Tim and I discuss music and stuff: The final installment

169th FW Deploys to Afghanistan
Well, all good things come to an end. Tim and I have decided to call it a wrap on this little column cause, well, we loathe each other and he fucked my girl. Just kidding. To be honest, it just seems like we’ve said all we can say. By now, it’s clear I do not like heavy metal or most indie rock and tim hates the Beatles and Stevie Wonder.
So, as our swan song, we’re trying something a little different. A “best three videos of the year” close out. It was only right…cause, you know, the year is ending and shit.
So bon voyage! It’s been real.

6 thoughts on “Tim and I discuss music and stuff: The final installment

  1. Definitely gonna miss these installments and Tim’s hilarious but misguided opinions about music. Maybe Tim can get a guest column on here?

  2. Sad to hear this, I’ll miss this column a lot, it always provided a lot of laughs and amusing anecdotes, I’m still baffled that you can’t appreciate the greatness if Stevie Wonder though Alaska haha…all the best to you both.

    Happy 2014 Block and Alaska

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