Answers for questions vol. 160

Hey guys,
Back once again with more answers for your questions. I glanced at my question pile and it’s getting a little lower than I’d like it to be. So, please, send me questions! Anything! get silly with it. Also, if you need advice on anything what-so-ever, send those questions as well. I’ll use them in my “Ask Dr. Tony” column.
If you got questions you can either email them to me: OR leave them in the comments below. Everything is anonymous so don’t worry about it…it’s between you, me and the readers who have no idea who you are.
Okay, lets do this weeks batch…

Yo, been reading the blog for a while now. These past as and qs some one asked you about regret. How being such a pussy didnt get you laid, i have to ask, what changed? How did you go from a insecure guy to a confident one?

All that talk has much more to do with just getting older and seeing how things work than an actual switch over from being insecure to confidant.
When I was younger (teens-early 20’s) I had dudes around me who just “got it” at an early age. They were wired to know how to bag girls. Seeing them operate not only confused me but definitely made me insecure about how I go about things. They were kinda brash assholes while I was just genuinely nice. I wasn’t shy really, just I came from a very friend like angle. That led to me getting in a lot of situations where I’d like a girl and , by the time she realized, she was on to the next one. LOTS of missed opportunities.
I think, for a lot of guys, when you’re young you go one of two ways. You either got that laser focused game and are all about the hunt (which is really more like older dudes) or you’re too nice and scared of the hunt. Also, the second type has a vision for how things are supposed to go. I definitely got crushes easy back then (more so in my teens than my early 20’s). The funny thing about that is , if I tell that to a girl they’ll be like “that’s so sweet!” but you know what wasn’t sweet? When a girl I’d have this Disney ass crush on would end up fucking a scum bag friend of mine in the bathroom at a house party. The phrase, “You snooze you lose” is real.
Anyway, as I got older, I just sort of figured out the game better. I don’t mean “THe game” like that book about pick up artists, I mean how men and women communicate. I don’t mean that i started becoming a lying scum bag to get girls though. I more just found my lane and what worked for me. I guess you could say my confidence raised a bit but I tend to think it was more my awareness of other people than anything.Like most things in life, find what works for you and run with it.

Who are your favorite producers/rappers? Guys who kill both. This question was supposed to be what do you think El does better but yeah.

Well, El is a clear answer, obviously.

Aesop has certainly earned that title as well.

Quelle Chris does both very well.

Jay Electronica used to make his own beats and, even though he wasn’t really a great technical producer, he made really good songs.

MF Doom might be one of the greatest of all time on both level.
Old school guys like Diamond D, Large Professor and Lord FInesse did both extremely well.

.I was at your show at Paperbox last night (dope stuff), and I noticed that you were on line for the bathroom a few people ahead of me at one point in the night. The line was rather long and at times moving pretty fucking slow. Do you think there is a recommended time restraint surrounding public bathroom use? Like i understand if you’re taking longer because you’re dropping a massive shit, but what are really the chances THREE people are dropping massive shits in separate bathrooms at the same time? And obviously there’s a point where you move from “oh they’re crapping” or “hm this is taking a bit” to “holy fuck did they piss all over themselves” or “are they doing lines off the seat/are they dead?” Are some people just oblivious when it comes to this stuff?

As someone who gets in and out as quick as possible and who possesses very little patience for waiting, this shit is the bane of my existence. Few things will make steam rise from my ears like being on a long ass bathroom line at a bar and seeing three 22 year old girls stumble out after being locked in there for 20 minutes. Unacceptable.
I look at that behavior the same way I do as people who are always late. Motherfuckers are self involved, selfish and have no fucks to give what other people think. I honestly think the people who hole up on public bathrooms don’t even realize how rude they are. They simply aren’t thinking about anyone but themselves. Now, if it is an emergency shit. I get it. It’s awful to have crazy diarrhea in public. But, other than that? There’s no excuse.
Even worse is when they finally do come out to a mile long line of unhappy faces, they have an attitude. If you’re coming out of the bathroom with a few friends after blowing lines for 20 minutes, you better be pretty fucking apologetic to everyone you made wait. Hell, you should probably each pick a dude out of the line to fellate to let everyone know how truly sorry you are.

longevity. For years I’ve argued that of the 90′s golden era bands, OUTKAST is the hands down most consistently prolific hip hop group ever. I base this the number of records VS smash singles VS consistent end to end vision on each album and overall tend setting impact.
Let’s not discount the runners up, THE ROOTS. It’s also clutch not forget THE WU TANG as well.
Pretty though call but that’s me.
How would you weigh in?
1st, 2nd, 3rd

Outkast is a good pick for sure. To be honest, I’ve never been a big Roots fan. They’re obviously good at what they do but it hasn’t really appealed to be since their first album. that said, their, longevity is undenialble. I’d say MF doom might be one of them as he’s been around since the early 90’s , as part of KMD, and he come out os Doom , like he was a whole new person. That’s a rare occurrence.

Even though he hasn’t made much great music lately, Kool Kieth deserves a nod as well. He’s been making shit since the 80’s and people still check for him on some level.

Ghostface has been solid, if not steadily improved over the years. Masta Ace had a great run of quality albums. Dr. Dre has never put out a half assed product. Even though he’s been sitting on “Detox” for like 12 years.

Hey block, you seem to wear a lot of hats just wondering what brands you rock

I’m not really a brand guy. I have tons of New Era hats but, lately, the hats I’ve been wearing are off the grid ones made in small runs. I’ve been rocking this hat some dude gave me in Russia that shouts out some random St. Petersburg crew. I just like the hat. Another one I wear is a promotional hat for a movie my friend made called “Severed ways”. Basically, I’m going obscure with my hat choices.

If a major company contacts you one day to produce one song or an album for a very famous but very untalented singer/rapper (I don’t want to name an example, let’s just say people who have 20 millions youtube views in a few weeks), what would you do? Of course, the contract would include big money and perhaps big fame… (Maybe it has already happened, I may not know all your activities…)

ps: I am French so, sorry for my english…

This kind of question has popped up a bunch of times over the years. People are obsessed with the idea of “selling out” and , really, can’t wait to jump the gun on throwing that title at any artist who tried to make some money. I get that mindset, as I was once just a dude listening to music too. I had beloved artists who I felt went down the wrong creative path and I hated it. That said, when this is how you make a living, things change. Suddenly, the fact that no one buy records any more and the only way to make money doing music is touring and getting songs in ads and movies, starts to change the game a little.
So, to answer your questions, I would probably do it under the right circumstances. Those being I get to do what I do. If they’re hiring me to make a pop record, that’s on them…but I don’t make pop music so really, that’s just poor choices on their part. But if I got hired to work with, say, Miley Cyrus and she simply wanted to sing over my beats, as is? Sure, I’d do it. Why the fuck not? It’s still my beat(s) and making that kinda money could set me up to do my own stuff on an even crazier level.
I think “selling out” only becomes an issue when you change to adhere to what others want. To me, selling out isn’t simply working with this person or that person, it’s changing your entire musical approach and ideals to fit into something else.

If you could just go poof with a magic wand and all of sudden know another language fluently, which one would it be?

If I had a magic wand, I’d hopefully pick something better than langauge fluency but I’ll play along…
I’d probably pick spanish or Japanese. Spanish cause it’s something I tried to learn back in high school but was too dumb to figure out. I failed Spanish two 3 times. You know how many times I watched “El Norte”? Three fucking times.

I’m just terrible at learning in general but languages were always extremely hard for me. I was good at the pronunciations and the accents but my memorization skills are abysmal.
Japanese would be fun to know cause I kinda wanna go to Japan and the one thing holding me back is me not understanding what the fuck is going on over there. I felt that way in Russia too. The second the letters start changing into symbols I’ve never seen before, that’s when I get nervous. SO, knowing Japanese would be awesome. Also, obviously, I’d use it to pick up Japanese girls too. Just kidding about that but I legit know a dude who learned japanese specifically to land him a japanese girl. What a piece of shit.

21 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 160

    • To be honest, I totally forgot about him. He’s definitely up there. That said, if you think he “makes beats” anymore you don’t know much about ho music gets made. Pretty sure dude hasn’t touched a sampler in 5 years.
      Also, you know you’re a hug cornball if me forgetting about Kanye bothered you at all, right? No haterade here, brah.

      • In his bbc interview kanye stated that the last time he actually sat down in front of his sampler and made a beat all by himself alone was in 2004 for twistas track overnight celebrity.

      • Well I just want more exotica like a baby cheetah (that isn’t a cat) or a red panda, but I know I’m asking a lot. Did you ever have a bunny as a pet/would you ever think of getting one ahahaha

  1. I think TREE is a dope produce/mc too

    btw, which album from EL-P do you recommend to start??
    I know tones of things from Def Jux but I never listened to any of his solo albums

      • How does one know of things def jux but not el?


        I have a question.

        It’s a dumb one but is illogic and billy woods the first albums you produced 100% besides your stuff obviously. I know you and aes split duties in the early days but is there an album I missed somewhere?

        Also have you appeared in any videos ever ? Since you think you’re to silly for them

      • Yeah, those are the first albums I ever produced front to back with rappers.
        as for videos,I’m in the “NY electric” video a decent amount as well as the video for “Coffee”.

  2. Well dour candy is on my top if I was stuck on an island albums so thank you.

    I paid for it even. Haha

    I hope you keep doing this. Albums with one producer is a lost art these days

  3. Yo block. I agree with all your music statements except maybe the roots thing. They rock. But I was shocked by your “I don’t believe you” choice for kool Keith! Hilarious song and I thought I was the only person on the planet saying ” you say your pops is cool. I don’t believe you”! Your the best ever block. Seriously.

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