Yay or Nay: GOD

First off , shout out to Steadybloggin.com for putting me on to this…
Now before you answer the question in the header, let me be clear…I’m not talking about your lord and savior (though a “Yay or Nay” on him would be interesting). No, I’m talking about a chicago based rapper who has chosen the name GOD (in all caps!) for himself. That takes balls…but when you think about it, the search for the most powerful rap name had to end there. People have been calling themselves all sorts of things over the years. Noreaga, Capone, Bird gang Taliban…The fact someone hasn’t named them selves Hitler yet is actually surprising to me (shout out to Gunplay’s Swastika tattoo though). So why not call yourself GOD? The only downsides I see (aside from offending millions of christian people) is the high expectations a name like that might carry as a lyrical miracle spitter and googling yourself might prove to be frustrating. But whatever, enough about the name, let’s discuss the man himself. After all, a name is just a name.

Here’s the thing, the dude can rap. He’s not as typical as I imagine a few of you might presume upon hearing him for the first time. He’s got that edge that tends to separate regular skilled boring rappers from the dudes I actually wanna hear more than once. Let’s start it here cause , what better jumping point than a song that could seemingly play as his thesis statement for a term paper about himself.

How bout something a little more traditional?

Maybe something a little more trappy for you new rap heads

Or this joint…

Say what you will but the dude does have some versatility in his music. So, what do you think? Do you like GOD?

15 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: GOD

  1. in Still alive first line — I think hes double meaning saying “Industry’s for weaks” as well as “In these streets for weeks.” Yeah?

  2. Intro was really good but set the standard too high for the rest of the album. Good production and consistent but I was expecting more after that intro.

  3. The first track sounds JUST like that cat, TREE, you put me on to. Both sound promising at first until you listen to about 3 tracks and realize it’s the same shit on every track. I know hip-hop isn’t about groundbreaking and all that but I feel like SO many dudes are just throwing a bunch of shit together now. All mixtapes, no albums, if you get my point. Track after track of the production style, same topic (how broke, yet how “trill” they are and what the molly or weed does to them), and same speed and flow on track.

    Underwhelming would put it best.

    • hmm…i definitely don’t agree with your “it all sounds the same” point. in fact, I osted four songs that were all stylistically different. Some minimal electro shit, some classic throwback sample type shit, some crunk sounding shit. I’m not claiming the dude is a next level rapper but he’s definitely above average and i think you’re selling his range very short.

  4. i think his overall presentation is geared for success as his videos are well made and his name is bound to ruffle some feathers (controversy is viable). if these were just soundcloud streams then i’d be pretty bored though. #1 #3 use a lot of that punchline pause punchline pause HOT97 flow. i don’t know who originated that but it’s hard for me nod my head to. #2 is arguably the best rapping / beat selection (for me)

  5. According to legend, when Agallah was known as 8-Off the Assassin the “8-Off” meant “Adolf,” so there has been a Hitler, sort of.

    I don’t know if this is all accurate (I asked a guy who’s friends with Shiest Bubz about it but he didn’t have any idea and I wasn’t exactly down enough to get a follow-up) , but I’ve always liked the idea of dumbing down Hitler into a hit man.

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