RoggleCast #2!


It’s been a long time but we are back. I’ll tell you, the holidays, my touring schedule and Pollyne losing her voice singing karaoke are all roadblocks to making a consistent podcast. Hopefully, they are behind us.
Anyway, we have returned this week with a fairly low brow discussion of topics such as masturbation (always and forever), deal breakers, native New York rules and that thing when obviously dumb famous people say dumb things and people act like they’re surprised.
We hope to be dropping there weekly so, yeah…have at it. We’re working on getting it on I-tunes but that’s proving to be really fucking annoying to do. Still, we’ll figure it out. So, for now, Bask in the rogglecast in all it’s soundcloud glory. And download it if you feel like it.

Oh, and if you’re a creepy type and wanna know more about Pollyne, follow her on Instagram and Twitter @po_lite but, also know, she’s most likely not gonna have sex with you ever.

7 thoughts on “RoggleCast #2!

  1. The way you fucking imitated my voice…….nailed it!

    I have more girly questions, but I’ll wait until next episode. Someone else’s turn now.

  2. Ok.

    Seeing as how you are a girl who is no longer in her 20s… just kidding! Starting over:

    You mentioned “when I was in my 20s,” so I’m assuming that you’re in your early 30s. And I bet both men and women say to you all the time…”you’re xx years old? I never would’ve guessed you were that old, I thought you were much younger.” How do you feel about that? Because I think it’s a little fucked up…it’s kind of implying that people think any girl over 30 is supposed to already look semi-busted, which is ridiculous!

    (Don’t make fun of my next question and your Mom better not read comments too!)

    Do you know those facial cleansers that vibrate? I know they are secretly marketed to teens who can’t get their hands on real vibrators but I swear there is this neutrogena one that is my shiiit. You just remove the attachment head and it’s the best clit vibrator, plus it’s cheap, not ridiculous and fuck all that intense dolphin crap. So have you ever used one? Does anyone ever even use these to wash their face?

    Last question – while I love said vibrator (it’s the lazy girl’s way! You can fantasize, watch porn, or whatever way easier with one!) But I switch it up with the old fashioned way because I’m afraid I won’t be able to cum during sex if I use it all the time. Are you afraid of that too?

  3. I haven’t had random head shots of people I know but I have had random words pop into my head right before climax. Like creutzfeldt-jakob or échappé and I’m pretty sure Rogglecast will fall under the same category. Matter of time.

  4. When it comes to fantasizing (yay, more masturbation talk), while men use porn more than their imagination, if it’s up to both sexes to just use their imagination I feel like women use celebrities more while men seem to go for a real-life person. This is just something I’ve gathered from friends but I think it’s interesting that a lot of guys love Megan Fox but would get off to the thought of a hot coworker because she’s more obtainable….while I’m with Pollyne and only need a little Leonardo in my head. What do you think?

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