Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 49

This week, Tim AKA Alaska discuss the music of Miley and some rappers, Tony Castles and Natasha Kmeto
One thing of note, Tim claims that anyone who doesn’t think “Buhloone Mindstate” is the best De La Soul album is “an asshole or art student”…I’d like to say that I’m neither of those things and think “De la Soul is dead” is far superior. So, to all you non-asshole/art students who feel slighted by Tim’s words, you are not alone. I won’t let the mean man hurt anymore.

6 thoughts on “Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 49

  1. I never thought that the man who hated on Liquid Swordsand I would agree on anything but for once I am gonna have to side with the grumpy ole’ Alaska. While I think De La Soul is Dead is a great album Buhloone is a more consistent and isn’t so skit heavy as Dead. Also, “I am I Be”! Thats my shit…

    • Oh, I’m not mad at that opinion but thinking that someone who thinks “De la soul is dead” is better is categorically wrong is retarded. That shit is a masterpiece. Skit heavy for sure, but the actual songs and whole idea behind the album is next level.

      • I don’t hate liquid swords I just don’t get the nostalgia fucking of the album. It held up the worst of the first generation Wu albums. It has moments but was a real time place album. I would rather listen to something that has a more timeless appeal.

        As for de la you cant really go wrong with any of the first three. But stakes is high was always corny as fuck to me.

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