Fuck/Marry/Kill Vol 29

It is time once again for the game we all know and love. Fuck/marry/kill. Well, actually, some of you hate it cause you take everything way too seriously and think I’m being sexist. So, just to clarify, this is all jokes. You realize , for half of these, I’m fucking, marrying and killing things that cannot be fucked, married or killed, right? Part of the fun of these is being able to be ridiculous about them. And where the women are concerned, know that I’m aware this is all made up and have desire to actually do anything to any of these women (well, I’d fuck a few of them…) nor do I think they’d do anything but “Kill” me if given the choice. Now that I’ve explained that to you and drained all possible humor out of the idea, let’s get back into it. If you have any interesting/off center ideas of people/things/places you’d like me to fuck marry or kill, leave them in the comments below. I’m always looking for new ideas and these are all reader submitted.
And now, on with the show…

NBA girls Edition:Vanessa Bryant, Kate Upton, Savannah Brinson

Fuck: Kate Upton
Not quite sure what she did to get on this list. Pretty sure she’s not dating or married to a basketball player, but hey, I’m not complaining. Upton is obviously beautiful an seemingly created in the mind of a 14 year old boy furiously masturbating. All that’s missing is a PS4 built into her back and that theory would be spot on. Anyway, some of you may be asking, why not marry her? Well, this is gonna sound terrible but I don’t see her aging gracefully. Not that I’m one to talk but by the time she hits 30, the world will be speaking very differently about Mrs. Upton. So, I’m more of the “Get it while it’s still great” mind set on this one.

Marry: Vanessa Bryant
It’s hard to find a pic of her without a forced smile or a scowl on it. I wonder why? oh yeah…cause her piece of shit husband sodomized some girl in a hotel a few years back and she opted to stay with him. On one hand that’s unheard of loyalty (certainly a very marriage worthy trait). On the other, she might just be in it for the long sting and planning on milking Kobe for all he’s worth (a ploy I’m not mad at cause, hey, he did cheat). Either way, I’ve always thought she was pretty fly and , even if her “Stand by my man” angle is tainted, she might actually not be a terrible person. Then again, she may have stayed married with him just so she can hold it over his head for the rest of his life and he’s basically her slave. Who knows…this is a tough one. I feel like I’m talking myself out of it. hmm…Nah, fuck it…At the very least she’d be appreciative of a non-cheater and it would give me even more reason to hate Kobe than I already do. WORTH IT.

Kill:Savannah Brinson
Truth be told, I didn’t even know who this was. I knew lebron got married (Dumbest choice ever for a pro athlete in his 20’s, btw) but I didn’t know it was to her. Well, She’s very pretty. That’s all i can really say. So, why am I killing her in this scenario? Out of pure ignorance. She could be a witch for all i know…or she could be saint. I have no idea and typing words into google to check is way to time consuming for a game this dumb. So, I’ll just cut my loses and go with the apathetic kill. Sorry bron, bron!

F/M/K – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Marry: Saturday
Soooo easy for me. As a guy who doesn’t work a normal job, this question actually takes on different meanings. My mondays are mostly likely not like you’re mondays (unless you happen to blissfully unemployed). But saturdays…That’s when everything is great. I go out with my girl for some delicious lunch (or brunch if you wanna be an asshole about it). I chill, then I go play basketball. Then I come home, eat some more and probably go out with my friends. To me, that’s a perfect day. Food, basketball, friends. If I had a theme restaurant , that would be the tagline “Come to Tony’s House of Lamb Flanks: Food ,basketball and friends”

Fuck: Friday
Friday is a fuck of a night for most people. For you, it might mean that time when you cut loose after a hard week. For me, it’s more typically date night. Either way, it doesn’t have the complete majesty of a saturday but it’s still pretty good. A good friday can definitely set your saturday back though so, when fucking friday, go easy on her/him. You fuck too hard and you’ll spend your saturday in bed , holding your sore vagina/butthole all day.

Kill: Sunday
This is my hangover day in general. Fuck this day. The only thing good about sundays to me is the TV they play. WHile I will miss that, I won’t miss feeling like I have a case of short term AIDS for the majority of the day due to the drinks I drank the night before. For you working people, Sunday is a reminder that “hey bro, tomorrow is back to the grindstone”. There is no joy in anticipation of tomorrow when tomorrow is a guaranteed shit show. I’d imagine church goers might argue this day is the best but I’m not one of them and , of course, the shittiest day of the weekend would be “The lords day”. He shoulda picked saturday. just sayin’.

F/M/K: 80′s wrestling ladies edition: Luna Vachon, Miss Elisabeth, Alundra Blayze

Kill: Luna Vachon
Jesus christ. Kill it with fire. Kill it before it kills me. This lady looks like Herc from “The Wire” with a wig on , dressed like a road warrior extra. Actually, now that I think about it, she would be an amazing Halloween costume for a drag queen.
Whatever, she is terrifying. Both from a physical and general looks view point. She could very likely kick my ass…which , contrary to what some of you creeps might think, is not an attractive quality.

Fuck:Alundra Blayze
Alundra Blayze e
There are huge pockets of men out there who are very attracted to a girl like this. Not just the Mr. Cee’s of the world either.She’s a real Robert Crumb type. Strong, tall and with a jawline that makes you go “Wait…are you? you got tits though…but wait…” as you galnce down at her tights to check for a lump. She is a manly lady, no doubt. But, she spells Blaze with a “Y” so you know she’s real, guys. I’ll tell you one thing, looking through these google pics, she LOVES america. And what’s more american than having uncomfortable sex with a girl you’re not 100% is totally a girl? Not much, bro, not much.

Marry: Miss Elisabeth
I had her posters on my wall. When I used to watch wrestling, she was that flower that grew out of the concrete. It’s funny how your brain sees things when you’re an kid. Seeing her now, she was basically like the living embodiment of a mall food court and very likely did pounds of coke off Macho Man’s pimple filled back. But back in the day? I assumed she shit diamonds and spoke like 15 different languages fluently…She was lovely , goddamnit! So, in honor of my youthful optimism, I thee wed. Also, have you looked at the other two choices? Shit is a no brainer.

F/M/K:beard ,mustache ,goatee

Marry: Beard
John Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt
Beards are the best cause they’re easy to maintain (you just let them grow), they’re manly and they keep you warm. They also are great for hiding your fat fucking face or keeping people in the dark that, when clean shaven, you look like that pussy from “Boy meets world”. Also, due to some weird shit in the water, ladies seem to be open to beards nowadays. I don’t know if it’s some daddy issues , respect for santa or some genetic desire to love cavemen but more and more really hot girls are down with a slovenly looking dude these days. So, score one for bearded guys.

The mustache is definitely a fuck. It’s a novelty. Sure, some dudes grow them and mean it but they’re all either leather boys, cops or mixologists. For most guys, a mustache is something you rock for a little bit and have fun with, then shave off and live you life as a normal person once again. I’ve noticed that really good looking dudes like to grow just a mustache sometimes. As if to test their own good looks. Like “She liked me last week..but will she still wanna have sex with me if I have just a mustache?!?!” (The answer is “yes” , good looking guy. She will do whatever you say. You’re that good looking. Prick).

Kill: Goatee
Maybe in the 90’s this would have been a tough choice but nowadays? It’s a wrap on goatees. Only slovenly roadies/sound guys, chubby latino men and weirdo religious southerners who tuck in their t-shirts have goatees anymore. While it is a slightly more doable look than, say, just a soul patch, it’s just not a viable anymore. The whole beard wave has made people who sculpt their facial hair look like total sissies. Oh word, you’re gonna manicure your goatee? Nice. Be sure to trim the double chin layer so there is a hunk of freshly shaven fat right beneath your chin that looks like a delicious slab of pork waiting to cooked on a grill. I’m hungry.

13 thoughts on “Fuck/Marry/Kill Vol 29

  1. The exception to the goatee rule has to be Mike Woodson’s. That thing terrifies me up out of a sound sleep. Terrified by the respect I have for it, of course.

  2. FMK Rap Production Edition. RZA, Premier,Dre. Not the producers themselves, mind you, but their production. But hey, If you wanna get weird…..

  3. Sunday Special: Rape-Kill-Rape would be the best option. I’m so f*ckin’ hate! Even if I didn’t work for months, Sunday is still sunday. Same melancholic suicidal state of mind on sundays. I hate that day!!!!

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