Rogglecast #3: Ratz!

Welcome to another edition of The Rogglecast, in which my buddy Pollyne (aka Po AKA Po_lite on all social networks) and I tackle various issues with sensitivity and powerful inner vibes. Just kidding. We are two marginal assholes who like to make fun of things. So, we shoot the shit about most anything and see where it takes us. This week, we REALLY tried to talk less about sex (all in all, we kept it minimal) and, instead, we spoke on topics such as rats, grudges, getting robbed and guilty pleasures.
I’d also like to add that we are inches away from getting this on I-tunes. Hopefully by the end of the week , all three episodes will be available to both listen and download Via I-tunes. Like a real podcast!
Until then, though, you can listen and/or download it from the soundcloud page.
So, without further ado,
here is episode 3 of the Rogglecast: RATZ!

4 thoughts on “Rogglecast #3: Ratz!

  1. Surprise, I am commenting on the Rogglecast! What a lovely lunch accompaniment it was.

    TRUTH to courteous/creepy ny doormen, the fuck!? Completely forgot about this: 1st time I visited was at 22 (only been to ny a few times total), and my friends and I were lucky enough to have free reign of an apt at the foot of Columbus Circle (a friend’s grandma was an original tenant there and was away on a trip).

    The doorman there was super nice with us for the first few days…then before we headed out on new year’s eve, 3 of us girls were taking pics in the lobby with him and all of a sudden he stuck his tongue into my friend’s mouth. And we’re all “Dude, you have the wrong idea.” And he’s all like “Oops, my bad.” Then we take another pic and right away he does the exact same thing to me. It wasn’t even a kiss, he just straight up inserted his tongue into my mouth, blaww, and it didn’t seem to faze him that he saw me vomit right outside but a half an hour before (sorry, natives!). We yelled at that 50ish year old doorman before leaving, and the next day he was totally casual as if nothing had happened.

  2. I’m such a big.phat.loser. Have listened to this episode 2x now

    If you ever run dry on ‘every episode topic’ angles, here are a couple more that are inclusive to the both of you:

    1) Do you masturbate more…in the heat of summer OR the dead of winter?

    2) What is the longest you’ve gone without sex during your twenties (with another person)? For Blockhead, I mean the longest you’ve gone without a woman & For Pollyne, I mean the longest you’ve gone without a man OR woman (obviously).

    ^For the 2nd one, only if that isn’t too personal a question for you!

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