Answers for questions VOl. 174

Happy presidents day! or whatever the fuck holiday it is. Whatever it is, it’s a day off for people who most likely hate their jobs so congrats!
It’s that time of the week where I take reader questions and answer them. Simple stuff.
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So, let’s get into this weeks batch…

Block, I was a low level employee who pleaded with my superiors to sign you for the album that was eventually Music by Cavelight. Sadly, they could not understand how an album could be that amazing without lyrics. I even got a meeting with us and your manager Gabe and kept in touch with Gabe for a mintue. Am I wrong to assume that we were not the only label that met with you and passed? I remember listening to the demo repeatedly but just could not convince the bosses to pull the trigger. Did you meet with Def Jux, Rawkus, Bronx Science, Stones Throw or any other prominent early 00’s independents?

I actually didn’t “meet” with any labels. My manager basically sent it out to a bunch of labels and then followed up. Thing is, we didn’t send it to many rap labels. So all the ones you listed above weren’t in the running.I’m actually surprised whatever label you worked for had it to evaluate. I probably would have gone with with Def Jux but, right as I was shopping my finished album, Dead Ringer (By RJD2) came out so I figured they were good with one instrumental act.
Initially, Mush was supposed to put out the album. They’re the whole reason I even made it in the first place. They were like “You ever though about making an instrumental album?” and I was like “ But I’ll try.”
So, I made the album, thinking they were gonna put it out but I couldn’t get in touch with them. Like , literally, could not get in contact with them. No one was picking up the phone. So, my manager sent out the album to a bunch of indie electronic type labels (I don’t really recall which ones though). Warp got their hands on it and were considering it but ultimately passed cause it wasn’t the right fit for that label. They did , however, pass it along to Ninja Tune and that’s how it got picked up.

What’s the rap scene like on New York, these days? I met a touring artist at a show in Seattle, a couple if years ago, who was from NY, and he said no one likes underground in NY anymore. He said you have to come out west to get shine. I’m just wondering if there is any truth to that.

Thing about NYC is that there is no huge “Scene”. We have a few weekly parties that have been going for a while but, overall, there’s no major movement happening. Everyone is just kinda going at it alone. In a way, NYC has always been like that. I’ve always been in awe of places like the Bay area where a local artist would go gold without selling records anywhere but his hometown. Dudes like E-40. NYC never had guys like that or that kind of local support. Even in the golden era. Shit, Brand Nubian’s “All for one” was a huge album here but most people (myself included) bought the bootleg cassettes when it came out.
I definitely concur that underground rap is MUCH more popular out west. But, I’d also say that performing in general is more fun out west. NYC has never been a fun place for performing live shows. Unless you’re a big deal or “The next big thing” the crowds here are typically bored and the shows aren’t even that well attended. ESPECIALLY for indie rap dudes. I’m talking mid-level guys. Aesop and Atmosphere will always do well here.
That said, I think people here still do like underground shit, they just don’t leave their homes to go see it when it comes to town.

Why is your blog called Phat Friend? Who are your writing influences? Who is your number one favorite writer of all time? When are you going to make another MySpace blog?

“Phat friend” was always a funny name to me that I wanted to use in some capacity. I was sitting on it for a while thinking it could be a song title or the name of a side project but it was too silly. So, when I made this blog, it seemed like the perfect title.
As for writing influences and favorite writers, I’m not exaggerating when I say I don’t read. I truly find no enjoyment in reading books. I’ve done it before, I’m capable of it but the mixture of my short attention span and desire to be doing other things ruins most books for me. The only time I can even get into one is if I have no choice. Like if I’m on a place with no tv’s on them or in a foreign country. But, even then, it’s a time passer. I don’t really ever enjoy it. So, I have no influences with writing cause I’ve never gotten than immersed in any one writer. To me, books rate from “That was okay” to “I forget everything I just read the second I put it down”. When I do read, I tend to like Non-fiction though.
As for the glorious Myspace blog, I’m afraid this blog has over taken it. RIP Myspace blog.

Hypothetically, you’re a single man. Taylor Swift sets her praying mantis looking eyes on you and asks to go out. The media paints her as a little immature, insecure, yet into older guys (or dudes who are still legally children), basically a chick looking for Prince Charming. However, in real life, who the fuck knows what she’s like. So basically, you have the chance to go out with someone with tons of money and has banged John Mayer, Twilight boy, a Jonas brother, and probably a bunch of other people. She will definitely write a song about you, “Ode to Tony”, where either everything’s your fault or you’re a fucking king because you let her win at mini golf or some shit. She’s almost 6 foot tall so her vagina may or may not be smelly (according to your personal theories). Anyway, so would you go out on a date with TSwift? If nothing else, the media attention you’d receive would boost your fan base.

Let’s be real. She’s both not my type at all and she would probably vomit blood at the sight of me shirtless. Not exactly a good match but, for the sake of this question, we can ignore those realities.
So, IF I WAS SINGLE, I would most definitely go on a date with Taylor Swift.. Not for the fame aspect of it or setting sights on being her man but more so with hopes of simply hitting it. Just because. As much as she is like a blonde giraffe , who am I? I’ve certainly done worse than Taylor Swift when I was a single guy having sex with random girls. If anything, I’d do it just to see what kinda song she’d make about me. Knowing me, I wouldn’t give a shit and it would make for an amazing story. Unless she did a song about me having a small dick or erectile dysfunction (Lies! all lies!) I can’t see anything she would possibly write about me being an issue. One thing would be certain though, I would disappoint here on all levels as a “prince charming” candidate. I’m just not that guy. I might hold the door open for her but that’s about as far as my chivalry would go.
Also, there is a little part of me that’s curious about what sex with taylor swift might be like. While there’s no way it would be good, I would just wanna experience that for myself. Though, I can imagine it would be a whole bunch of “oww…not like that…don’t touch my hair. What are you doing with your hand? Are my tits too small? We should buy a dog together!”

Hey mang, so I was watching the Kubrick documentary Boxes that explained his meticulous detail for research and such. So, it made me start thinking about one of your answers to another question in this category of ‘answers to questions’ not too long ago, concerning a mans desire to collect things. That was what brought upon this question. Upon discussions and reading your comments on films (i recommend dogtooth by the way, on a weird narrative note), i know of your distaste toward year-end lists of films. but I was just wondering:

Block, What has been a favorite or even least favorite movie that you’ve had your mind on lately?

I haven’t seen a movie in a few months but the last one I saw was “Wolf of wallstreet” which I thought was highly entertaining. Since seeing that movie, I’ve had the displeasure of reading people on the internet look for any reason they can conjure to dislike that film. It’s the worst. From some faux moral outrage to knit picking pointless things , a good amount of people are actively trying to dislike that movie, ignoring how much fun it was. Anyone who’s used the word “irresponsible” when reviewing this movie, is missing the point completely.
Clearly, it’s flawed. Most movies are. But it’s a 3 hour movie that doesn’t really get too tedious or boring at any point. Amazing performances too. I saw “American hustle” as well but , the more I thought about the two, I preferred Wolf of Wallstreet.
As for movies I didn’t love…I watched “Insidious” on cable the other night. It wasn’t the worst but it just seemed like it was kinda cheap. It really flies of the rails at the end too. I greatly prefer “The conjouring” to it, even though a good deal of people have stated otherwise. As you can see…I’m not a film critic for a reason.

Dear Blockhead:

Is it just me or is LL Cool J the most prolific awards presenter of all time? Every time I click on the tv on a sunday night and an award show happens to be on, he is right there, presenting the next award. Am I imagining things?

I don’t know if he’s the most prolific award presenter but he’s definitely the most successful wax turtle in all of history.

5 thoughts on “Answers for questions VOl. 174

  1. How does your gf deal with the cornucopia of…if you were single, would you…hypotheticals that you’re thrown at within “that bloggin life”? She seems like a true gem, to be sure!

  2. First off I want to say i saw your show last night at the King King and you sounded awesome as usual. I just wish your set was longer, the dude before you started getting really old really fast. I wasn’t feeling the soul in it or something, just a bunch of sounds. I got there all pumped up to see you and lost my buzz by the time you came on. Anyways, my question is did that camera guy get on your nerves? I saw as soon as you started this guy is all hovering around you flashing his camera all up in your face. He came up to where i was sitting too and without warning flashed that shit in my face, he could have at least given me a heads up. Do you know that guy personally or is he just some person hired to take pictures or something?

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