Music stuff…This and that.

Whattup…So, I got a few new things to share with you guys and just a basic all around update music wise.
First off, Illogic and I will be putting out our final Ep (for now) called “After Capture” on December 17th. Before that, though, here’s a new song off it for you to peep.

If you wanna pre-order the EP, go here:

In other news, The Album I did with Billy woods “Dour Candy” can now be owned in it’s instrumental form. The good people over at Backwoodz released the whole thing yesterday. For those of you that like my beats but aren’t really bout that rap life, this is your lucky day.
It’s available where ever Digital downloads can be found but here’s a link to their site if you’re into it…
in case you forgot what those tracks sounded like, here are a few in their original , rappified form

In solo news, my New album “Bells And Whistles” is pretty much done. I’m still putting some final touches on the mixes and it should be 100% finished by the end of the year. I’m not 100% sure who is gonna put it out or when it will come out, but it’ll definitely be out in some form next year. I’m definitely really happy with it so keep and ear open for that.

My dude Marq Spekt and I have a finished album is well. We’re getting the details sorted but it should be dropping next year as well.
We’ve leaked a few tracks already so, in case you missed them, here they are:

as well as this song that won’t be on the Album:

Lastly, the album I’ve been working on with my group The Mighty Jones is also done and should be dropping next year. If you’re not familiar with this project, it’s Me, Singer joanna Erdos and musicians Damian Paris (He plays on all my instrumental albums) and Jeremy Gibson (AKA Sir Jarlsberg and the other half of PArty fun action committee).
Here’s a song we did a while back:

As well as a demo we made that won’t be on the album:

Okay! I’m off to do some shows in europe. If you live in Munich, Kiev, Pecs, Brussels, Paris or Bordeaux…Come see your boy.

15 thoughts on “Music stuff…This and that.

  1. Add this to the question pile if you’d prefer to answer it there, but:

    You say here that you’re really happy with your new album; have you ever released a piece of music and not been really happy with it? What have your feelings been regarding various projects (that you can remember, or if you felt particularly oddly about some of them, or whatever).

    • I’m not really one who sits around hating my own work. I’ve been happy with everything I’ve put out. The only one I had doubts about was “downtown Science” but that had more to do with peoples expectations than the album itself.

      • Don’t get me wrong; Music By Cavelight is one of my all-time favorite instrumental albums. However, given the degree to which people just… flat-out idolized that shit, you couldn’t have lived up to that hype, no matter what your next project was.

        Same for RJD2 after Deadringer; such an amazing debut coupled with perfect timing has to lead to later disappointment for those who fall victim to the hype machine.

      • Oh, I’m well aware. That’s why, when I made “Downtown Science” i kinda tried to make it nothing like “Music by cave light”. Unfortunately, most people wanted me to make another “Music by Cavelight”. hell, people still want me to do that, which is a comical concept for any artist.

      • Maybe those people would prefer the work of the unknowns who’ve been trying to remake Music By Cave Light for the past ten years.

        Thanks for being so accessible.

      • Accepting that you can’t please everyone (or most people, really) is the first step to being a good artist. Pandering never helped anyone…except all the people who got rich by doing it but…you know…you know what i mean.

  2. Love that Drag me Down track… is that you singing backup vox in there? They’re subtle, but it sounds like a dude’s voice, either way, nice work – hat piano loop gets stuck in my head for days on end

  3. Downtown Science is my favorite Blockhead album and that “quite storm” is one of my favorite tracks too. So yeah, big up for that

  4. The Mighty Jones sounds a lot like DJ Khalil’s group The New Royales, but in a good way. Equally adept production to go along with a sultry voice that can be heightened based on the feel of the song. Check out “The Picture Show,” off Self-Scientific’s EP ‘Trials of the Blackhearted’ if you’re not familiar.

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