Rogglecast 6- Go to town

We missed a week but the Rogglecast is back. A podcast where My friend Pollyne and I stop being polite, and start getting real. I just came up with that catch phrase and I think I’ll run with it.
This week, Pollyne and I cover such topics as her brazilian-ness, if people were drugs, and how Pollyne like to objectify men. Here’s a hint: She does it with her vagina.
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Here’s this weeks shiiiit:

6 thoughts on “Rogglecast 6- Go to town

  1. Good episode! I keep on forgetting that brevity is key when asking questions, especially when they need to be read out loud. (will answer back about my hypothetical physical standards, but need to contemplate it first)

    And that is soooooo real what you guys said about a girl’s switch turning off. For every guy I’ve ever been done with, if I think about any of their dick&balls now, it just grosses me out so much and makes me shudder, regardless of their attractiveness level.

    You should bring that stuffed animal in the pic above with you on your weekend getaway. Molly the Owl.

  2. Yeah, we’re definitely gonna need deetz on this camping trip when you get back. Pro tip: your “Molly” will most likely be bath salts or 2ce as most of it is nowadays…stay hydrated, hide all sharp objects and bring some Xanax and duct tape just in case. Oh and listen to some shpongle brah, you’ll either thank me or hate me for it later.

    Have fun!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever hung around a meth head, but if drugs were personified, I’d assume “Meth-the-man” would have to be the worst one to hang out with, no?

    And yes, it’s almost as bad being around drunks when you’re sober as it is being around cokeheads, but it’s a double-whammy with the heads, because coke gives the stamina to keep on going with the drinks.

    Also, I’ve tried coke a few times, but luckily I never got that into it because it always made me sneeze uncontrollably all night! (Or rather, I was allergic to the shit they cut it with and that made me sneeze). That would’ve probably happened to you too if you had tried it with your pussy allergies and all 🙂

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