Cynic
16)Gold Soul Theory: The underachievers
17)Thuggin: Freddie Gibbs
18)Mighty morphin foreskin: Captain murphy

13 thoughts on “A mix for the youth

  1. Yo these guys are really good. This is the sort of thing I’m always trying to find. I always end up just finding some hip hop or electronic music though, I have no idea how to find good rock/folk.

    Any of you guys have any suggestions? I like stuff like The Raveonettes, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Led Zeppelin, Husky Rescue, Radical Face, Wolfmother.

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