Yay or Nay: Old rappers doing good?

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I’mma be honest. I signed off on both Q-tip and Busta Rhymes a looooooooong time ago. Like a decade , at least. Sure, Busta can still rap and Tip can still make beats but…I dunno…the thrill has been gone for me for a while and I assumed it had left the building for good.
Well, then they go and drop this song. It’s fun. Busta sounds good. Tip sounds good. The beat is a throw back in a good way. what the fuck is going on here. This isn’t supposed to happen. Or is it? Perhaps, like so many other talented artists who have tried to stay relevant, these dudes had this in them the entire past decade but were opting to make music to appeal to a different generation. It’s totally possible. Whatever the case, the fact they could make an enjoyable song together in 2013 is pretty impressive to me. I assumed they peaked when they made this back in the 90’s:

Am i wrong? What do you think of this song?

15 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Old rappers doing good?

  1. Did you happen to catch Q-Tip’s “The Renaissance”, back in ’08? That was a great record…like, a really great record. Maybe not your cup of tea, but solid work

  2. in my opinion Q Tip has always been awesome. this is particularly good! but he’s definitely been making great stuff pretty recently. Busta actually surprised me on this track

  3. I maintain that Busta signed with Young Money so he could be a part of a crew where he had ZERO competition. Every song he’s done with those chumps he absolutely destroys. I still wish he’d act a little more like his age. The homophobic psuedo-weight-mover steeze is kinda tired for a 40 year old who used to make songs about the P.T.A. and shit. But he’s still a monster on the mic. This joint’s dope. The sample’s kinda exhausted but the way they freaked it on the verses is original. The chorus is unnecessary. I vouch for that Q-Tip record from a couple years ago as well. I wanna hear the joints he supposedly produced for Jay-Z.

  4. They were way past peak when the love movement came out. That was the crash and burn end, with the godawful epitaph of “breath & stop” / “vibrant thang”

    This is alright, though.

      • Love Movement didn’t work as a cohesive narrative, the way their other albums did, but it had some great stand alone tracks… and I don’t mean club tracks, or singles… but rather some really solid hip hop that showed they were still able to harness the lightening that was created by their combined talents. Still a worth while album in my opinion. Tip’s Amplified however fell terribly short and really made you miss the rest of the Tribe.

  5. What was kanyes part even for haha. Was he like ….well fuck this I couldn’t keep up so I’ll say dumb words haha

    This is great though.

    I think a lot of these guys could come back because lyrical lyrics are back again and 90’s shit is the new 80’s revival

  6. Being that music is a form of art, I feel at times musicians have a block just as a painter or writer does. But, getting back in the groove of creating music worth listening too is much harder. I’ve always loved Q-tip, Tribe Called Quest and well, Busta is either hit or miss with me. I do like this song, the beats and it’s cool to hear Q-tip back creating worthy tunes.

  7. Great rhymes. Busta’s subject matter is a bit played out and lacking in creativity. Tip kills it enough to make up for that fact.

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