Yay or Nay: Big Baby Ghandi

Big Baby Ghandi has been around for a little while. Probably best known for his affiliation to Das Racist, he’s a dude from queens who’s got a pretty straight forward style (I mean that in a good way). One of those “this is so simple I can’t believe no one thought of it before” kinda flows. I love that kinda shit. Thing is, I feel like people tend to take sides , where Das Racist are concerned. They either get it and like them or it offends their deepest hip hop emotions. Simply by affiliation, I have a feeling this might also carry over to Big Baby Ghandi, even though they sound nothing alike. While he does carry some of the non-chalant lightness that Das Racist had, he’s far more energetic and also has one of those unmistakable type voices you don’t hear very often. So, i ask you, random people reading this, what are your thoughts?
First, peep some music:
In fact , just peep his whole new album!

17 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Big Baby Ghandi

  1. I’m not a true hip hop head, but i kind of like this guy as a rapper. Out of these three songs i liked ‘Blessed’ and ‘Boomerang’. The drums on Boomerang was kind of crap tho, and the Been a Villain song was not really my flavour at all.

  2. Dude is ok. Pretty similar to Das racist (whom I’m very fond of-probably more so for the beats they use.) Also, I think its funny to read “I’m not a true hip-hop head” concerning a topic (a hip hop topic) on a blockhead blog. Ahhhhh, the power of the internet. Btw….Talib Kweli is a yawn fest. Besides “2000 seasons” – which arguably is also very boring – I’ve never been into him. I think the words of the great philosopher Mack Daddy O’Nassas fit best: “Fuck all that save the hood shit. I wanna hear smack yo’ bitch up…shoot a nigga in the face.” Just sayin’

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