“After Capture” is coming.

If you’ve be paying attention this past year and a half, you might have noticed that Illogic and I have had a prolific 18 months. We dropped two free ep’s, a full length called “Capture the sun” on Man Bites dog records and , to close it all out, we bring you “After Capture”. It’s the final installment of our collaboration (for now) in the form of an EP.
It drops early december. Until then, here’s a preview of the song “Chiseled Masterpiece”.

Also, go here for pre-orders:


If you missed the other releases,

7 thoughts on ““After Capture” is coming.

  1. That’s dope as I liked the album and the two EPs a lot. But what I’ve been really looking forward to is the instrumental version of ‘Dour Candy’. Are there any news on that one? Is it still coming?

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