Yay or Nay: Kail

So, I ran into my old buddy Tim AKA Alaska the other night. It’s been a while. I forget how it came up cause, I swear, we aren’t the type to sit around talking rap but he mentioned a rapper named “Kail” to me. Upon hearing the name (without seeing how it was spelled), I immediately assumed he was a vegan rapper. I could not have been more wrong.
Turns out, Kail is a Cali rapper down with the Hellfyre Club. Listening to him, I feel as though he is to the Hellfyre club as the Black sheep was to the Native tongues.
He’s bold, talks a lot of shit and can rap his ass off.
Honestly, my only complaint about his music is the beats but that’s more personal preference. I’m a dinosaur. You know how it is.
But, yeah, this dude is pretty fucking nice with his. I’m curious what you guys think.
Here’s a taste:

He has a whole free Ep that you can download on Bandcamp:
Also, here’s a clip from him when he was on the Kinda neat podcast:

So, what do you think?

19 thoughts on “Yay or Nay: Kail

  1. Before this I had only ever heard “We On” from the DvT tape, and from that I really didn’t think much of the guy. That song didn’t really showcase what he can do. His other songs are a lot better than I had expected them to be, and I dig the production too.

  2. The beats sound like one of my kids messing around on some generic beat maker app. The raps are just sporadic braggadocio talk that I’ve heard a quadrillion times. I’ll just go listen to Kool Keith’s later work and keep my Kale in my salads.

  3. I know a huge part of this column is getting the opinions of others but, i gotta say…week after week, it bums me out how many of my readers don’t “get it”. But “It” i mean rap music and what makes an MC interesting. Whether it’s the inability to separate talent from personal issues with content to completely missing the nuances that make certain rappers great. It’s always something. The funny thing is, I can’t help but think there is this weird level of racism behind it cause when I post white mc’s in here, the response is generally positive. It’s as if they’re taste in rap begins and ends with Aesop and Atmosphere. The second I post someone who’s remotely aggressive and “street” , people just assume that rapper is generic. It’s really too bad. Cause, even though some of you guys may not like these kind of rappers topically, you’re missing out on dudes who are legit great rappers. The irony is that this is the kinda stuff that a lot of the rappers you guys worship actually listen to.

    • I don’t think it’s a matter of not liking aggressive or street. It is interesting, but not something that I would like to listen too often. As an old fart, the beats are almost too much for me…not the sort of thing I’m going to have playing in the background and nodding my head to. The rapping doesn’t blow me away either. It reminds me of the way I view Danny Brown. There are songs that he does that I really like and there are songs that I hope I never hear anything like it again in my life. It’s art. He’s an artist and I’m not going to like every piece but it doesn’t mean he is not talented or not interesting. It’s just not for me and I want more than “interesting”.

      • I was more referring to all the people writing this dude off as average or “just like 1000 of other rappers”. Cause he’s not. Anyone who understands what makes one rapper good and another rapper lame should at least see that. Not saying he has to be up peoples alley (clearly, he’s not for everyone) but the lack of identifying talent is what gets me down.
        He’s not your cup of tea? That’s 100% fine. I get it. I feel the same way about Kendrick Lamar. But I’d never say the dude can’t rap his ass off. That’s my point. recognizing talent , regardless of how it applies to your personal taste.

  4. He’s definitely got skills when it comes to the rhymes but the beats are so annoying. I don’t understand the appeal of the beats with the drums that go tttttttttttt-tt-tttt-ttttttttttttttttt. Is that trap? That shit is wack.

  5. I was just talking about the hipster ass racism that plagues these sites… you bitches will like whatever a real Nigga (like myself) tells you to like. Nothing can change your position as an outsider. You are all my sheep-coloured prostitutes, and this shepherd will never pull the staff out of your assess. Block and Alaska are definitely my niggaz. The rest of you are the product of the ejaculates that I launder from my sheets. You attempt to escape your master and you will be shot and killed. And, stop calling me “KAIL”… IT’S FATHER, TO YOU.

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