Answers for Questions Vol. 175


Whattup. Welcome to the 175th time I have answered questions you have sent me. 175! What the fuck?
A lot of time has passed and one thing hasn’t changed. I need you to send me questions. In fact, I was looking at my question pile and it’s getting kinda thin so, PLEASE, send me some more questions. Either leave them in the comment section below or email them to me at You can ask as many questions at a time as you like. All I ask is that you be somewhat creative. If you’re new to this column and the question you wanna ask seems like something that may have been covered already (shit like “Who are your influences” or “What inspires you?”) I can tell you, yes, I’ve covered those surface type questions. But, otherwise, get weird…This column can’t go on without you.
Okay? I look forward to hearing from you. So, now, let’s get into this weeks batch.

Before the knicks vs lakers game the other night there was this behind the scenes thing they do with diff members of the lakers organization. They did a follow along with Bill Bertka who is 86 yoa plain and simple I was baffled! This fuckin guy!! He is still actively playing basketball in the senior olympics it was funny sad and inspiring all at once I def felt mad props for him but how could you do anything but laugh at these guys? not one of them could run at best they were trotting and were even fouling each other it was the funniest thing.

Ten years later and my question is if your health permits will you be the old geezer landing three’s trotting down the court in a head band and windbreaker shorts? Could u see yourself playing as a senior? Let alone 86?

I mean, in my dreams that will happen but I’m not counting on it. I play in a few weekly runs and there are some older dudes at one of those runs. Looking at them, It’s clear that balling out after 50 is not easy. There is a certain kinda fragility that comes with old age that makes a person go the opposite of “hard in the paint”. These dudes don’t even set picks cause they wanna avoid the contact and when they fall down, it’s kinda scary. Shit, I’m not even 40 yet and my body is in constant pain from basketball ball. Every week some new little injury pops up and it drags on for weeks at a time. At the moment, I may or may not have a hernia…or I might have just pulled a lower abdomen muscle. I honestly have no clue but it came out of nowhere and it’s sidelined me for a few weeks now. I’d imagine at 80, that kinda injury gets replaced with a broken hip.
To be perfectly honest, I dunno even know if I’d wanna live to be that old in the first place. I was talking to my girl about this just yesterday. What is the good part of being that old? The perspective on life? I feel like the moment my body stops working how it needs to work, life would be pretty miserable. It’s a depressing line of thinking but, goddamn, fuck getting old.

The idea of sample based music is mind blowing. You are probably one if the most underrated musicians out there due to the fact that not many people understand exactly what the F is happening when you boom bap…. My question is : How the hell do you chop a nice ass bassline and then somehow find a guitar that happens to be playing in the same key… I know you give credit to your software but is there a certain level of it just sounding right to the ear? I cant help but try and deconstruct the beat when I hear you and Im like ” How’d he know to put that with that?”

And man, do I boom bap! shout out to all the european fans out there. You guys always have the best little turns of phrase in your questions.
It’s pretty simple actually. I’m just able to tell when something is in key with another thing. That’s it. It’s kind of the cornerstone of all music. Not being tone deaf. It’s nothing to be proud of as it’s simply something EVERY musician should be able to do. If you cannot do that, then making music is not for you. I used to work with this dude who made beats and he would try and layer samples but they would be all sorts of “out of tune” . He literally couldn’t tell.I’d be like “Those two things don’t work together” and he’d respond “Nah, they synch up fine” , totally missing my point. When I hear something that’s not in key, it’s like nails on a chalkboard for me. I don’t look at this as a talent or skill on any level. Being able to discern when a note if flat just from hearing it is something I assume everyone would be able to do, but I guess not. I guess you’re born with it like a singing voice or being a lefty.

You seem to enjoy writing and I find you hysterical, most of the time. Do you hope to eventually write a book?

I do have fun writing , Most of the time. It’s a great way to just purge any creative energy I have laying around. As far as a book? I’ve never given in much serious though. On one hand, sure, it’d be cool to write a book. On the other, what the fuck would I write an entire book about? Even if it was a collection of “essays”, I dunno how well that would translate into one coherent piece. Not to mention, they’d have to hire like 5 editors to really crack down on all my grammatical and spelling errors. Like that sentence I just wrote right there…there’s no way it’s correct. But, hey, if someone offered me a book deal, I wouldn’t turn it down!
Speaking of writing, my mom found some old school work of mine and one of the things she located was this amazing review of star wars I wrote in 2nd grade.

Not talking about a new job or career change or anything like that, but if you had the chance to participate in something fun as a one-off gig within the entertainment world, what would you choose?

-Being able to pre-interview Catfish candidates for Nev and Max
-Hang around Howard Stern’s Studio and bring him his coffee
-Assist MTV producers in designing the next Real World season

Man, those are all excellent gigs. I’m not even kidding. I’d gladly do any of those things. For an actual living (except the coffee getting gig but, still, that would be kinda cool).
Getting to talk to any of those Catfishing lunatics would be fascinating and being in the Howard Stern studio would be fun as well. But thinking about this, I’d have to go with the one I think I’d be best at. Designing the next real world. Cause, as someone who has shamefully watched every season of that shit show, I know what it takes to make it work. I’d eliminate a lot of bullshit, pick an amazing cast and find a perfect location for it. That would be soooooooo much fun.
Picking the people would be amazing. I think I’d get 5 really attractive people and two total wild cards. Maybe a person who may or may not be serial killer. Or a person who’s a germ chaser (one of those crazy people who tries to get AIDS). They always have sociopaths but they never go balls to the wall with that. I’m sure the psychological screening is crazy for that show but, hey, one serial killer slips through the cracks…how could we know!?!?! It would certainly raise the stakes. The hijinks would be epic.

I’ma long time listner, first time caller. I was wondering what your opinion was on the other Blockhead? And by other blockhead, I mean the flash animated one. This guy:
You see, I use to think your name was derived from him and his awesomeness. But then I grew up. And realised you were old. I don’t want to ask your name origins, because I’m sure many have asked you before. Researching online, and seeing this cartoon, it seems that blockheads are common creatures, but are generally regarded as stupid. Do you perceive yourself as a blockhead in this sense? If so, you shouldn’t. Your alright mate. Ya not dumb either. I’ve learnt a lot of wisdom from your page. I do have a father, but he wasn’t that wise, so you see I depend on bloggers to teach me life lessons.

Yeah, I never heard of that cartoon till this very moment. It was…okay.
My name has nothing to do with any former usage of the term. It’s not based on that cartoon, charlie brown, gumby’s enemies or people who nail things into their heads.
It was just my rap name before I made beats and based entirely on me having a square head (jaw) when I was younger. It was an era of self depreciating names and I ran with it.

What are your thoughts on non-traditional hip hop like clouddead? I see it as an interesting departure from the norm but It seems like a lot of fans of hip hop can’t see it as more than anything but backpacker shit for people that don’t know what “real” hip hop is.
It depends. I haven’t heard a cloud dead song since the early 2000’s but I was always kinda iffy about them. They made interesting stuff for sure but it wasn’t really the type of thing I would find myself listening to. in many ways, my taste in what I listen to on my own is way more traditional than the music I actually make might dictate. At the same time, I’m all for weirdo rap. I just need to the rapers doing it to be legit good rappers. Not saying Dose-one isn’t a good rapper at all. He can rap his ass off but he’s a very particular taste.
The thing about a lot of non-traditional rappers is that they’re generally dudes who couldn’t pull of traditional rap (again, this is not referring to Clouddead at all). It would be like a painter who can only do abstract Jackson pollack type stuff but can’t paint a bowl of fruit decently. In order for one to be convincing, you must first learn the basics. A lot of non-traditional rap sounds like white dudes with no real background in rapping trying too hard to be different. It’s often a case of people focusing on the detials but overlooking the big picture. It’s the type of thing that, when it’s good (Freestyle fellowship is a example) it’s awesome but when it’s bad, it’s even worse than boring mediocre traditional rap cause it’s someone truly missing on all cylinders.

8 thoughts on “Answers for Questions Vol. 175

  1. feel like I’ve heard you say something along the lines of ‘there are very few rappers who should make their own beats’. maybe not tho; cant remember; im dumb.

    you’ve written on the all-time best rapper/producers. how about the worst? the dude’s whose music would be great if they’d just give up the half of the equation they’re real bad at.

  2. The 5 outta 10 rating you assigned for Star Wars was adorable…haha, you never changed! And actually, your spelling and grammar in that seemed pretty impeccable for a second grader. However I also understand that back in all of our old school skool days, typing was reserved for serious final copies, that was no rough draft going on there.

    Ma question:
    Whenever I’ve teased my boyfriend by referring to him as “man” or “bro” or “dude,” I’ve always been surprised at how legitimately annoyed he gets!! What gives?? (I already pretty much know the answer to my own question, but I want to hear your take. haha)

  3. what the fuck? I just saw that picture of that rabbit somewhere. I thought maybe you used it before, maybe it was on reddit. Maybe I timetravelled to the future and saw this blogpost and travelled back. I think that’s it.
    What do you prefer to be called in person? Tony or Blockhead? Is it weird for strangers to call you Tony? Or is it weirder for close friends to call you Blockhead?

    Sorry I missed you in L.A. last week, I know you were counting on me being at your show and all. I’ll catch you next time.

  4. I couldn’t agree more about the whole what the fuck is the point if you can hardly chew your own food. When I was a kid I would always say Im tapping out at 60 even as a child I couldn’t fathom the whole stay alive for another ten years while I spoon feed you and wipe your ass.

  5. Probably been asked before but why do you always put a picture of an irresistable baby animal as the header of your entries? If its to make females read then its working. Also, youve mentioned being “uncomfortable” in southern cities (cant remember the exact context). Is that because youre anticipating people being ignorant swine or is the err.. “pace of life” that different? Did you get scarred and end up at a shotty diner at 2am and see the epitome of redneck? What happened? I have lived in the north and south so i know the stereotypes on both ends, just wondering. And you made it a point to say the “deep south” so i guess that means mississippi alabama and such but correct me if im wrong. Im sure you didnt mean florida because florida is a region of its own.

  6. What would you rather do for a FULL SIXTY MINUTES —> Listen to someone’s long and drawn out story about “this crazy dream they had last night” OR Listen to someone’s long and drawn out “this one time when I was trippin’ balls, man…” story?? Or do you think you would have a perfectly equal and balanced bias against both of these things?

  7. This is for dr tony:
    Do you think a male and female can be strictly platonic friends without any sexual history and neither one be thirsty? Let me lay it out for you, been talkin to this great guy for a few months now. In the past couple weeks he locked it down as exclusive and i was ready for it and happily accepted. Since the beginning he has told me one of his best friends is this girl he has known since high school. Since weve dated, ive hung out w her a couple times and both times it was a bit weird. She wouldnt look me in the eye when we talked, and when we got to the bar she sat at the other end of the bar and looked sour apple. Guy im dating says he doesnt like her boyfriend bc the bf is the one makin it weird not her. Have you witnessed girls get jealous over friend zoned guys? Its like she “doesnt” want him sexually but never at least pretends to share a laugh with us or engage in any convo whatsoever. My guy has talked about how sweet and awesome this girl is and all but when we hang out im digging conversation out of her and then have to fake positivity later when my guy asked “do you think yall could be friends? Howd you like her?” Im not the type of person to care too much what other people think if im feelin someone, but have you seen any of your girl friends get jealous when you brought a girl around you were diggin hard? Im always tryin to be the wingman for my friendzoned guy friends but thats bc theres no attraction from my end. Whatever please tell me im being over analytical.

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