How bad is this song?


Listen, I try my best (which isn’t that great) to put you guys on to up and coming artists. I TRY! Sometimes, it’s a dry week though and we gotta go the other direction.
Old rappers, man. As a guy who’s basically an old producer, I can relate. You age. You lose focus on what was once natural to you. You lose touch with anything relevant. You have kids, bills and real life shit to worry about that was never a real issue when you were 20 years old. Some do better than other. Recently, i praised the surprisingly good Q-tip and Busta Rhymes song that dropped a few months back. Sadly, for every small victory for old rappers everywhere, there are also defeats. Enter the new Onyx song/video.

Normally, I’d give the old “Yay or Nay” treatment to a song like this but it’s pointless. I know the answer. So much so that I ponder…how bad is this song?
Is it harmlessly not good or is it the worst thing ever made? I’m curious as to what you think.
So, I ask you. On a scale of 0-10, how bad is this song. Just to clarify, let’s go over what each number means:
0-Fuck you, I like it!
1-It’s not THAT bad. i might actually listen to it a few times before I forget it even existed
2-Hey man, I’ve heard worse. I used to love onyx. I might not bump it but I’m not mad at it.
3-It’s not the best onyx can do…in fact, it’s pretty bad but, still, I don’t see the big deal.
4-Sure, it’s kinda bad. Who cares?
5-It’s pretty bad.
6-Man, this is REALLY not good.
7-This song fucking sucks.
8-This is the worst thing I’ve heard in a long time, which is saying a lot cause I listen to the radio.
9- Possibly one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard
10-This is, without question, one of the worst songs ever made. Worse that “rag doll” by Aerosmith. Worse than Reggeaton. Worse than a kick in the nuts. This is THE Worst.

So, using the above guidelines, how bad is this song?

33 thoughts on “How bad is this song?

  1. i voted for a 5, but that was before the white dude with the fucked up eye rhymed ‘butt fucked’. after hearing that i would have changed it to a 7. i also like how the target demographic is that 16 year old justin beiber looking teeny bopper who is shown throughout the whole video. its totally see through, but a relatively smart move.

    (approve this one instead of the last one with the typo’s)

  2. I was expecting something that sounded like grinding glass and then someone was going to sneak in and the then Physically shit in my mouth hole.

    It’s basically pretty run of the mill. But it’s not like young lean bad or 87% of drake songs I’ve heard

  3. I actually dug the fuck outta this. So much so that it was to the point that I was wondering what the fuck you were talking about. I mean, I get that people have different tastes and shit, but I couldn’t hear anything that would spark that extreme level of dislike from you… then the fuckin’ white dude started rapping. Ok, I got you. Still, if I could get a version without his verse, this would be the jam.

  4. Song is shit, but far from worst there is and worst by Onyx (Triggernometry album probably has that crown).
    Snowgoons had some decent track on that compilation/albums of theirs but this is some cheap throwaway stuff. Don’t think I will be downloading whole album of this, rather stick to Bacdafucup and All we got iz us.

    Oh, and they leaked another joint, this time with better guest choices:

    • 20 years after bacdafucup… now that infants have access to porn and teenagers kill themselves with online drinking games and stick vodka tampons in their butts… i just don’t see the relevance of 2 40 yr old rapper has beens chanting We Don’t Fucking Care…
      The whole We don’t care thing has been taken over by the YOLO movement and turned to complete irrevelance…
      i’m not impressed by someone who says “i don’t care” as they do “something they shouldn’t” when the only thing they’re doing is rapping in 2014… which everyone and their drunk grandma (and me!) do…

  5. Block, I think you’re missing what Onyx-generation hip-hop means to its white lower-middle-class European audience (the people that will still fly Onyx out for a Snowgoons festival or whatever). That is — this level of “acting out” is exactly what it means. “Badass shit you listen to on your way to school,” but with no shame or secrecy assigned to it. When I was coming up, I listened to Schoolly D to get ready for tests or dates or whatever, but I kept my playlist to myself (I’m white)…. now it’s just out in the open and while maybe it’s a little over the top to have the white kid in the video, I’m not going to front like such kids aren’t going to dig this. It’s about as fertile a market as there is for this shtick.

    Plus the romper-stomper MOP/Onyx/etc. atmosphere was co-opted by rap-rock ages ago. Even when it was just black groups, it still felt white to me (yeah, not like I would say that to Fredro’s face or anything) because I was into thrash metal and hardcore and it felt derivative (not that there’s anything wrong with that but didn’t have the exoticism or even Afrocentrism that as a white kid I wanted to get from the music). So basically I think Onyx has found their way home after all this time.

  6. I gave it a 2. I didn’t mind the beat so much although it was extremely repetitive. The hook is stupid but it feels like something I might bump just to get hyped. The rapping is eh. Nothing special but I wouldn’t get angry about it. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I facepalmed when the white dude said “raped and butt fucked”. They can definitely do better even at this stage in their careers, but it’s far from being the worst thing ever. I’ve listened to a Young Thug mixtape so I know what true terror is.

  7. Yea even though the hook is a bit repetitive, i wasnt mad at all until the white guy trying way too hard got up there and embarassed us all.

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