Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 51

This week, Tim aka Alaska and I discuss new/old videos by Roc Marciano, Hello Phones and a clip from Mr. Show that every rap fan should witness.
Tim doesn’t like Roc and I don’t care about Hello Phones…but other than that, it seems we’ve reached a nirvana like agreement on all other things. I bet you didn’t know but this column is written every week in a steam room while we sit cross legged across the room from one another, wearing only hand towels. That might explain some things…

1 thought on “Tim and I discuss music and stuff vol. 51

  1. holy name that roc / madlib track is gorgeous. i have to agree w what philaflava said a week or so back, roc gets a little weak on guest spots w other rappers (minus ka), but by himself over a producer he is raw outta his mind. but anyway, kinda glad alaska doesnt like him, cuz if he liked both roc (and gza of course) and all that indie bullshit he craps his pants over the same i might have to question my own taste/assocations in music or somethin…

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