Help me get to the UK! (For shows, not pleasure)

Here’s the thing, I haven’t played in the UK since 2005. I have no clue why , as my label is located there, but I’m simply not getting offers. I understand that London is cutting edge with their musical tastes and I make sample based instrumental hip hop but…come on, guy. Surely I got a few hundred fans left out there. Now, a more logical man might think “Hey, maybe it’s cause you have no fan base there and no one gives a shit?”. While this is a fair assessment, I know this to not be true. Simply from the sheer output from you guys on my social networks asking me to come there for a show. Well, guess what? Now it can be in your hands! Some great man decided to take back the night and set up and songkick page where you can pledge to buy a ticket to my show. You only get charged if the show actually happens. So, really, it’s like a down payment in a dream. No risk for you.
So, if you’re in the UK, let’s get this shit popping. Spread the word. It’s not just London. There are songkick’s for a bunch of other places in the UK . Click on “Other campaigns in the UK” to see those. I’d love to come back out there and play music for you guys. only you can make it happennnnnnnn

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