Answers for questions Vol. 162

Just got back from a fun weekend doing shows in places I don’t play much. So , shout out to Salt Lake city and Wichita for coming out and having a good time. I definitely hope to come back to both of you in the future.
Anywho (how annoying is that word?), this is that thing where you you send me questions and I answer them. There is no topic ,within reason, that’s off limits. If you’d like to ask me anything about anything, send me questions! Either leave them in the comments below or email them to me at: Don’t be shy. It’s all anonymous.
Got it? good. Let’s look at this weeks batch…

Do you and your close group of friends have the same taste in girls? Random question, but me and my gal pals all have very different types (which is both good and bad), but my brother and his friends all go after the same general type of girl and have dated the same girls. Just wondering if maybe it’s a guy thing.

Some of us do and some of us don’t. I have friends who like tiny blonde girls with no hips, I have friends who are creeps who only dates asian girls and I have friends who prefer curvy latinas. I have one friend who’s obsession with big tits runs so deep, at times, it’s as if it’s all that matters. Playing the “would you?” game with him is amazing.
in general, there are definitely girls we all agree on though but thats somewhat expected when dealing with men. We’re not that complicated about who gives us boners. Even when guys have a specific type, it’s never THAT serious. A “type” is a loose guideline at best. I may like short , brownish girls but that doesn’t mean I’d turn down some hot blonde amazon looking broad. In the end, hot is hot and there’s rarely a girl who falls under that title that my friends and i will disagree on.

What’s it like for you listening to aesop tracks that you’ve produced? I know a lot of people feel weird bumping their own shit, but do you listen to the tracks that you did the beat on? I guess this goes for your solo stuff too. Are you able to just listen to these songs and enjoy them like the rest of us, or does it feel weird when you were so involved in the creative process?

Listening to old Aesop stuff is definitely strange cause I find myself critiquing what I did wrong. Like , for instance, the majority of the drum sounds I used on “Float” definitely rub me the wrong way. Or how something was mixed. Like the mix of “Oxygen” will always annoy the shit out of me…If I could just have turned the drums up…that song would have been so much better to me.

Basically, it’s impossible for me to listen to any song I’ve had a hand in making and just enjoy it on its own. I’m too invested in it and, most likely, I’ve heard it so many times that I’m totally sick of it. That said, it is kinda cool to go back and listen to some more obscure tracks I’ve done over the years. Ones I forgot about or haven’t peeped in like 10 years. It’s like a nice walk down memory lane, followed by a harsh self-critique that only I will ever hear.

What makes you laugh? How would you describe your sense of humor? How have these changed throughout adolescence, young adulthood, and now?

Farts. Farts make me laugh. They always will.
But , honestly, I don’t really know what specifically makes me laugh. It depends. Clearly, whatever it is, it’s funny.
I would describe my sense of humor and silly, witty and irreverent. I like my humor with a hint of meanness to it but never if it’s actually mean. Perhaps “perceived meanness but in a good natured way” is a better way to put it. Though, my facebook/twitter followers might disagree with that.
Also,I just realized writing a description of my sense of humor is both extremely pretentious and humiliating. My apologies for that.
As for how my humor has changed over the years, I honestly think it’s been the same for a long time. I bet things that made me buckle over in laughter when I was 16 would still make me smile today. I’m just more refined in my taste now than I was when I was a kid.
One thing is for certain, farting on someone will always be funny to me (unless I’m the one being farted on).

What song do you want played at your funeral?

As a fairly non-sentimental guy, I might want to have fun with my funeral song. Sure, it might be really sad to the loved ones I leave behind but, hey, if they really knew me, they’d know that’s how i’d wanna go out.
Maybe I’d stick with the theme of me being dead? These would be strange and hilarious:

Or perhaps the idea of a room full of grieving people being forced to listen to a song of my choosing to remember me by…and then making them sit through these songs in their entirety:

That one would be awesome cause it would make no sense and it’s truly ridiculous. A romantic call from U-God would be the perfect way to send me into the after life.
Or maybe this classic:

If for no other reason than the hilarious screaming verse at the end. Just envisioning my still, peaceful lifeless body laying in a casket while this plays…amazing.
Sure, I could be corny and play some super depressing soul song but , i dunno, I’m not trying to have one of those funerals. I want mine to be more upbeat. Or not have one at all…I don’t give a shit. It’s not like I’ll really be there anyway. Might as well go out with a bang and play some shit like this so they’ll never forget me:

What are the chances of me getting to talk to you a little bit after a show? Are you like Penn & Teller and always wait after shows to meet anybody who wants to meet you? Or do you usually get the hell outta dodge as quickly as possible? Because if I’m going to one of your shows (if you ever come to Nashville, that is!), I’m sure as shit going to want some face time with ol’ Uncle Blocky. Also, to elongate this series of questions even further: what topic, has someone came up to you post-show with, that made you want to stick around and continue to talk with them about it? And the opposite, what is something that someone has come up to you post-show talking about that made you want to end that conversation with that person as soon as you possibly could?

I’m pretty available at my shows. I tend to like to work my own merch booth…before and after my set so, yeah, I’m chilling.I’d say the best time to catch me is before I play (If I’m headlining). If I’m not headlining though, I’ll b at the merch booth after I get off stage. Unfortunately, for those non-merch showsC(festivals and more rave like parties) I do tend to be in and out pretty quickly though.
As for post show chats, I think there’s a fine line between speaking to me like a normal person and being annoying. In general, I’m a very normal and friendly person. I’m not gonna be rude to anyone (to a fault sometimes). That said, after a show, there are usually a decent amount of people that wanna chat, take pics or get autographs (AND BUY STUFF). So, my advice would be to be brief. It’s weird to me when someone will corner me at the merch booth while like 10 other people are waiting to say hi or buy some shit. It just shows a serious lack of awareness on the part of that person. If no one else is around, hey, let’s chat…but otherwise, it’s best to just say your peace and keep it moving.
As for things that make me want to end conversations…Really drunk people who repeat the same shit over and over again , while giving me numerous pounds. that shit is tedious and EVERY show has at least one of those guys. Another thing I’m not into is tech talk. I’m not a gear nerd. i don’t care about that shit at all. So , really, when people start to chat me up about it, I kinda just zone out. Not to mention, the look of disappointment when I tell them I’ve never used whatever machine/program they’re talking about. same goes for people who wanna talk music. In general, I don’t really share the same music taste as my fans. I don’t listen to much electronic music so listing a bunch of dj’s I’ve never heard of is typically an awkward convo to have. On the same note, I find people try and bait me into dissing shit by asking me about it. THey’ll be like “Well, what did you think of the new album by _____?” with a funny look on their faces. The reality of it is that, most likely, I haven’t heard that album. You’d be amazed at the amount of people who try and get me to talk shit about Aesop at shows. As if he’s not a close friend of mine or something. That shit always blows my mind. Clearly, there are many things I’m not crazy talking about with people but it’s mostly due to how much I’ve been forced to talk about these things already.
Basically, I’m a willing participant in chatting. Just don’t be a weirdo about it and use common sense. Pretty simple rules, really.

Ive been exaggeratedly into music for as long as I can remember, I’ve worked sense i was young to help my family and never really got to spend much of what I’ve earned on myself till recently. I’ve done alot of research and talked to people who all have diff opinions on set up’s so when I read your post I figured this would be my chance to ask you.

My question is, what basic/beginners setup would you recommend for someone with no grandpa money to make instrumental music?

This is one of the more common questions I’ve gotten over the years of doing this column. There is no answer for it though. I can only tell you want I know , which is not much. I use an ASR 10 sampler and abelton live. The sampler I wouldn’t recommend cause it’s both out of print and expensive. Abelton is awesome and, if you can afford it, go for it. That said, had I come up using Reason and an mpc I would have told you to get that. My advice would be to perhaps go over to different peoples houses (or even just a guitar center) and play around on their equipment. Whatever feels like it fits your vibe the best, then pick that. There is no right or wrong answer.

6 thoughts on “Answers for questions Vol. 162

  1. Your answer to #1 reminded me of friendzoning, in that, when I was teen I FRIENDZONED a couple of dudes simply because I didn’t grasp the concept of types not being THAT serious. You’re constantly comparing yourself to the tiny microscopic demo that is your friends at that age.

    I remember watching movies with this guy “friend” in his basement and him also taking me out places and I thought “his past gfs were tanned and blonde, he’s not into me like that, he just likes to hang out” … whaaaat? I was so dumb

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