What’s beef…or pork.

I got into a conversation with some people last week when one posed the question “If you could only have one for the rest of your life, would you eat Pork or Beef?”
Immediately , I thought beef was the clear answer. Not even close. But, as we discussed things more (no, we were not high) a decent case for pork was made. Decent enough for me to say “hey, I’mma waste some space on my blog with a poll about this…”
So, before you jump into your answer, consider a few things.
With beef you’re getting all these and more: all cuts of steak, brisket, pastrami, corned beef, hot dogs, tartare, burgers ect…
Seems like an open and shut case, right? Well, hold you fucking horses, brahh!!
With Pork you’re getting: Pork chops, Ribs (the better of the two types, I might add), ham, Pork belly and, most of all…BACON. Yes…that one word is what threw a stick in the spokes for me. Motherfucking bacon.

Now, to be honest, I still think beef is the clear choice here but I do think it’s closer than most people might think. So, I’m curious…what do you think? If you lived on an island and they had one type of animal to eat for the rest of your life, what would you want it to be? It can be prepared anyway and they can use the whole animal. While pigs and cows are the obvious choice, I threw in some other options for the sake of fairness and to cater to all the people out there with shitty taste.
I love both lamb and chicken but, let’s be honest, one lacks the variety of beef and Pork and the other is only as good as what’s on top of it.
Also, I left out seafood cause that’s a different beast all together…and it would probably win, somehow.
What do you think

32 thoughts on “What’s beef…or pork.

  1. Any man that picks a pig over a cow for nutrition is a goddamn fool. Cows make milk, which on its own is one of the reasons humans are much stronger than they used to be. The ability to digest lactase is an evolutionary advantage. Take into account pork is the shittiest of all meats and bodybuilders tend to avoid it because of its bad fat to protein ratio. If you’re going for only flavor and a bad case of gout I’d go with pork

    • I think we are talking about flavor here not nutrition. If this was a debate about the healthiest meat chicken would beat out everything esle.

  2. I’ve gotta’ say, pork for me. Pulled pork and carnitas are staples of my diet, plus pork is cheap as fuck so I could actually afford to eat.

    • I just read Block’s comment barring milk products from counting. Fuck.

      Beef still wins for being leaner. A beef eating army would smash a pork-bellied army any day

  3. I think factory farms are messed up, and that if humans want to keep eating meat they should suck it up and buy it from farmer’s markets and food co-operatives. Because what we do to animals in order to get cheap meat to our plates is beyond messed up — especially pigs, which are highly intelligent and social animals, easily comparable to dogs (http://youtu.be/LDsBbwRATAM). The only reason anyone would call me overly sensitive about this is because we are so distanced from the actual process that goes on. Look into it.

  4. If I was going on the blog cow or pig. I probably choose pig. I generally eat pig more anyhow.

    Grilled pork chips are my favvy fav and like you said fuckig bacon.

    Also reminds me of a story about my dumb ex wife

    I made her a blt once and she opened it up and asked where the meat was and I said …ah….it’s a blt then sheeeee said. I’ve never heard of it. And then asked why I would make a Sandwhich w/o meat. And I was like there’s bacon on it

  5. Beef (no homo) is the only move. As noted Brownsville poet Sean Price once said “you can tell by the rhyme it’s my time to shine / let’s eat, mothafucka I don’t dine on swine.”

    • Gah, now I feel like this entry was a trap! Like this is the most obvious answer to pigs vs. cows and I just bit as a naysayer

    • i wasn’t considering cheese and only talking about the actual meat made from the animals. That’s what you’re voting on here and only that. Other thing you’re not voting on:
      How the animals are treated

      This is pretty basic. People digging too deep into this question are complicating things.

  6. For me, it depends on the brand. I have a shitty taste syndrome, so most mammals taste like crap to me, and so do a lot chickens. But I’ll still go with chicken.

  7. Beef. There’s way too much variety here. Pork is like lamb in that it gets boring after a long period of time. Even chicken has variety because you can do a lot with it. Chicken cacciatore and marsala is the shit. And with beef you get veal which is a different beast all on its own.

    Panceta, proscutto, and bacon are amazing though, but beef wins on steak alone.

  8. Got to be pork. Besides all the lovely treats you mentioned. Have you ever had Lechon? The phillipino slow-roasted deliciousness cant be fucked with! Also, Slow roasted pork-belly,-Smoked Seranno Ham, (Tastes nothing like shitty deli-ham) Buche (braised pork stomach),Hell even the jowells, cheeks, and ears are delicious if you know how to cook them.

    When Mama cooked MY breakfast with no hog-I gotta say.. it was a bad day….

  9. Im never been much if a foodie but Chicken of course. For its sheer accessiblility. You can have it for breakfast (chicken and waffles), lunch (chicken wings) or dinner (fried chicken). And desert (tavuk gogsu). I dont fuck with the swine but do enjoy some beef now and then particularly burgers and beef ribs. Shoutout to duck! My unpolled third favorite meat.

  10. I feel like a much better argument for lamb could come from outside the us. But you’re right, in the states we have no variety with it

  11. I had to pick chicken because I don’t want clogged arteries from pork or heart disease from beef or lamb. Otherwise it’s clearly beef. Tacos are made of beef. Open and shut case if I ever saw one

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