Answers for questions vol. 158

What up everyone…
Back off the road for a few days. Big shout out to the people who came to the shows this week. They were awesome. Little People and I hit Colorado this week starting thursday so, if you live in Ft. Collins, Denver or Boulder, let’s get it on this weekend. More info here:
As for this column, you know the drill. Send me your questions and I will answer them. ALso, I’m running low on “Ask Dr. Tony” questions so , if you need advice on any topic, send them my way. I can help you (maybe) while you give me content for this blog. See how that works? Also, it’s anonymous so don’t worry about it.
Send me questions of any sort to or leave them in the comments below.
And now, on with the show…

How many hours of the week do you spend working on your blog vs working on your music? If you’re not touring, how much time do you spend working on your music? Do you have some kind of routine?

It really depends. The only thing that’s for sure is that, during the week, I do tend to work on my blog every day. I wake up and write it. I don’t work on music every day. That said, when I’m working on music, I tend to work longer on that than I would writing a seething critical piece about men with feet fetishes and the women who tolerate them.
With music, I either work when I feel like it or I work specifically on something. If I’m not working on an album, remix or project with an MC, it’s kinda open. I work when the mood hits. This can mean every day or this can mean I don’t touch my equipment for weeks at a time. Lately, it’s been more the former though as , I find, doing a little something every day is not only satisfying but it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something other than deepening the butt print in my couch.
As for my routine, I do have one. Being a dude without a real job and no time constraints, while awesome, can be TOO much freedom. I’ve learned that having a routine helps create order in my life. It’s not like I was every out of control or anything but it can make a person feel pretty aimless when you do nothing all day for weeks on end. So my routine is wake up, write my blog, argue with people on the internet, get out of bed, go eat, watch something on tv while I eat, then work on music. This is all assuming I have a free day. After that, I do whatever. Play ball, hang with friends, watch more tv. But that little bit of order makes a huge difference.

You have talked about shitting here and there. You have said things like “shitting is where some of my best thinking happens” and “I’m sure heroin feels great, but so does taking a big dump.” So I’m wondering…do you think women like a good shit just as much as men? Do you know any girls who read and poop? I really think this whole thing is a male-only phenomenon, but I wanna know your opinion.

As I’m not a woman, I can’t really say who enjoys shitting more.I’d imagine relief is relief, right? What I do know if that you’ll rarely see a girl camp out on a toilet with their Ipad for 45 minutes while taking a long, luxurious, Hemorrhoid forming dump. While this is pretty standard for most dudes. I have known girls who read while they poop but it’s a brief read. I dunno, I think , for men, time on the toilet is our time. We can sit back and just expel waste forever while we collect out thoughts or catch up on our correspondences. Especially those of us with live in wives/gf’s. It’s a great way to get some alone time. I’d imagine, for some men, it’s their favorite part of the day.

Which city in NORTH AMERICA has the most talent? Give your top four choices, no ties.
Ps: i mean talent the girl way not rapping talent of course!

DUH. Not even close really as we have variety and numbers. We also have the gift that is puerto rican and dominican girls by the truck loads so that gives us the edge of most places on the west coast that boast lots of beautiful women.
I mean, it’s where pretty people move to. It only makes sense. Sure, it’s a little more plastic out there but the numbers are astounding Also, they have a really great amount of indecipherable raced girls who are always hot. Like half filipino/jewish mash ups that are insanely fly.
Less variety there but, goddamn, those girls are gorgeous. As a bonus, they’re also fun and kinda crazy. First time I went there I was blown away. Not only by the amount of hot girls but the terrible dweeb ass boyfriends they all had.
4)Miami or Austin
It’s a tough call. On one side you got a place where the hottest latina girls and the sluttiest white trash girls with the best bodies ever live on the other you have a place where tons of young people live and it pretty much funnels in all those hot girls from texas and other parts of the south that “want more” than whatever hometown they live in. It’s like a lesser version of L.A. over there

These next three work as a trio…and feel as if they were asked to me by someone somewhat foreign and fairly young
1. As a hip hop listener, did you ever learn something meaningful from lyrics? (apart from how to roll a blunt or something)

Do i learn anything? God no. Unless I’m listening to some shit like “Nature of the threat” (which is debatable teachings to begin with)

, I don’t think I “learn” much from any music. It’s entertaining. It will sometimes make me think. But learning and gaining knowledge? Not really.

2. Are you ever being put off by a rapper because of his/her lyrical content? As in you like his voice, flow etcetera but can’t stand what he’s trying to get across

The only times this happens to me is the reverse of what I think you’re going for here. I get turned off by a rapper who talks about his corny spirituality and vague mysticism. That, to me, can be a dead end. The way I see it, I think about the idea of being in a room with that person. Would I wanna actually converse with this dude about that shit? Hell no. In fact, when someone does that to me in real life I zone out immediately and think the person is crazy. Where as, if I was in a room with a drug dealing murderer, that would be a pretty fucking intriguing conversation. I’d be all ears.
But, in general, lyrical content is what the rapper makes it. I feel like a good rapper can rap about anything and it will sound good. So there are always exceptions.

3. Don’t you ever get tired of the repetetiveness of rap topics? (bit of a colored question, cause I do)

Like I said above, a good rapper can make it work. Sure,Pusha T is mailing it in now but he did two albums and few mixtapes when he was in the clipse rapping about nothing but selling cocaine and it was awesome. I’m afraid, in general, rap is a repetitive. even in it’s musicality. If that had been an issue for me, I probably would have never fucked with it in the first place.

What city would you be most interested in visiting in both Asia and South America? (in general, not for a show)

This is gonna be depressing but the amount of traveling I’ve done for touring has completely sucked the desire to go anywhere out of me. Especially long flights. It sucks cause I now equate traveling with work and me getting sick (which seems to happen all the time when I’m flying more than 2 times a week). However, to answer your question, I suppose I’d wanna see Tokyo. I love big cities and that is one of the biggest so that would be kinda awesome. also, the food (which is really the driving force behind any trip I’d ever take). As for south america, I’m not sure. I feel like I’d enjoy tons of places there. I’d like to see parts brazil and argentina but I’ve actually heard that Bogota, Columbia is awesome as well. I should also add that my knowledge of geography is embarrassing so I’m probably just listing the first names that popped in my head.

Think of your strata (or whatever you call it) of male friends who are around your same age. Do any of them NOT struggle with sleeping and falling asleep in general, that you know of?

What a strange question. Not sure how age plays into this cause I’ve been a shitty sleeper since my early 20’s.
With sleeping, it’s one of those “you either are or you aren’t” kinda things. Some dudes can pass out, high on coke, in a room full of people screaming. Some can’t fall asleep if they were being massaged by angels in a bed made of love. It’s just how we are. Sure, there are times when people are stressed and sleeping will be more of an issue but , in general, you do or you don’t.
I’m unable to fall asleep on planes or nap anywhere. I simply can’t shut my brain down enough to pass out in most situations. I have plenty of friends who can do both those things with great vigor. All I can do is quietly be jealous of them.

10 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 158

  1. “The only times this happens to me is the reverse of what I think you’re going for here. I get turned off by a rapper who talks about his corny spirituality and vague mysticism. ”


    I despise that tripe… corn-ball “greater understanding” pompous bullshit…

    Erykah Badu, being my main gripe… I can’t stand all her spiritual pish. Which is a shame cos I really like some her music. It’s really off-putting for a listener who doesn’t care for any religious/spiritual nonsense.

    Vinnie Paz, another example. All that “I’m with Allah cos he chose me” crap bewilders me. Rappers who guzzle alcohol n rap about Islam need to fuck off… contradiction is human nature, but c’mon. Them type of rappers who play-up the religious aspect of their life so they can funnel in violent metaphors n religious/holy scripture quotes, and shit like that, into their raps are super boring. It’s not “dropping jewels” it’s just filler. Don’t act like it’s deep, it isn’t.

    RZA, He’s prolly the worst culprit… all that I Ching ish, Taoism, etc. The way he takes himself so seriously, It bugs the shit out me. He’s a total plank, thick as fuck… and all that phony humbleness too. Wu Tang is for the children, cos RZA is on the same mental wavelength as the average rug rat.

    Maybe I’m missing something (like the inclusion of a man-made deity in my life), but I don’t get it… It’s all on a par with that Zimmerman “it was gods plan” line… and shit like that is instantly disposable to me.

    Rant Fin.

    Going out doesn’t make you a bad person, just like going to Church doesn’t make you a good person. -Miley Cyrus.

  2. You’ve been lucky to have a music career for a couple decades now, do you ever reflect on old interviews? Like, do you ever think, “Man, I sounded like a pompous ass” or something along those lines, or do you think you’ve been fairly level headed throughout your entire career? For the record, I’m not saying you sounded like a pompous asshole (in all honestly, I haven’t seen/read any interviews from you further back than 5 years) but I ask 1: because I’m a writer by trade and I look back on some of my old work and can see personal growth, and 2: I recently came across an old Aesop interview from 2000, on Pinterest of all places, and thought his interview style came across different from how he talks now.

  3. Do you and your close group of friends have the same taste in girls? Random question, but me and my gal pals all have very different types (which is both good and bad), but my brother and his friends all go after the same general type of girl and have dated the same girls. Just wondering if maybe it’s a guy thing.

  4. i totally agree. rappers who say things about spirit, mysticism etc are crazy. drug dealing murderes are interesting.
    i really agree. if a someone murdered my or blockheads family, it would be super awesome to talk to him. or if anybody sells drugs to blockheads minor children in the future. that would be totally intriguing. people who talk about topics that dont involve drugs, violence and abuse of women are fking crazy.
    what do you think of drug dealing murdering people with a mystic/religious background? are they interesting and intriguing?
    only when they are parts of the major religions like christianity? because if a lot of people believe it, its normal?
    if i sold your mother heroin and killed all your friends in many exciting ways, would you consider my personality intriguing?
    im just messing around. you like this or that. more power to you (people who use that phrase want to say: i think your weird and/or crazy and/or disgusting,but would never say it publicly because im a good guy and respect even a fking anormal piece of sht like you)

  5. »RZA, He’s prolly the worst culprit… all that I Ching ish, Taoism, etc. The way he takes himself so seriously, It bugs the shit out me. He’s a total plank, thick as fuck… and all that phony humbleness too.«

    Thats the reason the man with the golden arms was so disappointing

  6. Do you think monogamy is natural or something society made? Does it come second nature to you or do you wish you could sleep with chicks but decided not to in respect for your relationship?

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