Yay or Nay: Dem Atlas

Typically, when a rapper sounds “vintage” they rap like either the Cold Crush brothers, Big Daddy Kane or A mixture of the two. Perhaps it’s time for a new type of vintage rapper? Enter Dem Atlas. Admittedly, I don’t know much about the dude. He’s from Minneapolis. He’s young. He may or may not be a new signee to Rhymesayers records. What I do know is that he brings me back to a lot of the left coast rap I loved when I was in my early late teens/20’s. Freestyle fellowship, Pharcyde, Souls of mischief. Pin point, high speed flows delivered with energy and often high voices. It’s not something you hear much anymore. Sure, everyone double times now but his version doesn’t have that bounce to it. It’s more Jay-z on “The Originators” than Jay-z on “Nigga what?”. If I could get really obscure, his voice and flow remind me of a mix between The mystidious Misfits and The Almighty Arrogant. If you’ve heard of either of those groups, though…I’d be impressed (and sad for you cause that means you’re a huge fucking rap nerd like me).
Anyway, the kid can rap. That’s really what I’m getting at. In a strange way he feels like the west coast (although he’s from the midwest) answer to Joey Badass. I mean that in a good way, for the record.
Check out his video

Also, his EP is available if you wanna hear more

I’m curious what you think.

7 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Dem Atlas

  1. I discovered this guy when he was being pushed as the RSE “new guy” a few months back… I gave his EP a quick listen cause it was free… I thought it was ok and worth keeping in the ol’ phone for later…
    Then I listened to it again later and I thought it was fantastic… You could have told me this was picked up off the cutting room floor of the labcabincalifornia sessions and i would have probably believed you…
    good flow… interesting sing song-y choruses…
    the message fits right into the road paved by the atmospheres and pos’s and the minneapolis scene… emotional but not nauseating, braggadocio with a humble/self-deprecating twist…

    I find this EP excellent and look forward to what he does next…

    now ask me what i really thought!! haha!

  2. I’m not really sure what i think of him to be honest. It’s not that he dances similar to the IceJJFish guy, but the dancing in the beginning reminded me of that video haha.

  3. Dem Atlas is indeed the newest signee to RSE, he will be touring with Atmos this winter. Supposedly, he used to be a lead singer for an alt rock band. Crazy, cuz his flow is a twisting river. Dude is dope. Reminds me, yes, of some Pharcyde mixed with Jemini the Gifted One. His beats on that ep are dope too. Refreshing

  4. I Dig it.. I do sense a bit of Pharcyde influence as well and maybe a bit of Pete Rock & C.L Smooth. I heard his name thrown around a bit through RSE, as I’m a big fan of a lot of their artists, but haven’t had the change to give him a listen. Great recommendation Block! I’m definitely gonna peep the EP now. I been a big fan of your work for many years so I truly value your opinion. Just recently subscribed to your blog here and I must say I’m more than pleased. We need more Huge ” rap nerds” like yourself

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