Answers for questions vol. 166

Bon jour! I just got back from a week plus in europe. Thanks to all those who came out to the shows. As always, it was a good time. I’ll do a little write up of it later in the week.
I’m all sorts of jet lagged and have woken up and 5 am two days in a row. Shit sucks, bro.
Anyway, this is that thing where I answer questions that you guys sent me. I always need more questions so please do me a solid and ask me more shit. Get creative. Get weird. Either leave them in the comments below or email them to me at Don’t be shy. Step up and get involved!
Here’s this weeks batch…

I was reading these black folk were picketing a rap concert somewhere
in your region trying to raise awareness to ban the word nigga…
a rap concert ….where the performers were black.

And they were saying how white people shouldn’t have access to the
word in their ears by black performers. But like nigga is kind of
embedded into hip hop culture. And how can you ban a fucking word?
Plus obviously the white folk listening to the music aren’t racist.

Since you are part of the hip hop community and a white dude do you
have any thoughts on this subject ?

I think any policing of vocabulary is fucking ridiculous. While I don’t think white people should drop N-bombs , trying to ban a word is retarded. How would you even enforce that? Not to mention, where would it end?
The whole line of thinking of taking that word away comes from an earnest place but it’s also some old type of thinking. Most of the people mad at that word (on that level) are from a different generation. A generation where that word had a much different context than it does now. How do you explain to an old black person who was scathingly called “nigger” to their face that it’s not that big a deal when an asian kid turns to his white friend and asks him “Yo, can you pass the milk over here , my nigga”? There are so many levels of youth culture and years of that wordsshifting in how it’s used , it’s futile to even try.
I feel those people are entitled to feel how they feel and I see why they do but, when it’s all said and done, they’re just out of the loop.
Word usage is on a person to person basis. If you feel like you can justify using a word , then do it. If someone calls you on it, be prepared to either explain yourself, apologize or fight for it. That’s the best kind of policing we can ask for.

Have you ever made a beat that you thought was so obscure no rapper would ever use it, but a rapper ended up using it to your surprise? Has the opposite ever happened to you?

Not quite sure what would make one beat more “obscure” than another. I’ve definitely been surprised by mc’s beat choices though. The most glaring was when Aesop picked “Daylight”.

I wouldn’t have guessed he’d be into a beat like that in a million years. Same when he picked “Cook it up”.

But that’s Aesop though…he’s never been predictable with his beat choices.
Another one would be when Cage picked “Scenester”.

I wouldn’t have pegged that as a cage beat. More recently, Billy Woods using “Central Park” seemed out of left field.

That beat sounds like some first album Kanye shit and Woods typically picks more aggressive, out there type tracks.
I will say this though, looking back at all these picks, they all resulted in songs I like a lot so maybe the lesson here is that, when mc’s go an unexpected direction, it’s a good thing.

What do you think of Heavily Tattooed women? Not circus freak tattooed but sleeves and good work, I guess the good work part is all based on opinion but basically no BS stupid tattoos.
Women that have sleeves done by good artists?
would it be a deal breaker for you? do you think it would be a deal breaker for most men?

I’m not in love with heavily tatted women. I don’t mind a few but a sleeve is a bit much for me. I’m simply not a tattoo kinda guy in general. The level of the art quality really has no bearing on my opinion. Tattoos , like most art to me, are something I just never wrapped my head around , as far as how to appreciate them. I mean, I can acknowledge when one is absolutely terrible but, beyond that? It’s just drawings on skin to me. I don’t really give a shit enough about it to have an opinion if it’s good or bad.
Is it a deal breaker? I mean, if I were single, I can’t see it stopping me from wanting to have sex with a girl but it’s certainly not a selling point. Also, I’ve noticed that heavily tatted girls don’t really feel me in general so it hasn’t come up much.
I think I’ve mentioned this before on this blog but I have an unfounded and completely irrational idea that girl who are covered in tattoos have stinky vaginas. I don’t know what that’s based on but it’s always been a thing in my head. Kinda like a friend I heve who thinks all short girls have smelly vaginas cause , in his words, “their guts are closer to the opening”. Us men have some really great theories. You ladies are lucky to have us.

How did the collab with marq spekt come about? It’s pretty dramatically different from your usual collaborators, so I’m very curious.

I was a fan of Spekt’s for a while cause he had worked with my boy Omega one a while back. I don’t exactly know how he heard I liked him but it was as simple as a random email. He hit me up one day and was like “Yo, I like your work, let’s do something together” and I was into it. In the internet age, that’s how these things tend to unfold.

How do you feel about people downloading/buying/whatever single tracks from an artist or album? I ask because it seems like every girl I’ve been with does this, and it just confuses me. I can understand being interested in an artist based on a single track, but for me personally, that usually ends in me getting a couple records from them, not just the single. Whats your take on all that?

Men are generally more obsessive collectors than women. Sure, girls can get obsessed with an artist and buy all their shit but, I’ve noticed, that dudes are way more into “having it all” We want to know everything about the artists we love and make it almost competitive in how we gain and use that knowledge. Basically, we care way more about the shit that doesn’t matter. I’ve met female fans of mine who knew every song but not a single song title. In a way, I feel as though that fan-ship is more earnest cause it’s very basic. There’s no pretense. It’s like “i like that song and I will listen to it over and over again”. Where as dudes tend to need to be the master of knowing everything about everything to a point where the music itself might even become secondary.
Personally, I’ll buy one song is if it’s an artist I know doesn’t have a whole album in them who just happened to capture lightening in a bottle. Like that new Q-tip/Busta rhymes song.

I don’t trust that album to be even decent but that song is awesome, so i bought in on I-tunes. I could easily be wrong about the full length but, until i hear it, I’m not just gonna buy it sight unseen.

Relatively straightforward question this; I’m heading to NY for 4th July next year (or rather, I’m going there, and it happens to be on that weekend) – it’ll be my first time in the city and I’m torn between where to stay. I can’t think of any other New Yorker I’d rather get a location recommendation from, so can you help me out? I don’t want you to book my accommodation or anything, just a general area would be helpful. West Village? LES? Brooklyn? I’ll be doing all that touristy shit, so proximity to the ‘sights’ would be great. Oh, and are the Macy’s fireworks worth joining the masses for or is that best avoided for some low key type thing?

Well, I’m assuming price is not an option cause, bro, hotels ain’t cheap here. If you’re doing all the touristy bullshit than I suppose staying in midtown makes the most sense. That’s anywhere above 33rd street up into the 50’s. If you want to actually have fun, though, the clear choices are staying in brooklyn (williamsburg) or the lower east side. That’s where all the bars and good food is. it’s where young people hang out. I’m a very anti-tourist guy when I travel in the sense that I could give a shit about sight seeing. I want to see where people hang out and what the nightlife is like. I want to eat the best food I can find. If that’s no your bag and you’d rather walk around central park all day, then stay uptown. Otherwise, skip all that lame shit and see the real New York.
As for the fireworks, they happen on the water. I could be wrong but I think both the east and west side has their own (I’m not sure about that as I’m pretty over seeing the fireworks at this point). I dunno if Macy’s even does that to be honest. But, if you’d like to see them and you like crowds, just walk to the piers on either side of Manhattan and watch. If you can somehow lock down a well positioned rooftop though, that’s the move. Good luck and, seriously, skip the tourist shit and enjoy yourself.

My perception of you as a person is that you are a matter of fact type, humble at your craft (yet know your abilities), loyal to your fans and take a lot of time in engaging with them via internet & at shows. Was there ever a time when you met someone in the music industry being a fan and were either like, “whoa they were cool or man they can suck it with their attitude?”

In my experience, in general,rappers are kinda dicks. Most are self involved and think very highly of themselves. I’m speaking of dudes who I was fans of, not guys I came up with. On the other side of things, I’ve found that producers are generally pretty down to earth guys. You might even call some of them shut ins. I’m a little more outgoing than most of my peers but I’ve never not gotten along with anyone like that on a major level.
Beyond that, dudes in bands range from the best people on earth to the biggest cocks alive. But I have a feeling those dudes would be like that if they made music of not. Actually, i’d say that applies to most everyone on earth though. Assholes are gonna be assholes regardless of status. Some people just need the confidence of power/fame to let that inner dickhead become fully realized.

12 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 166

  1. Going off of the question about humble musicians vs dicks. Have you witnessed any people or friends you’ve worked with drastically change in personality after success (be it local or national)? Not sure how to word this one, but have you always naturally been more humble about your craft or do you consciously choose that persona as sort of a PR thing? I’ve met a few musicians/djs who are humble in public but just asshats away from the limelight. Others, way more egotistical/confident on stage and timid/humble off stage.

  2. Glad you made it back safe from your European travels!
    Being that I am a female, I tend to buy full length discs and/or vinyl than singles from my favorite artists. When I learn they have a pre-order I jump right on board and purchase it. Why? Because I dig their past work, I support them as artists and I love new tunes. I will agree that I will know the words to every song, but have CRS when it comes to song titles…
    True, assholes will be assholes regardless of their line of work and how they engage themselves in everyday life.

  3. I’ve been to the bigger cities in the us (chi, sf, la, dc, ny) and none of them have fewer public restrooms than New York, especially outside of the tourist areas. If a place does have them, they are heavily guarded or kept a secret. Growing up in the city, do you just get used to it? Plan ahead? What about when you are walking home drunk? Have you pulled off elaborate lies to use a store/restaurant bathrooms?

  4. The whole stinky vagina thing was hilarious, I came away from this knowing that two dudes would think my vagina stank if we crossed paths walking down the street. Tattoed and a shorty.

  5. A couple quick female-based questions since you went that route this week.
    1. What heights would you qualify as short vs tall for a woman? I ask this because I’ve been called a “tall” girl a few times but Im only 5’6″ (which seems average to me). Just trying to see where I fall on the Stinky Vagina Scale, man.
    2. What are your thoughts on makeup? In all of the shitty women’s magazines they constantly teeter between telling women that men like a vampy red lip with winged out eyeliner and telling women that men prefer a natural face. Obviously, women can do whatever the fuck they want but since you commented about tattoos I was curious about how you view (or men view) makeup that women wear. Like, do you even notice or care to start with? Haha
    3. Finally, I’ve read multiple times that scents that men are most attracted to are vanilla, lavender, and pumpkin spice. Apparently, there’s even pumpkin spice perfume, wtf. Are these scents really so enticing? Debunk this shit, Block!

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