Yay or Nay: This new Tree song

One of my favorite albums of last year was Tree’s “Sunday School 2” mixtape. Full of awesome soulful beats with a slight southern twist and raps that bought about the feelings of listening to on older head just talking facts to whoever would listen.
Here are some examples:

Prior to that, I was only half sold on Tree. I thought his voice was a little grating. However, it all came together on that mixtape and , since then, I’ve been a huge fan. Well, it looks like he’s got a new EP dropping soon that Scion is putting out (The car company). He dropped a new song yesterday and it’s definitely a little different then his older stuff but, even without the soul samples, he manages to make a beat that almost sounds like it came form the 80’s work with his style. And his rapping stays evolving in a really cool direction.

My question to you is, what do you think, brah?

2 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: This new Tree song

  1. The beat is pretty decent, the damn chorus is brutal as fuck though. I liked his last mix a lot more, but that’s judging it against his one new track…

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