Rogglecast4: Dude, Where’s my condom?

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We are back once again with a power packed Podcast. This week, Pollyne (@po_lite) and I discuss a variety of topics. We attempt to tackle PMS, Celebrity death, Valentine’s day and a truly irresponsible discussion about condoms.
We’re on I-tunes now to search for “Rogglecast” and subscribe! Let’s make this shit official, dewdz.
Here’s the sound cloud link. You can also follow that and download it from there as well, if I-tunes ain’t you think.

13 thoughts on “Rogglecast4: Dude, Where’s my condom?

  1. That’s not completely true! It was someone else who asked the question about male-female differences when fantasizing about celebrities. But yes, I could come up with sex-related questions until the end of time, however I’d really like to hear other people’s questions, especially from a male perspective. HOW COME GUYS NEVER HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT SEX?!?!

    Also, please tell Pollyne I’m sorry that she’ll forever be mislabeled as a raaaaging bisexual because of me. Haha.

    • Looked into it. It’s working fine for me and a few other people I asked. Perhaps you tried to download it from you phone? Cbecause the only way to subscribe on your phone is directly from a podcast app. you cant do it through the ipod app.

      • I tried it from my phone through my podcast app, the same exact way I download & subscribe to all the podcasts I listen to. Tried deleting, un-subscribing, & downloading again to no avail. I’ll try it again on my ipad and then maybe my desktop. No one else has reported problems?

      • Just an update. I woke up this morning and it magically downloaded all the episodes and the subscription seems to be working. It was strange even the podcast Avatar wouldn’t display and all the episodes were graye’d out. Everything is kosher now though.

  2. Clearly you two have known each other for a long time, total bros. What’s the story behind how you met and did you have any preconceived notions of each other near the beginning of your friendship that turned out to be false? Don’t even ask this as a question, just talk about it at some point if you can!

    ps: EVERYONE ELSE listening is also interested to know this story too, not just me I swear 😉 ( i dunno)

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