Answers for questions vol. 159

PUBLISHED by catsmob.comAnd I’m back!
The last few weeks I’ve been doing shows with Little people and I’m home for a little while. Feels good ,man. Thanks to all those who came out. It was a lot of fun and it was cool meeting a bunch of you guys. Shout out to anyone who big upped my blog to me. I almost like that more than you liking my music. Oh and if you and I took a picture together at any of the shows, send them my way. I have an album on my facebook page that is all silly pics of me and people at my shows. It’s fun.
Anyway, you know what this is. You ask, I answer. If you have any questions, I’d love to hear them. Either leave them in the comment section below or email them to me at
Beggers can’t be choosers but the less “What kinda equipment do you use?” questions and the more “Do you think a pack of wolves could kill a tyrannosaurus rex?” the better. Get weird and creative. It only makes this column better for both of us.
And now, this weeks batch…

WHAT are the things that you are OCD about?

Hmm…first and foremost, time. I’m an unbelievably punctual person. Always early to every thing. I hate being late and I never want to be that guy who making another person wait for them. This is funny , considering, my lifestyle is one that could easily go the other way. Most artists I know are not like this. In fact, most artists live a fluffy cloud where time constraints don’t exist and they’re the only people on earth. Fuck that shit. It’s rude.
On the downside, the amount of time I spend waiting for things and people is insane. Granted, I am first a lot so that’s good for things like movies and buffets (not that I ever go to buffets but, you know, technically).
As for other OCD stuff…I dunno. I’m fairly regimented but I wouldn’t say I’m OCD about it. I just like things how I like them. I’m not THAT Ocd’d out in general. I mean, we all have our quirks but you won’t catch me turning a door knob 5 times or counting french fries on my plate.

I know you and /or Alaska have mentioned somewhat of a disdain for the racist/homophobic stylings of Lord Jamar of Bran Nubian fame. What’s your take on his recent ramblings about how white rappers are “guests” in the house of HipHop,should behave as such, and have no right to make a sort of political statements or comments that go against “house politics”? Personally, I wonder who appointed a no longer relevant rapper spokeperson for an entire culture but I also hated waiting through his verses for Puba and Sadat to rhyme but that’s just me.

In case you haven’t read the article;

I did see this a while back. When I watched the video I thought two things
1)Lord Jamar is a moron
2)He’s got a few points I may not agree with , but he’s not flat out wrong.
The thing is, like a lot of rappers from his era, who are clinging to notoriety, he’s a bitter motherfucker. He was always the worst rapper in Brand Nubian and , outside of making beats for dead prez a while back, hasn’t really done anything of note since the 90’s. That said, I can understand how seeing what’s going on with rap music right now could alarm him. He’s obviously one of those guys who can’t get past imagery. He sees Kanye in funny outfits and immediately thinks “THAT’S GAY!” , as opposed to the more typical reaction of “Kqnye is a moron!”. Clearly, Jamar has issues with gayness and white people. Here’s the thing though: He always has. He simply hasn’t softened his stance. It’s an ignorant stance (particularly the gay stance) and one that shows a serious lack of critical thinking on his part but , hey, it’s not like this is a new thing to him. He was killing gays in his songs before Macklemore had ever rapped.
Now, as for his whole take on white rappers, I kinda do see his point. I don’t full on agree with it but, to an extent, we are guests. At least those out there who are adamantly speaking on “real hip hop”. If that’s your angle, then you gotta respect that , a a white rapper, this isn’t your music. However, weirdo white rappers who don’t care about that kinda shit? Eh…Let them be. They obviously have their own thing going and most likely don’t even think about the race politics like that.
Whatever the case, Jamar is an idiot either way so, even if he was 100% right, that wouldn’t change.

How do you get your music (that you listen to, not sample) nowadays? Are you a Spotify/Rdio guy? Itunes? CDs & Vinyl from record stores? …torrents?? After reading your post on Quelle I just noticed Quelle Chris has most of his material on Spotifty so i became curious

I find out about music online…mostly from websites and blogs and , depending on what it is, I buy it on I-tunes. Assuming it’s there. Sometimes Bandcamp as well. I don’t listen to spotify, the radio or pandora (and other similar sites). Not cause I have an issue with them but cause I would rather just put stuff into my Ipod and listen to things I know I like. I’m the type of guy who likes to discover music at my own pace so some site that’s picking it for me based on algorithms doesn’t really appeal to me.

This is less of a question…more of a gift from me to you, haha. Can you please share with us all your thoughts concerning why it would be great if the “FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!” phrase was banned from the internet moving forward?

Holy shit to I hate that phrase. The idea that people on the internet are writing that to other people on the internet is mind numbing. If you’re really in a place to complain about third world problems, guess what , bro? You’re not online. You’re probably on line though…waiting behind 400 people to get whatever food you can scrounge for your poor family in the middle of nowhere.
Beyond the whole idea of “First world problems” being obnoxious and that strange kind of finger pointing that’s only done by passive aggressive hippies, it’s also a hack joke at this point. Writing that on someones facebook post is the same to me as someone quoting Borat or doing the “Yeahhhhh baby!” from austin powers. It just shows a lack of any sort of creativity on the persons part. It’s like a stock response that means nothing.
Typically, it’s done when someone complains/jokes online about something technological. Like an I-phone. Or their heat no working. I recall during last years black out, I was posting about it and a few assholes threw me the “First world problems” shade. I wanted to reach through my computer and strangle them…via their computer…that they were calmly typing on well situated in the first world.
The bottom line is, if you’re reading this (or facebook or twitter or whatever) you’re mostly likely not in a position to judge others for speaking about whatever trivial shit may be going relating to that world they live in..cause, chances are, it’s about the same as your fucking world. Tweet me when your town well goes dry and warlords start kicking down doors. Then you might have a case.

why do you think the music video is a dying art form?…because it is….
why don’t you make more music videos?

I don’t know if dying is the right way to look at it. Now that MTV doesn’t show videos any more the importance of them has shifted. Where, back in the day, you could have a pretty standard video by a group get love simply cause it existed and got played on tv, nowadays, everyone watch Youtube. So, in order for a video to have impact, it’s got to be more than just image thrown to sound. In way, it’s caused people to be more creative with less money. The results have made some pretty awesome videos. That said, the days of videos of puffy on an ocean liner pouring Moet on hoes are gone. It’s all about “viral” now so everyone is just trying to be that new wave. That also changes how videos are made.
As for me personally, I don’t do it cause it costs money and I’m not a filmmaker. Every video I’ve ever has made has been the result of Ninja tune or a fan of mine taking the reins. Thank god they did cause I’d never do it. I simply don’t think about that kinda shit. I make instrumental music. It’s simply not an element that pops in my head to act on. I realize this is a detriment to my well being but the drive for me to do it simply isn’t there. That said, if someone wants to make me a video, I’m all for it. It’s more the initiation of making one on my own that I don’t have a flair for.

What do you respect/admire most about your girlfriend?

It’s actually my girls B-day today so this question is good timing.
Let’s see…what do I respect and admire about her. Her great fashion sense. That’s it.
Just kidding.
She’s unbelievably kind and caring. She’s generous. She’s extremely smart. She’s empathetic on a level I’ll never wrap my robot brain around. She’s funny and most of all, she’s not crazy. She’s a person who can (most times) think with logic and reason , which is a highly under rated personality trait when dealing with the other sex. This trait is one I probably wouldn’t have even thought of noticing 10 years ago but when you find a girl who possesses it, it’s like you wonder how you ever dated anyone without it. It’s also one that really only matters when you’re in a relationship with another person cause I’ve got female friends who I get along with great and adore that it’s a non-issue with, even though, I’d imagine dating them would be a nightmare of miscommunication and screaming matches.
You know how you have friends in relationships who are always talking about misunderstandings and arguments with their significant other? When you’re with someone who is of sound mind and is able to reason, those things aren’t an issue. Discussions don’t blow up into arguments cause it allows both parties to speak clearly not let rage over take everything.
That quality is fantastic. And, the way I see it with my girl, it’s a huge bonus when added onto all the other great things about her. It’s the icing on the cake, if you will.

8 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 159

  1. I kinda remember you saying you were gonna do a double perspective podcast type thing with a female friend of yours. That would be awesome to listen to, are you still planning on doing that?

  2. is new york the only place they say “on” line in reference to waiting “in” line? I only hear it here, but it could be a north east thing. Either way i’ve always wondered this and in this case it might of made your third world joke less funny to the rest of the first world that says “in” line… snarky snark bro manalo

  3. What makes you laugh? How would you describe your sense of humor? How have these changed throughout adolescence, young adulthood, and now?

  4. Just me or has Halloween totally overstayed its welcome this year? A fine holiday and all but damn it feels like it has been this three week long thing already and it hasn’t even happened yet.

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