Answers for questions vol. 172

Whattup. Still freezing? Me too. How bout those grammy’s though? I saw an hour of it and wanted to throw my tv out the window but peace to Daft Punk for not only winning but probably sweating five gallons in those helmets the whole night.
Anyway, this is where you send me questions and I answer them. Most everything is in play here. I’m not shy. So, if you’d like to join the fun and ask me stuff, either leave questions in the comment section below or email them to me at
Both work equally well and they’re both anonymous. Feel free to get weird.
Let’s get into this weeks batch, biatch.

Any advice for beginning bloggers? Do you read any other blogs? Do you recommend using your real name or a pseudonym?

Oh I have no idea. I literally began this one for fun and as an outlet to talk shit. It’s not even very successful so I dunno if any advice I have to give would be beneficial. I will say that having a blog and keeping up with it is actually work. You gotta do actually be willing to commit time if you want it to be more than just one post a month. In fact, being obsessive over it is the only way it’ll ever get legs.
As for other blogs, I read Kid Mero’s blog “Victory light” and I check a few pop culture related gossip type blogs like cause they can be funny/give me shit to rant about. Mostly, I kinda just catch stuff when I catch it. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to reading in general so , if I know something isn’t getting posted every day, I probably will check it with less frequency.
As for using a real name or pseudonym, i guess it depends who you are and what you’re writing. I would have used my own name on this if I wasn’t already know by my music name. As far as I know, writing on the internet isn’t like rapping. You can use your real name and it’s totally normal. Unless, of course, you plan on saying salacious shit and you don’t want anyone knowing who you are, then a fake name works. Also, you’re then an internet coward but , hey, aren’t we all?

Have you ever had a threesome and do you think they are common? I’ve had a few, but they never played out as sexy as what you see in porn (surprise, surprise), but they were fun none the less. The idea of a threesome seems so be a fantasy for most guys, though. I generally think that humans are pretty dirty and, therefor, threesomes probably aren’t THAT uncommon. I’m a chick though, so in all of our girly magazines they say that threesomes never happen, ruin relationships, ruin friendships, etc. That never happened for me, at least, and I generally think women’s magazines are bullshit. So, as a dude, have you had a threesome and how was it? And how common do you think they are?

Yes I have and wrote about it a long time ago. Here’s that:

Now do I think they’re common? I suppose that depends on your definition of common. I’d say , in certain groups, they’re common but to others they mights as well be a unicorn. I have friends who have had tons of them and I have friends who can’t even fathom how they would pop off. In my case, I was in the right place at the right time. In general, I don’t live in that “Threesomes on the regular” world. I also didn’t go to college for more than a year so maybe I missed out on a whole new world of sexual exploration.
I’ve heard dudes talk about how they used to double team girls all the time and how it was the preferred sexual dynamic…which, to me, is fucking weird cause I feel like, if given the choice, I’ll always pick “Me and a girl” over “Me, a girl, and my bro holding his hard dick”. I suppose it takes a certain kinda guy to be into that. Not saying their gay or anything but I do think guys who like to fuck girls with their homeboys are , at the very least, creeps who look at girls a breathing joy dolls. I mean, shit, camaraderie with your boy is one thing but…CUMaraderie? Why? But I digress…Basically, as a girl, threesomes are gonna be as common as you want them to be. If you got a homegirl who’s into doing that shit, you will have no trouble finding a guy to be the centerpiece to that party. If you like having two guys at once, same thing. There are always gonna be willing participants when it comes to putting dicks in vaginas.

Are there any words you hear English speakers using (because they’re trying to sound fancy) that make you giggle? For example, “vodka” as “whudka” comes to my mind, but I’m sure there are others (not talking about people who actually speak more than one language in this case).

The only clear example of this I can think of I when some clearly white person feels the need to pronounce mexican food with a thick ass accent in the midst of an otherwise english spoken sentence. Like I don’t need to hear anyone named Becky pronounce the “tilde” in the word Tamale (I don’t know how to type the actual “tilde” in there). It just sounds ridiculous when anyone is speaking normal english then goes out of their way to jazz up foreign word pronunciations. It happens the most with italians. The soprano’s got assholes pronouncing Mozzarella like “Mutzarell” when , in reality, any real italian would laugh in your face if you ever said it that way.
I feel , as dumb americans, we need to just embrace how we say the names of foreign food. You don’t need to build a wall of phlegm in your mouth just to say “Croissant”. Just pronounce it how it’s spelled. sure, it’s the wrong way to say it but you’re in america with a bunch of other dumb americans. No one here cares and no one will think you’re a worldly traveler just cause you can correctly roll your r’s when ordering at taco bell.

As an artist/musician, do you have a team? Like do you have a manager? accountant? lawyer? label rep? etc.

I have a manager, who I’ve had since I started. He’s the best and makes my life easier on every level. I also have a few booking agents for shows(One for the US and one for europe). I have an accountant but that I got through my family and has no connection to the music people whatsoever. I think I have a lawyer…but i’ve never needed him outside of contractual stuff so my interaction with him is rare and generally via my manager. My manager basically deals with anyone at any label so, while they do exist, I don’t interact with them much. That’s the thing about having a manager when you do music. It’s their job to handle the business side of this shit show. I make music. Therefor, I’m a fucking moron when it comes to pretty much everything else that goes with making music that isn’t actually creating the music itself. A Manager is your buffer. They’re also there to be the bad cop when you don’t wanna deal with things. I can’t stress to artists their importance. They aren’t cheap but , if they’re good, they’re worth every penny.

Being a steady porn lover, I have developed a couple of things that I dont like while enjoying my favourite pastime.
What I mean is, for example; I can never be eating anything whilst watching porn, i’d gag,especially eggs.
Can you think of anything?Any OCD while you are trying to get your porn on?

Umm…yeah..i don’t like eating when I watch porn either. Who does that? I watch porn ONLY when I jerk off. So, it’s not like I’m juggling responsibilities when it’s on. Time has been set aside to , i dunno, put down the egg and cheese sandwich and enjoy some me time.
At worst, I’ll be texting with someone and just have to do some left handed texting with extra curt responses. In fact, the only time I really use smily faces in texting is when I’m jerking off. It’s a time saver.


How much of your inspiration do you think comes from your environment? Not just the city you live in but the actual neighborhood itself. I’m an artist and for years I’ve been wanting to get to a more urban, high foot-traffic and artsy fartsy kind of area of my city. However the apartments there tend to be either too expensive or run down studios in bad areas with horrible insulation resulting in sky-high utility bills. I say this because whenever I’m in an area where there’s tea shops, festivals in the summer time, art galleries, interesting restaurants and niche places and the like, I feel inspired and want to do more creatively.

My guess is that it reminds me of when I was in college and the energy was alive with people acting on or crafting their purpose in life. There was always a project to work on or a new technique to research. Over the years after graduation that fire went to a little spark, which fizzled down to a tiny ember that’s barely here as the result of moving back to the suburbs and abeing separated from a more ‘electric’ atmosphere. Couple that with the fact that I’ve only had one job (for two months mind you) in my field of video game development and it has me feeling like I’m at a stale-mate. I can only imagine the creative flow in New York and now exciting that may be.

My true question is do you think you would be either the same kind of musician (if one at all) if you didn’t grow up in the melting pot that is Manhattan? And do you think someone that’s hit an artistic wall could really benefit from moving into an area of town that they thought had more to offer as far as stimulation?

That’s hard to say. I don’t know what my creative output would have been if I grew up elsewhere. There are so many factors that play into me making music that, if you remove one of them, I could have easily never gotten into this profession at all.
I do think a vibrant city does inspire people to work.But more in the sense of you see all the movement around you and realize you need to keep up. I definitely tend to get a rush of creativity whenever I return to new york after being away for a while. But, that might also just me being happy to be home.
That said, at least in respect to what i do, I’m not a huge believer in tangible “inspiration”. I sample things, therefor, those samples often dictate the direction a song goes. It’s not from me walking around the busy NYC streets and observing the humanity around me. If inspiration means the little flame that gets lit under your ass that causes you to be creative, than maybe your environment makes a big difference. But if you mean what actually inspires the sounds? That’s all in your head. Ideas pop up from anywhere. Sure, being in a city where things are whizzing by your head all day can definitely spark ideas but so can toiling away on the internet all day. It really just depends what you’re looking for and where you draw your own inspiration from.
I find that, when it’s cold out, I end up making more beats cause I don’t wanna leave my house. While, in the spring time, I’m not as productive. So, most of the time, I’m as inspired as my options. There are exceptions when I’ll just be in bed and hear something in my head that I want to execute musically…then do it. But , mostly, I have a very go with flow mentality about making music.

Being that you are from New York, what’s your favorite TV show or film that takes place there? Taxi Driver is pretty damn good. What’s your favorite Law & Order: SVU episode?

I’ve never watched a nano-second of any law and order or SVU type shows. Dunno why, I just haven’t. I think I have something inside me that says “Don’t watch dramas on major networks”.
My favorite Tv show in NYC? Probably Seinfeld or the Cosby show. Both existed in a fantasy version of the city but they both were awesome. Seinfeld , in particular, captured a lot of amazing nuances about the city.Granted, it was an upper west side and very white jewish version but that’s as real as anyone else’s.
As for movies, there is a difference between my favorite movies that happen to take place in NYC and movies that I felt nailed how it was/is to live in NYC. Like “Kids” isn’t the best NYC movie by a long shot but that movie nailed being a teenager in the 90s , downtown. Like, that was literally shit I used to do (minus the raping and AIDS). Even that movie “The Wackness” captured parts of the city that resonated deeply with me.
But those two movies aren’t remotely close to the “best” NYC movies.Taxi Driver is up there. The Mean Streets. The pope of greenwich village has a special place in my heart (even though it’s pretty flawed). To be honest, so many movies have been made here it’s hard to even begin to wrap my head around picking one.

13 thoughts on “Answers for questions vol. 172

  1. if you want to go the cartoon route, another good NYC show is the shortlived MTV series Downtown – it was back in the liquid television era, but it wasnt nec. associated with such.
    anyway, its got a very true NYC feel – and im pretty sure the voice actors weren’t even voice actors per say – just NY kids that the creators found and build the characters around.
    this one is a classic, esp if you’re into animated shows at all.

  2. I have always found the openning credits for Night Court, captured NYC. Whenever I walk to streets I think of those credits.

    I’m not from New York.

  3. Hypothetically, you’re a single man. Taylor Swift sets her praying mantis looking eyes on you and asks to go out. The media paints her as a little immature, insecure, yet into older guys (or dudes who are still legally children), basically a chick looking for Prince Charming. However, in real life, who the fuck knows what she’s like. So basically, you have the chance to go out with someone with tons of money and has banged John Mayer, Twilight boy, a Jonas brother, and probably a bunch of other people. She will definitely write a song about you, “Ode to Tony”, where either everything’s your fault or you’re a fucking king because you let her win at mini golf or some shit. She’s almost 6 foot tall so her vagina may or may not be smelly (according to your personal theories). Anyway, so would you go out on a date with TSwift? If nothing else, the media attention you’d receive would boost your fan base.

  4. I can MAYBE see how people might fuck and drink wine while they eat some nasty cheese or something, just so that they can call themselves “sophisticated” instead of “alcoholic”… I couldn’t do it… but what kind of motherfucker eats while they squeeze one out? That is just insane. Like isn’t that part of you brain supposed to just shut down until the deed is done?

  5. What are your thoughts on non-traditional hip hop like clouddead? I see it as an interesting departure from the norm but It seems like a lot of fans of hip hop can’t see it as more than anything but backpacker shit for people that don’t know what “real” hip hop is.

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